Game Over for Owlman! | Episode 13

Aired: March 6, 2009
Heroes: Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Red Tornado, Blue Beetle, Atom, and Batmen of the Multiverse (6: Bat-Hulk, Captain Leatherwing, Bat-Vampire, Nighthawk, Batman of 800,000 A.D., and Solar Batman)
Villains: Owlman, The Joker, Dr. Polaris, Black Manta, The Brain, Gorilla Grodd, Gentleman Ghost, and the Clock King
Objects: Utility Belt, Phase Oscillator, Trick Arrows, The Scarab, Bio Belt, Batmobile, Joker Toxin, and Jokermobile
Places: Earth 23, Multiverse, Gotham City, and Batcave
Beasts: Giant Clam
Written By: Joseph Kuhr
Directed By: Ben Jones

Review By Yojimbo

"Game Over for Owlman!" is the conclusion of the two part season finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Banking on the nightmare scenario of any super hero, Batman returns home to find himself the target of a city-wide manhunt. His evil counterpart, Owlman has masterminded a crime spree disguised as Batman! Batman soon learns you don't have to travel to a evil alternate universe to find allies in the most unlikely forms.

The episode continues from when it left off in part one. Batman is cornered by the Gotham City Police Department. After he escapes, he finds that it has been three weeks since he left Earth. Batman quickly confronts Owlman but is soon hunted by his former allies: Green Arrow, Blue Beetle, Red Tornado, Aquaman, and Plastic Man.

The Joker and voice actor Jeff Bennett stole the show for me. Despite appearances, the episode reminds us that the Joker is just as intelligent as Batman. Aside from figuring out Owlman was the culprit and coming up with the plan to team up with Batman, the Joker is the perfect opposition to the straight man act that Batman exudes on the show. Although there was a brief moment when Joker's dialogue about the natural order of things echoed The Dark Knight, his M.O. returned to the days of Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. The obnoxious child scenes in which he kept activating the knockout gas in the Batmobile had me laughing. The scene when he wakes up in the Batcave and reminisces like a schoolgirl in love was also worth noting.

Although the main story leads to a loose adaptation of when Batman's secret files are compromised, the tools of the trade quickly reinforce the light-hearted-ness of the show for the most part. Green Arrow's rarely mentioned aversion to vertigo is exploited, Atom is defeated by a modified-vacuum cleaner, Green Arrow is face to face with a giant arrow, Aquaman is grilled, and Plastic Man gets pulled like taffy. Speaking of the taffy puller, the episode feels like a smooth culmination of the entire season. The headliner guest heroes return in this episode, as with the villains for one final showdown.

And sure it solves the episode, Batman's allies are also a reference to various Brave and the Bold and Elseworlds comic book tales. The pirate, Captain Leatherwing, and Bat-Hulk were my favorites to see. But I admit, I was scratching my head about one or two of them like anyone else. The big head Batman had me thinking about the Flinstones and the Great Gazoo.

After the smoke clears, Joker's wild card status does come into play. While he bickers with Owlman, Batman gets the drop on the two of them. Batman clears his name and relinquishes the troublesome phase oscillator. The final scene with the Joker and the whole episode, for that matter, makes me anxious to see more of him. Heck, even a spin-off of the Joker would be great!

For all fans alike, "Game Over for Owlman!" is a great ending to a great first season for a (what for it) great series! The triple bottom-line is a rare gem and roaring on without pause, season two begins March 13 at 8:30 PM.