Wonder Girl

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Real Identity: Donna Troy
Appearances: The Bergerac and That's What's Up
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Flight, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Wonder Girl attended Super Hero Summer Camp right after breaking up with her boyfriend, a lumberjack. Cyborg and Bumblebee argued about what decade had the best entertainment. Robin countered the 60's were the best because back then he could show off his thighs. He bumped into Wonder Girl and she dropped her belongings. Robin apologized and helped gather everything up. Wonder Girl told him it wasn't his fault and this was a contrived encounter that, despite all odds, sparked something between them. They both reached for the canteen at once. Robin stammered and eventually introduced himself. Wonder Girl liked him despite the awkward introduction. Bumblebee realized Robin was getting himself a "camp girlfriend." The others were skeptical and pointed out no girl liked him because he was unattractive physically and emotionally. Robin agreed. Bumblebee was sure they were going to fall in love. Starfire conceded she did seem to like the awkward encounter but she cringed at the thought of it. Wonder Girl looked back and smiled at him.

Bumblebee set up a picnic for Robin and Wonder Girl. Beast Boy turned into a raccoon and tried to eat but Bumblebee stung him repeatedly. Robin was nervous. Bumblebee advised him to be himself. The others felt that would lead to failure. Cyborg believed he should be Beast Boy. Cyborg proposed take after Cyrano de Bergerac and give Robin smooth lines on the sly. Bumblebee recognized that was a common scene in romantic movies and liked it. They hid in a bush as Wonder Girl arrived. Robin stammered and asked her if she wanted to see his thighs. Beast Boy gave him a line to tell her to sit her butt down and have a picnic. Robin refused to say it and got slapped. He repeated Beast Boy's line. Wonder Girl found the situation strange and weird but was too polite to state that bluntly. Beast Boy told him to give her bread. He poked her in the face with a loaf. Beast Boy told him to smooch it up. Cyborg interjected with his own line then Raven suggested telling her he liked horses then Bumblebee told him to be himself, and Starfire told him to not talk about his thighs.

Wonder Girl was off put and walked away. Robin tried to stop her. She revealed she was pre-occupied with a break up with her boyfriend then went off to be upset. That night, the others prepared Robin for his grand gesture to get the kiss. Robin dressed like John Cusack in "Say Anything...", stood on Beast Boy's Horse, and held a boom box over his head while it played 80s instrumental music. Wonder Girl woke up and came outside her cabin. The fireworks went off but accidentally carried Robin off. He crashed to the ground in front of her. She wasn't sure about the incredibly dumb and dangerous stunt but inexplicably fell for it. They were about to kiss when an axe was thrown between them. Wonder Girl's ex-boyfriend, the lumberjack who chopped down Robin's tree girlfriend. He shoved two trees aside and roared. Robin couldn't believe it was the same filthy lumberjack. Wonder Girl pointed out he was the necessary obstacle he had to overcome to prove his worth to her.

Robin vowed he wouldn't steal his human girlfriend. He took out his staff and charged. The lumberjack stood around and simply pounded him into the ground then stomped his face. Robin's thighs stirred and took control of his bodily functions. Robin rose up into the air, locked around lumberjack's head, and rapidly thigh punched him. He whimpered and ran away crying into the forest. Robin and Wonder Girl kissed. Wonder Girl thought it was nice then revealed she was leaving camp and they would never see each other again. Robin was confused. She explained it was a camp romance so they were destined to go their separate ways. Robin asked if he could visit or write her. She declined and flew away. Robin still gained confidence from kissing a girl and getting revenge against the lumberjack. Wonder Girl attended the Doom Patrol's clambake in Codsville one summer.