The Siege of Starro! Part One | Episode 39

Aired: September 17, 2010
Heroes: Anthro, Etrigan, Jonah Hex, Cinnamon, Justice Society of America (Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Hourman, Dr. Midnite, Wildcat, Black Canary [Dinah Drake Lance], and Flash [Jay Garrick]), Batman, Green Lantern Corps (Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Hal Jordan, Katma Tui, NautKeLoi, Arisia, Galius Zed, Salakk, G'Nort, Ch'p, Tomar-Re, Green Lantern of Cyc, Hirunan, Palaqua, Hannu, and Squagga), Captain Comet, Ultra the Multi-Alien, Space Ranger, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Huntress, Green Arrow, Black Canary [Dinah Laurel Lance], Captain Marvel, Firestorm, B'Wana Beast, Fire, Challengers of the Unknown, Mr. Miracle, The Outsiders (Metamorpho, Katana, and Black Lightning), Atom, Vixen, Plastic Man, Big Barda, Elongated Man, Aquaman, Dove, Aqualad, Detective Chimp, Nightwing, and Bronze Tiger
Villains: Kru'll, Morgaine Le Fey, Royal Flush Gang (Ace, King, Queen, and Jack), Per Degaton, Ra's Al Ghul, Ubu, The Scavengers, Faceless Hunter, and Starro
Supporting: Merlin, Science Police, Paco Tejas, Queen Mera, Arthur Junior, and S.T.A.R. Labs
Beasts: Woolly Mammoth and Ace the Bathound
Objects: Per Degaton's Robot Army, Helmet of Fate, Nth Metal, Blackout Bombs, Power Rings, Utility Belt, Skeets, Trick Umbrella, Scarab, Batmobile, Aerodiscs, Tantu Totem, and Bio Belt
Places: Earth 23, Washington D.C., Oa, Batcave, New Metropolis, Gotham University, Gotham City, and Star City
Written By: Joseph Kuhr
Directed By: Ben Jones