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Real Identity: Cliff Steele
Affiliations: Doom Patrol
Appearances: That's What's Up, Crab Shenanigans, Brobots, Brain Flip, We're Off To Get Awards, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Flula Borg

Robotman was once a man who got into a terrible accident. To save his life, his brain was placed in a robot body. Robotman's hobbies are playing video games, fixing things, and collecting '80s nostalgia. The Chief blew up the front door and chased after Robotman and Negative Girl because they stole his dinners. Robotman tried to retort his name wasn't on it but used "signature" instead. Negative Girl also pointed out he was supposed to be on a restricted diet because of his high cholesterol. Chief stated he refused to listen to any quacks telling him what to do. Chief's wheelchair produced three saw blades then a laser then a metal chomper. Robotman tossed a speedboat towards him. The gust created exposed his old man knees. Chief activated his twin rocket launchers. They jumped for cover. Negative Girl sent her energy form underground and she emerged behind Chief and disabled his wheelchair. Robotman mocked him about not being so tough without it.

Chief fiddled and was able to activate the giant fists and nailed Robotman with an uppercut. Robotman pressed his head back in place and got into a fight with Chief. Elasti-Girl reminded Chief and Robotman about the rules, no fighting on the lawn then placed them on the driveway. They slapped at each other. The Patrol soon realized Beast Boy was back. Robotman complimented him on having a symmetrical face after they did their secret fist bump. Robotman suggested going to the boardwalk and enjoying artisanal yogurt for Beast Boy's first day but he wanted to do a clambake. The Brain ruined it and created a giant clam monster with one of them and revealed his plan was to use the monster to bend the Homeowners Association to his will and get the Doom Patrol kicked out of Codsville. Robotman launched the Chief over the clam. A bundle of dynamite was dropped inside. Elasti-Girl shut it. The clam was blown up. Brain called them fools and took solace in ruining their party. Beast Boy got an idea and used the remains of the clam monster for the Doom Patrol's clambake.

Beast Boy and Negative Girl were about to leave to hang out with crabs but The Chief and Elasti-Girl voiced their disapproval. Chief warned those "bottom-feeders" would get them into trouble. Negative Girl argued he thought everyone was one. Robotman announced he was going, too, but they weren't concerned since he was a nerd. The crabs were suspicious about Robotman despite Beast Boy and Negative Girl vouching for him. When Robotman extended his hand for a hand shake, they pinched it and left it mangled and broken. Robotman pelted a muscular man with sand and was pounded. Robotman skateboarded into a sign and lost his head. Robotman posed as a walrus and was eaten by a shark. Robotman spraypainted a wall but the owner of the Seas of Fun building loved his Aquaman and Black Manta mural. No matter what Robotman tried, he did something good by accident. He kicked a trash can but it ended up providing pizza to sewer raccoons. He took a lollipop from a baby but was congratulated for saving it from a choking hazard.

Negative Girl had to return to her body before she peed herself and went nuclear out of embrassment. Beast Boy invited the crabs to come along back to the Doom Patrol's house despite not having permission to have friends over. As soon as they went in, the crabs turned on them and punched them then start pillaging the house. More crabs arrived in a van and stripped the house interior. They even stole Negative Girl's body. Robotman elected to stay behind to fool Chief and Elasti-Girl while Beast Boy and Negative Girl tracked down the crabs' hideout. Robotman caved and told them the truth when they returned home. Robotman and Beast Boy hung out in a backyard above-ground pool. They talked about how it was more natural and classy. Beast Boy became evasive when Robotman asked if he was the only best bro in his life. Cyborg suddenly cannonballed into the pool and revealed the Titans happened to be in Codsville fighting a sea monster but he decided to hang out with Beast Boy instead.

Beast Boy was nervous and finally introduced the two. They soon realize they had similar origins and hobbies. The trio went out for ice cream. Robotman was leery of credit cards and Cyborg placated him by lying that he paid his bill in full every month. Cyborg was paged on his Titans Communicator but he was convinced to keep hanging out. They went back home to play charades with the rest of the Patrol. Elasti-Girl got "cat" but it was a terrible impression according to Chief and Negative Girl. She snapped at them. Cyborg got President Zachary Taylor and Robotman guessed it within seconds without much of a hint. They were accused of cheating. Robotman presented his collection of 1980s situational comedies. He and Cyborg looked back fondly on an episode of Alf. Elasti-Girl realized how much in common they had. Chief offered to combine them into one person using his crazy unethical science. Beast Boy thought that was messed up but Robotman and Cyborg were all for sharing a body.

They all went deep down to Chief's lab below the property. Chief clarified if by "will it hurt" meant "intense agony as all of your components are violently ripped apart," then it would hurt a little. Cyborg and Robotman were fused into one but the process mistakenly advanced their friendship to such a close personal level that the entire relationship turned toxic and unnatural. They flew to Codsville and went on a rampage. The Patrol was unable to defeat them. Beast Boy was fired from a cannon, turned into a giant squid, and tried to convince them to separate but was tossed into the ocean, Elasti-Girl turned to gum to immobilize them but was just stomped, Negative Girl projected her energy form then threw her body at one of their boots, and Chief turned his van into a mecha but its appendages were ripped off. Elasti-Girl implored Beast Boy to think of something that would break them up. Beast Boy got an idea and went on Chief's van's loudspeaker then told Robotman about Cyborg's credit card debt. Robotman got further irritated when Cyborg said he was building up his credit score and from thinking of the double digit interest rate. The last straw was Cyborg admitting he only paid the minimum each month. They started attacking each other and violently split up.

The next day, Chief told them they couldn't hand out ever again or the world would be destroyed. Robotman decided to temporarily take Cyborg's place on the Teen Titans so he and Beast Boy could hang out some more. The Patrol tried to prevent Beast Boy for leaving. Elasti-Girl tried to get him with vegan cookies but Beast Boy knew something was up and offered some to Robotman. Robotman ate one and passed out as he offered his critique. Negative Girl and Robotman waited around a corner with a bat. Robotman swung but Beast Boy was in his gorilla form. He roared and they bolted. They trapped Beast Boy in a simulation aimed to drive him away from the Titans for good but it backfired. Chief added if he died in the simulation, he would die in real life. Robotman became irate. Chief pointed out it was more extreme that way. They went in but Beast Boy ultimately thought of flipping their brains to fool the simulation and they escaped.

Robotman won Best Hero With A Human Brain in a Robot Body at The Superhero Award Show. The Doom Patrol, represented by Elasti-Girl and Robotman, competed in Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition but were eliminated early on after they performed the robot.