Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure! | Episode 30

Aired: January 8, 2010
Heroes: Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Atom
Villains: Enemy Ace, Fisherman, The Penguin, Clock King, Planet Master, Top, Dr. Polaris, Bug-Eyed Bandit, Sportsmaster, and Tigress
Supporting: Mera, Arthur Jr., and Artemis Crock
Beasts: Imp & Storm and Fluke
Objects: Utility Belt, Trick Umbrella, Arrow Signal, Trick Arrows, Batmobile, Scarab, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Power Ring, and Penguin's Submarine
Places: Earth 23, Rainbow Reef, Star City, Gotham City, Yarmouth Goldmine, Smallville, Blue Valley, Fawcett City, and Codsville
Road Map: Platinum Flats, Vanity, Portsmouth, Gateway City, Jump City, Coast City, Middleton, Cosmos, Granville, Dakota, Keystone City, Central City, Midwest City, Hub City, Midway City, Metropolis, Radiance, Calvin City, Civic City, Brick City, New Carthage, Ivytown, Zenith City, Park City, Happy Harbor, Bludhaven, Steel City, and Opal City
Written By: Steven Melching
Directed By: Ben Jones