The Fate of Equinox! | Episode 24

Aired: November 13, 2009
Heroes: Batman, Dr. Fate, Aquaman, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Green Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, NautKeLoi, Galius Zed, and Hirunan), Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Fire, Plastic Man, Black Lightning, Flash, and Black Canary
Villains: Two-Face, Equinox, Clock King, and Gorilla Grodd
Supporting: Nabu and Typhon
Beasts: Chimera, Pteradactyls, Dinosaurs, and Fluke
Objects: Batmobile, Utility Belt, Helmet of Nabu, Nth Metal, Scarab, Power Rings, and Trick Arrows
Places: Earth 23, Gotham City, Machu Picchu, Tower of Fate, Atlantis, the Court of Order and Chaos, and Oa
Written By: Joseph Kuhr
Directed By: Michael Chang