Revenge of the Reach! | Episode 28

Aired: January 1, 2010
Heroes: Challengers of the Unknown (Ace Morgan, Professor Haley, Red Ryan, and Rocky Davis), Batman, Blue Beetle, and Green Lantern Corps (Apros, Arisia, Chaselon, Green Lantern of Cyc, Driq, Galius Zed, Guy Gardner, G'Nort, Hannu, Katma Tui, Kilowog, Hirunan, Larvox, Medphyll, NautKeLoi, Palaqua, RRU-9-2, Salakk, Squagga, Tomar-Re, and Xax)
Villains: Starro, Evil Star, and The Reach
Supporting: Paco Tejas, Guardians of the Universe, and the Gibbles
Beasts: Giant Spider and Pteradactyl
Objects: Utility Belt, Scarab, Batmobile, The Bug, and Power Rings
Places: Earth 23, Dinosaur Island, Oa, and Gibble Homeworld
Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Directed By: Michael Chang
Working Title: Revenge of the Scarab!