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Mutant Gang

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Part One and Part Two
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Various

The Mutant Gang are the worst criminals in Gotham City's history since the Joker. In the absence of Batman, the Mutants went on a brutal crime spree committing acts of random violence with no traces of humanity. They slayed a group of nuns, kidnapped and murdered children even if ransoms were paid, and issued numerous death threats to Commissioner Gordon. They believed themselves to be the law and future of Gotham City. On the night of Batman's return, two abducted children were found alive in a riverside warehouse with six critically injured Mutants. He also attacked several Mutants at the Beet Street Arcade before two teenage girls were assaulted. Nearing the end of his retirement, Gordon shot and killed a 17 year old Mutant in a market near his west-end apartment. When Batman rescued the kidnapped Kevin Ridley from Mutants, he noticed they were unusually armed with combat weapons. General Briggs, of the U.S. Army, was illegally selling military weapons to the Mutant Gang on the side.

In his first major battle against the Mutant Gang, Batman took out most of its members with rubber bullets fired from the Batmobile. He attempted to match the gang's leader in hand to hand combat but was nearly killed. Luckily, a girl he saved named Carrie Kelley took up a Robin knock off costume and saved Batman's life. The Gotham City police arrested 83 members and the Mutant Leader. Batman concluded the gang worshiped their leader and the key to dismantling them was public humiliation. Commissioner Gordon complied and had the leader freed from his jail cell. The Mutant Leader climbed into the ducts and ended up at the Pipe, exactly where Batman manipulated the remnants of the gang to meet at. From there he broke and knocked out the leader for all to see. Batman's strategy worked and the Mutant Gang lost its spirit. Half of the gang was arrested while some of the remaining splintered into smaller gangs, such as the Sons of the Batman and the Nixons. The Sons of the Batman committed brutal attacks on criminals while the Nixons carried out brutal armed robberies.

While awaiting transfer to the state penitentiary, the imprisoned Mutants broke out of jail during the fallout of the Coldbringer detonation. Seeking to take control of Gotham, they confronted looters. They were stopped by Batman, Robin, and the Sons of the Batman. The Mutants fell under Batman's sway and helped keep order in Gotham City by his standards. A week later, after the battle between Batman and Superman, the Mutants and Sons of the Batman began constructing a new Batcave and were slated to be trained by Batman to act as his army and help keep Gotham City safe from the shadows.