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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1 and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 2
Powers/Skills: Sound Manipulation, Precognition, and Time Travel
Voiced By: Peter Michail

Vibe is a legendary breakdancing superhero. He was invited to be a special guest judge for Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition. He teleported on to the stage when the judges were introduced and exclaimed his catch phrase, "Boom, Box, Bam!" The first performance was Beast Boy and Cyborg doing a dance routine called "Doomsday for Superman." Superman was visibly moved and Vibe declared that was dope. He even got up and did a dance before declaring they were going to the next round. Other crews, however, like H.I.V.E., Robotman and Elasti-Girl, and the Wonder Twins weren't shaking things up and Vibe eliminated them. At first, Vibe was confused when Starfire and Raven came on stage wearing baseball uniforms and thought they were lost. Vibe was elated when Starfire quipped they were doing the knocking out of the park. Raven revealed they were doing a routine based on "A League of Their Own." Vibe got it and implored them to take them out to the ball game. He declared their dancing a home run and they proceeded to the next round.

Vibe was amused with Robin forming a dance crew with some puppets. After Robin started out with a stilted routine, Vibe asked the audience if there was anybody with a miracle to spare. On the sly, Robin cheated and gave his Jabbawockeez puppets life with Raven's Spellbook. The dancing was so amazing that Vibe hit his platinum buzzer and automatically sent them to the final round. Once word got to Vibe that Robin was losing his grip on reality and talking to his hand, following his ejection from the crew, he went to check on him backstage. Vibe pushed "Ethan" aside and asked Robin if he could vibe with him. Robin obliged and took his hand. Robin was electrocuted and charred in the process. Vibe revealed he could see the future of people he vibed with but revealed Robin was going to lose. Robin was angry with Ethan. Vibe set him straight it was his fault for not being a team player and not even showing up for practice. Robin asserted he had raw talent. Vibe dropped a truth bomb and told Robin his moves were wickety wack then offered to teach him some moves.

Robin didn't get how he could master new moves and make a new crew with very little time. Vibe presented his Boombox Time Machine and stated he would take him back to the 1980s. Vibe played a Music of the 80s cassette and they were teleported to The Bronx, New York in 1980. Robin was immediately run over by a taxi. Vibe apologized and admitted he never knew where he would pop up when he time traveled. He then spotted several pioneers of break dancing like Benny Bow, Mr. Low Tide, Cold Chillin', Jimmy Rock, Lil Sid and D Smooth. He proposed B-Boy Wonder for Robin. Robin accepted but Vibe clarified he had to practice and put in the time to earn that name. Robin agreed to do however long it would take. Vibe used his powers again and Robin found himself in a red tracksuit and sneakers. He stated all that was needed was a big cardboard box. Robin was annoyed he had to buy a refrigerator. Vibe pointed out they only cost $50 in 1980. He somehow ripped the box off the refrigerator intact and slapped it down on the ground. The refrigerator exploded.

In the first couple years, Robin would break a body part while attempting a dance move. But by 1985, Robin had mastered it. Vibe was thrilled and they returned to the dance crew competition in the present. Even the other Teen Titans noticed something was different about Robin. Vibe revealed he trained for six years in the 1980s. Robin also picked up the local vernacular and was incomprehensible. Vibe translated for him saying Robin said he was sorry for the way he behaved but he was now a team player and wanted to know if they all wanted to form one big dance crew with him. They all agreed to the proposal but Raven stipulated one condition, they would get to learn some of the 80s dance moves, too. Vibe teleported the team back in time. They returned for the final performance. Vibe cheered them on. Ultimately, the Titans won.