Enter the Outsiders! | Episode 06

Aired: January 9, 2009
Heroes: Batman, B'Wana Beast, and Wildcat
Villains: Black Manta and The Outsiders (Metamorpho, Katana, Black Lightning, and Slug)
Objects: Utility Belt, Manta Ship, Batmobile, Tiger Tonic, and Wildcat's Motorcycle
Places: Earth 23 and Wildcats Gym
Beasts: Giant Turtle
Written By: Todd Casey
Directed By: Michael Chang

Review By Yojimbo

"Enter the Outsiders!" follows the stories of several characters that aren't exactly part of the in-crowd. B'Wana Beast stops Black Manta with his unorthodox super powers. Wildcat finds himself out of touch with the modern world. Black Lightning, Katana, and Metamorpho are a trio of troubled outcasts who are manipulated by an albino giant.

The Manta Ship and the Bat Cycle make their debut on the series. Although, some animation purists would down the Manta Ship for being CG animated, the fault is negligible when B'Wana Beast takes a funky beast and crashes into the cockpit. The Bat Cycle was all around cool. It shoots missiles, goes real fast, transforms into an aerial assault vehicle, and it jumps out of the cockpit of the Batmobile (Dark Knight anyone?).

Wildcat's story was well done. His age and origin was kept intact from the comics and even brings up the relationship of mentor/student and father/son between him and Batman. It was a delight to have his magical nine lives brought up in the episode. Speaking of references, it was also a delight to hear a friendly jab at a series from a few years back, Static Shock. Even Black Lightning's appearance is archetypal for the Static character.

It was interesting to hear Wildcat's treatise on modern day heroes. All though it wasn't the standout lesson, I didn't expect to hear a character go on about how he thought the world was over saturated with super powers and gadgets when two fists used to be enough. It would certainly make for a great follow up show if more or all of the Justice Society of America appears and how closely they follow Wildcat's opinion.

As the episode shifts to the sewers, I was half-expecting gigantic alligators jumping out and attacking Batman and Wildcat. But a makeshift pit with two giant turtles trying to eat Batman was new and just as entertaining. The main villain wasn't as interesting. It seemed like another cover for Tobias Whale, archenemy of Black Lightning in the comics, just like on Justice League Unlimited with Steven Mandragora. Slug's message of social decay flew over my head, primarily because of the political atmosphere is changing to the opposite.

Tiger Tonic was the break away piece of comedy in the episode. The final scene that involved the drink, Metamorpho, Katana, and Batman was just what we needed after such a heavy handed episode. It was also great that Batman seemed to foreshadow that the Outsiders may be back on the show some time in the future.