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Real Identity: Billy Batson
Appearances: Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Little Elvis, and That's What's Up
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Attributes
Voiced By: Tara Strong (Billy) and John DiMaggio (Shazam)

Billy Batson was an orphan of pure heart chosen by the Wizard to inherit his powers and became a superhero. When he spoke the Wizard's name "Shazam," a lightning bolt transformed him into an adult with various super powers like super strength and flight. Shazam participated in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition competition with Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, and Black Canary. She blew them off their feet with her Canary Cry. They lost. At one point, Shazam defeated Mister Mind and exiled him from Earth.

Shazam opposed Mister Mind and his latest plan, to release the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. Billy Batson found Mind in a crater in Jump City then transformed into Shazam. Beast Boy thought he looked like a superhero Elvis. Robin admired his power hair, cape, and collar starched to perfection. The Teen Titans walked through Raven's portal to the site of a confrontation between Shazam and Mister Mind in a crater. Beast Boy spoke up for everyone and complimented Shazam. Shazam was pleased more heroes arrived and hoped for their help. Raven asked him what his name was again. He replied it was "Billy Batson." Cyborg clarified they meant the other one. Shazam replied "Shazam" and was transformed back into Billy. The Titans were amused. He changed back to Shazam. They wanted him to say it again. He refused and declared he needed all his power to defeat Mind. The Titans were skeptical Mind posed any threat. Shazam warned them not to underestimate him and insisted he was a deadly adversary. Raven complimented his perfectly square jaw. Cyborg added he was a superhero the whole family could enjoy, like a Christmas miracle.

Robin found him too good to be true and wondered if he had a super tragic origin story. Robin pressed Shazam about his back story, if he became a superhero by radiation or maybe an accident at a chemical plant. Shazam revealed a mighty wizard gave him his superpowers. The Titans were stoked. Raven wanted to meet him. Starfire asked how they could find him. Shazam pointed them to the magic subway. Shazam wanted to focus on stopping Mind but they pointed out he was long gone. Shazam sighed and decided to consult with the Wizard. Starfire asked if they could join him and meet the Wizard. They all pleaded. Shazam mused they could be of assistance then asked them to treat it like a serious threat. They promised. Raven referred to his name incorrectly. Shazam corrected her and got changed into Billy. They laughed. They took the subway to the Rock of Eternity. The Wizard welcomed Billy. The Titans mistook him for a stage magician but Shazam insisted his magic was the real deal. Robin questioned why he gave powers to a little kid and found it irresponsible.

The Wizard clarified he did so because Billy was an orphan pure of heart then insinuated. The Titans understood the sub-text. The Wizard continued and explained when he gave his powers, he would perish soon after and be crushed by the Rock of Eternity. Raven pointed out he was sitting right under it. Beast Boy advised him to move over six inches. Wizard insisted. Starfire yelled at him to scootch. He refused. The Titans pushed him over. Beast Boy asked about the statues in the lair. Wizard explained they were the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man. They crawled all over and imitated the statues. Wizard chided them and asked Billy why he brought the Titans. Billy thought they could help find Mister Mind before he could take over the world. Robin wondered where he went. Mind declared his presence and stole the Seven from the statues with a vacuum. The Titans vowed to get them back but ignored Batson's warning that they weren't pure of heart. Batson asked the Wizard what he should do. He advised him to deal with it because he had bigger problems.

After the Titans were infected by the Seven, Mind gloated until Batson arrived and turned into Shazam. He was immune to the power their vice beam since he was pure of heart. Shazam decked the Seven, causing their faces to crack. They roared and threw a punch. Shazam countered with his own punch then flew around their left arm and shattered it then flew through the gut then uppercut them so hard they were launched above the city. Shazam caught them before it landed on the city, creating a huge dust cloud. The Seven were dislodged and fell to the ground, cackled, then vanished. Shazam grabbed Mind hard then threw him into space. Shazam advised the Titans to take the battle as a lesson that not taking him or Mind seriously is the reason superheroes have become to grim and serious. They admitted they understood now and thanked him. Shazam attended the Doom Patrol's clambake in Codsville one summer.