Ben Tennyson

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Real Identity: Ben Tennyson
Appearances (OK K.O.!): Crossover Nexus
Powers/Skills: Transformation
Voiced By: Tara Strong and John DiMaggio (Four Arms)

Ben Tennyson is a 10 year old boy who discovered the Omnitrix, a device worn like a watch that can grant its user the ability to transform into 10 different alien races. He travels across the USA in a RV with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen. Although he is cocky, reckless, and indifferent, Tennyson fights the forces of evil. One of the aliens he changes into is Four Arms, a Tetramand from the planet Khoros who is super strong.

Tennyson was one of the heroes teleported to the dimension occupied by CN City, against his will, by the power hungry villain Strike. Tennyson and Garnet managed to dodge his attacks. Frustrated, Strike summoned K.O. to destroy instead. They saved K.O. then ran to an alley and introduced themselves. Tennyson turned into Four Arms, ripped a piece of pavement and tossed it at Strike's Pen. It blasted and stole the Omnitrix, leaving him stuck in the form. It retaliated with a spin attack. Four Arms kept a piece of building from crushing them but Pen took aim. Garnet sacrificed her sunglasses to save them. They opted to take cover in a building. Four Arms burst through a wall but was freaked out by a monster. It turned out to be one of many heroes turned to stone by Strike. He was concerned with how strong Strike was to have won so many times. They met and freed Raven then decided to storm Strike's fortress. K.O. wasn't watching and almost stepped into the impassable chasm but Four Arms grabbed him. With little choice, Raven flew over it with the others clinging to her super strong legs.

Raven and Four Arms started bickering. She lost her focus and began to drift down to the chasm. K.O. realized what Pen was and used it to restore the Omnitrix, Garnet's sunglasses, and Raven's magic. Tennyson was relieved to be a boy again. Rallied by K.O.'s speech about friendship, they attacked Strike. Tennyson discovered he could change into any hero from the dimension. K.O. launched him with a power fist. Tennyson cycled through every hero then nailed Strike with his Punch Time Explosion, vaniquishing him. K.O. remarked he was incredible. Tennyson agreed he and the heroes were but realized K.O. was talking about the quartet. Garnet restored the city to normal with Pen then Raven opened portals back home. Tennyson bid them goodbye but couldn't wait to tell Gwen all about the adventure.