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Release Date: September 25, 2012


The Joker

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Part One and Part Two
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence, Planning, Manipulation, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Michael Emerson

The Joker, origins unknown, was once a common crook who led an attempted robbery botched by Batman. He fell into a vat of acids and chemicals but survived but learned his skin was bleached and lips were fixed in a smile. He became the Joker, a homicidal maniac who engaged in hundreds of psychopathic crimes and racked up a long body count but sought to destroy Batman.

When Batman retired, the Joker went into a catatonic state and lived out his days in the Arkham Home for the Emotionally Troubled Intensive Treatment Ward. However, on the 10 year anniversary of his last known sighting, Batman returned. The constant stream of news about Batman led to Joker's awakening. Three months after the Mutant Leader was defeated, the Joker manipulated Dr. Wolper into getting him a spot on a talk show to converse about his story. Wolper arranged for a day pass and accompanied the Joker to "The David Endochrine Show" amid public uproar. Hours before leaving Arkham, Joker was visited by a loyal henchman named Abner. Abner handed Mind Control Lipstick and special breathing filters. Due to the publicity surrounding Joker's appearance, Commissioner Yindel assigned a heavy police presence. Joker anticipated this would prevent Batman from even entering the building. During his conversation with Endochrine, Joker shattered a mug and slit Wolper's throat. Abner's Bobby and Mary dolls entered the room and flooded it with Smile Gas. 206 people died of inhaling the gas.

Not wanting to deal with Superman, the Joker went to Kyle Escorts. He used his Mind Control Lipstick on Selina Kyle and forced her to give him access to one of her escorts, Elsie. Joker then applied the lipstick to her and assigned her to then apply the lipstick to her client Congressman Noches and ask him to demand a full nuclear strike against Corto Maltese. Joker then dressed Kyle up like Wonder Woman and tied her up. He left cotton candy as a clue for Batman to find. The Joker, Abner, and Bobby and Mary handed out free cotton candy at the Fairgrounds until Batman and Robin arrived on the Batwing. The Joker ordered Bobby to blow them up. Joker then ran off and attacked random bystanders as Batman chased after. Joker was thrilled when Batman pledged he was through playing around. Despite having a throwing star lodged in an eye, the Joker led him into the Tunnel of Mirrors and took a child hostage. The Joker managed to shoot Batman but ran out of bullets. He exited the house, killed a security guard, and took his gun and ammo.

The Joker continued to the Tunnel of Love and shot more bystanders. Batman caught up and confronted the Joker. Batman refused to let anymore people die by letting the Joker live. After being stabbed multiple times, Batman partially snapped the Joker's neck in front of two witnesses. They mistook the Joker as dead and ran off to tell the police. The Joker gloated he won and made Batman lose control. As a result, the authorities would be forced to kill Batman. Joker finished himself off. Batman rigged the Joker's body then spit on it in spite. When an officer checked the Joker's body, it lit on fire.