The Eyes of Despero! | Episode 10

Aired: February 6, 2009
Heroes: Dr. Fate, Batman, and the Green Lantern Corps (Hal Jordan, Katma Tui, Tomar-Re, Larvox, Galius Zed, Chaselon, Arisia, Salakk, Ch'p, Green Lantern of Cyc, Palaqua, RRU-9-2, Hannu, Hirunan, Medphyll, Apros, Squagga, Nautkeloi, Kilowog, Xax, Driq, Guy Gardner, G'Nort, Sinestro, and Mogo)
Supporting: Xudarans and the Guardians of the Universe
Villains: Wotan, Despero, Cavalier, and Warloards of Okaara
Objects: Utility Belt, Helmet of Nabu, Power Ring, and Power Battery
Places: Earth 23, Library of Infinity, Oa, Xudar, and Okaara
Beasts: The Protectors and Demons
Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Directed By: Ben Jones
Working Title: The Odyssey of the Ring!

Review By Yojimbo

"The Eyes of Despero!" was an interesting feature of both Justice League International nods and another faithful installment of 'listen to what Batman tells you.' Throughout the episode, Batman tells his comrades to believe in themselves, not the object.

The root of a super hero is their upbringing, usually accompanied by goodness. Their moral center is often what leads them to a calling of heroism. Dr. Fate, G'Nort, and even Guy Gardner became who they were for the sake of the common good. However, the episode brings up a contrast in the form of Sinestro. Sinestro serves as a medium between Batman and Despero, illustrating when good intentions can often become twisted.

The opening sequence stars Batman and Dr. Fate defending an inter-dimensional library from Dr. Fate's arch-rival Wotan. Wotan's debut was very Silver Age. As the typical super villain, he declared victory and gloated which gave Fate ample time to recover and knock him out with the 'ol 1-2 punch. Batman reminds Dr. Fate that it is the man not the helmet that makes the hero but Fate retorts its more of a fashion statement.

The main story becomes a race against time when most of the Green Lantern Corps are decimated, Batman teams up with the remaining Lanterns to defeat Despero. The rag-tag team is a mixture of ideologies: Batman is a vigilante, Sinestro is willing to bend the rules to promote peace, Guy Gardner is egotistical loose cannon, and G'Nort is a screw up with a heart of gold.

In a loss of reason, Batman considers taking on the power ring to help battle Despero. Let's face it, not even Despero could be beat by a Batarang. The Green Lanterns object and outfit him with a custom power suit. In the opening battle, the four heroes are barely able to win. Batman promptly takes the lead and is challenged by Batman. What happens next is an infamous adaptation from the comics, Batman gets so impatient with Guy Gardner, and he knocks out the Lantern with one punch. The following "wake him up" scene was full of laughs, too.

The episode is a feast of the eyes for comic book fans as many characters make their animated debut such as Wotan, Cavalier, the Warlords of Okaara, Xudarans, Mogo, G'Nort, and in case you missed it in "Day of the Dark Knight!," Green Lanterns are back. A delightful surprise was the appearance of Hal Jordan voiced by Loren Lester, who previously voiced Robin/Nightwing on Batman: The Animated Series and its many continuations.

Ideologies collide in "The Eyes of Despero!" but when all else fails, it's the will that makes you a hero, not the suit or the incredibly powerful object that you wield.