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Real Identity: Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit, and Wilykat
Appearances: Teen Titans Roar!
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Max Mittleman (Lion-O)

In an effort to put an end to the new ThunderCats Roar reboot television series once and for all, the Teen Titans teleported to Third Earth thanks to Raven. They witnessed the ThunderCats battling their nemesis, Mumm-Ra. Panthro got out his catclaw nunchaku, used it to run along, then leaped and cracked Mumm-Ra. Beast Boy and Robin were impressed. Cyborg was not. Raven agreed and postulated just because they liked it and saw that it was inventive and fun didn't mean it wasn't garbage. They agreed and Robin gave the signal to attack. Lion-O greeted them and didn't get Robin's hostility but warned them the ThunderCats were a formidable force. The Titans pressed on. Lion-O charged and struck with his sword. The Titans were launched into a mountain. Cyborg used his rocket boots and fired missiles. Tygra used his whip bola and snagged Cyborg's right leg then tugged him down into the ground. Cheetara performed a pole vault on Cyborg's tongue then ran at super speed, hitting Raven, and drop kicking her onto Cyborg.

Beast Boy turned into a dog but Panthro nailed with him his nunchuk. Starfire played with Snarf by hopping with it. Robin and Lion-O increased the size of their weapons until Robin wobbled from the height and weight of his staff. Lion-O yelled "ThunderCats Ho!" and swung. The strike generated an explosion. Robin landed on Cyborg. Wilykat and Wilykit swung around and threw two orbs and caused a huge explosion. By the time Beast Boy pulled his head out of the ground, the others fell on him. Cyborg admitted they couldn't win. Starfire appeared between the two parties and asked the ThunderCats to not hurt her friends. She explained they were entitled brats with no manners and truly meant no harm. Lion-O asserted they would never hurt them but suggested that perhaps, in the future, they could put their energy into addressing something more important. A beam of light shined down on them.

Classic Lion-O, in a gigantic form, appeared and revealed he had been watching from his perch in the cartoon afterlife. He declared ThunderCats Roar was a worthy successor and anyone who said otherwise had a poop mouth with poop opinions. The Titans had no objection. Lion-O thanked Classic Lion-O for the completely unforced endorsement. Classic Lion-O told him he was welcome and decided to give the people what they really want. He did the classic "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Ho!" line then flexed. Everyone was impressed.