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Release Date: September 25, 2012


Ellen Yindel

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Real Identity: Ellen Yindel
Appearances: Part One and Part Two
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Maria Canals

Captain Ellen Yindel, a model police officer, was chosen by the Mayor to succeed James Gordon, a personal hero, as Police Commissioner. Yindel vowed to aggressively pursue Batman's arrest. During the Mutant conflict, Yindel reported early for duty and cited the difference of opinion over Batman with Gordon. Gordon told Yindel an anecdote about President Roosevelt and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, but she failed to understand the connection to Batman. As her first act as commissioner, Yindel issued a warrant for Batman's arrest on the charges of breaking and entering, assault and battery, and creating a public menace. Yindel failed to capture Batman three times and was even punched twice by him. During the Coldbringer crisis, Yindel observed Batman rallying looters, Mutants, and Sons of the Batman together to bring order to the city. Yindel rescinded the arrest warrent on the realization he was too big.