Day of the Dark Knight! | Episode 05

Aired: January 2, 2009
Heroes: Batman, Green Lantern Corps (Guy Gardner, Ch'p, Salakk, Kilowog, Nautkeloi, Hirunan, Xax, Apros, Arisia, Chaselon, RRU-9-2, Palaqua, Tomar-Re, Galius Zed, Larvox, Medphyll, Green Lantern of Cyc, Katma Tui, Squagga, Hannu, and Driq), Green Arrow, and The Demon
Supporting: Merlin Ambrosius, Knights of the Round Table, and King Arthur
Villains: Kvellian, Gorilla Grodd, Clock King, Felix Faust, Kite Man, Egghead, King Tut, Ma Parker, Louie the Lilac, Shame, Mad Hatter, Bookworm, Archer, False Face, The Siren, Marsha Queen of Diamonds, Black Widow, and Morgaine Le Fey
Objects: Power Ring, Utility Belt, Batmobile, Arrowmobile, Trick Arrows, and Excalibur
Places: Earth 23, Oa, Iron Heights, and Camelot
Beasts: Ogres
Written By: J.M. DeMatteis
Directed By: Ben Jones
Working Title: Knight Shift!

Review By Yojimbo

"Day of the Dark Knight!" is a thorn in the side of any experienced science fiction fan, time travel. The episode begins on another planet far from Earth. Batman and Guy Gardner have finished locking up a criminal. Batman finds himself witness to a legion of comrades with the same tools of the trade and all seemingly respect each other. In direct contrast, Batman and Green Arrow have a different sort of relationship. For the older fan, you'll experience another kind of time travel. Most of the inmates in the Iron Heights riot should remind you of a certain 1960's live-action series.

Obsessed with catching more villains than the other, Batman and Green Arrow are taken by Merlin back to 5th Century England where one of them is destined to help defeat the power hungry Morgaine Le Fey. Merlin is convinced that Batman is the Chosen One. However, viewers will receive a hint that two heads are better than one. When the trio has to get to the Sword in the Stone, notice it takes both heroes to beat the ogre brothers.

Batman later becomes his namesake, the Dark Knight when Le Fey casts a mind control spell on him and gives him armor (that makes him look quite similar to Azrael from the comics) to take the sword for her. Other than that, the featured team up between Batman and Green Arrow was bland and predictable. Their constant bickering and competition didn't help the episode either.

Etrigan and Jason Blood were out of place in this episode. The only redeeming aspect of the duo was that long time fans were able to finally hear Etrigan played as a Rhymer demon. But that was all. For the majority of the episode, Etrigan was a pawn of Le Fey and in the final minutes of the episode, you aren't sure what side he is on and just teleports away enigmatically.

The first five minutes of the episode was entertaining but the rest falls short compared to what I've seen this season.