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Real Identity: Harvey Dent
Appearances: Part One
Powers/Skills: Planning and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Wade Williams

Harvey Dent was once a District Attorney in Gotham City until half his face was scarred by acid. The disfiguration revealed a hidden evil from within. Dent adopted a dollar coin, defaced on one side, as his personal symbol. A flip of the coin meant life and death for his victims. As Two-Face, he was eventually captured one last time by Batman and incarcerated at the Arkham Home for the Emotionally Troubled.

For several years, sponsored by Bruce Wayne, Dent was rehabilitated by plastic surgeon Dr. Willing and psychiatrist Dr. Wolper. Dr. Willing managed to successfully repair his face and restore his visage to normal. However, he played along and pretended to be normal again. Dent secretly believed nothing could fix him or change him from what he truly was. During a press conference, Dent thanking Willing and Wolper then presented a regular coin to the crowd. Shortly after being released, Dent evaded supervision. Dent reassumed his Two-Face persona, wrapped his face in bandages, and assembled a gang.

Two-Face planned for a heist twice as big as anyone could image, threaten to blow up the Gotham Life Building's twin towers on a Tuesday and second of the month if he wasn't paid $22 million in 22 minutes. Two-Face assured his gang the two bombs were just for show and the operation was a simple grab and run. However, Two-Face was consumed by his dark side and simply wished to die. After a robbery at the Gotham City Trust, Two-Face left in one car while some of his gang left in another. Two helicopters were then stolen - one a state-of-the-art chopper and one, an old army surplus. Two-Face activated the bombs, flew to Gotham Life, and issued his demands. Batman intervened and disabled the first bomb with a freezing compound. While on route to the second helicopter, Two-Face ordered the helicopter to take off and shot Batman off his cable line. Batman managed to rock the helicopter and Two-Face fell out. Batman and Two-Face tumbled into a floor of Gotham Life and fought. Batman defeated Two-Face and discovered Two-Face had not disfigured himself at all. Batman could only agree with Two-Face's assertion that nothing could change him.