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Real Identity: Richard "Dick" Grayson
Affiliations: Teen Titans, Team Robin, Bizarro Titans, League of Legs, and League of Garbage Fonts
Appearances: Legendary Sandwich, Pie Bros, Driver's Ed, Dog Hand, Double Trouble, The Date, Dude Relax, Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, La Larva De Amor, Hey Pizza!, Gorilla, Girl's Night Out, You're Fired, Super Robin, Tower Power, Parasite, Star Liar, Meatball Party, Staff Meeting, Terra-ized, Artful Dodgers, Burger vs. Burrito, Matched, Colors of Raven, The Left Leg, Books, Lazy Sunday, Starfire the Terrible, Power Moves, Staring at the Future, No Power, Sidekick, Caged Tiger, Second Christmas, Nose Mouth, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Waffles, Be Mine, Opposites, Birds, Brain Power, In and Out, Little Buddies, Missing, Uncle Jokes, Mas y Menos, Dreams, Grandma Voice, Real Magic, Puppets Whaaaaat?, Mr. Butt, Man Person, Pirates, Money Grandma, I See You, Brian, Nature, Salty Codgers, Knowledge, Slumber Party, Love Monsters, Baby Hands, Caramel Apples, Sandwich Thief, Friendship, Vegetables, The Mask, Serious Business, Halloween, Boys vs. Girls, Body Adventure, Road Trip, Thanksgiving, The Best Robin, Mouth Hole, Hot Garbage, Robin Backwards, Crazy Day, Smile Bones, Real Boy Adventures, Hose Water, Let's Get Serious, Tamaranian Vacation, Rocks and Water, Multiple Trick Pony, Truth, Justice and What?, Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Oil Drums, Video Game References, Cool School, Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt, Head Fruit, Yearbook Madness, Beast Man, Operation Tin Man, Nean, Campfire Stories, And The Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob, The H.I.V.E. Five, The Return of Slade, More of the Same, Some of Their Parts, A Cat's Fancy, Leg Day, Dignity of Teeth, Croissant, Spice Game, I'm The Sauce, Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, The Fourth Wall, 40%, 40%, 20%, Grube's Fairytales, A Farce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, BBBDay!, Black Friday, Two Parter: Part One, Two Parter: Part Two, The True Meaning of Christmas, Squash & Stretch, Garage Sale, Secret Garden, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, How 'Bout Some Effort?, Pyramid Scheme, Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad, The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice, Bottle Episode, Finally a Lesson, Arms Race with Legs, Obinray, Wally T, Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, History Lesson, The Art of Ninjutsu, Think About Your Future, TTG v PPG, Coconut Cream Pie, Pure Protein, Open Door Policy, Crazy Desire Island, The Titans Show, Booty Scooty, Who's Laughing Now, Oregon Trail, Snuggle Time, Oh Yeah!, Riding the Dragon, The Overbite, The Cape, Shrimps and Prime Rib, Halloween v Christmas, Booby Trap House, Fish Water, TV Knight, Teen Titans Save Christmas, BBSFBDAY, The Streak: Pt 1, The Streak: Pt 2, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, Movie Night, BBRAE: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Permanent Record, Titan Saving Time, The Gold Standard, Master Detective, Easter Creeps, Hand Zombie, Employee of the Month: Redux, The Avogodo, Orangins, Jinxed, Brain Percentages, BL4Z3, Hot Salad Water, Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, and Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine, Lication, Labor Day, Classic Titans, Ones and Zeroes, Career Day, TV Knight 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, Costume Contest, Throne of Bones, Demon Prom, Thanksgetting, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 1, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2, BBCYFSHIPBDAY, Beast Girl, Flashback: Pt 1, Flashback: Pt 2, Bro-Pocalypse, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, TV Knight 3, The Scoop!, Chicken In The Cradle, Kabooms: Pt. 1, Kabooms: Pt. 2, Tower Renovation, My Name is Jose, The Power of Shrimps, Monster Squad, Real Orangins, Quantum Fun, The Fight, The Groover, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2, BBRBDAY, Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason, Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story, Business Ethics Wink Wink, Genie President, Tall Titan Tales, I Used To Be A Peoples, The Metric System Vs Freedom, The Chaff, Them Soviet Boys, Little Elvis, Booty Eggs, TV Knight 4, Lil' Dimples, Don't Be An Icarus, Stockton, CA!, What's Opera Titans, Forest Pirates, The Bergerac, Snot and Tears, Campfire!, What We Learned At Camp, Communicate Openly, Royal Jelly, Strength Of A Grown Man, Had To Be There, Girls Night In Pt. 1, Girls Night In Pt. 2, The Great Disaster, The Viewers Decide, Cartoon Feud, Curse of the Booty Scooty, Collect Them All!, Butt Atoms, TV Knight 5, Witches Brew, Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 1, Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 2, Teen Titans Roar!, That's What's Up, Brobots, Brain Flip (Simulation), Beast Boy On A Shelf, Christmas Crusaders, We're Off To Get Awards, Bat Scouts, Walk Away, Record Book, Titans Go Casual, Raining On Your Wedding Day, Egg Hunt, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 2, The Night Begins To Shine (Chapter One: Mission To Find The Lost Stems, Chapter Two: Drums, Chapter Three: Guitar, Chapter Four: Bass, and Chapter Five: You're The One), Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 1, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 2, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 3, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 4, Ghost With The Most, Bucket List, TV Knight 6, Kryptonite, Thumb War, Toddler Titans...Yay!, Huggbees, Baby Mouth, The Cast, Superhero Feud, Lucky Stars, Various Modes of Transportation, Cool Uncles, Butter Wall, BBRAEBDAY, Don't Press Play, Real Art, Just a Little Patience...Yeah...Yeah, Villains in a Van Getting Gelato, I Am Chair, Bumgorf, The Mug, Hafo Safo, Zimdings, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 2, Feed Me, Pig in a Poke, and P.P.
Appearances (Special): Team Building and Meow Cats Go!
Powers/Skills: Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Armed Combat, Above Average Attributes, Leadership, and Infiltration
Voiced By: Scott Menville, David Kaye (The Fourth Wall), and Larry Kenney (Simulation)

Robin is a slightly power-mad, perfectionist leader of the Teen Titans whose main complaint is that the others just won't do what he says. While he grew up at the circus, Robin was always harrassed by the animals when he let his guard down. As a result, Robin was always vigilant and never relaxed. At age six, he performed the tightrope act without a safety net. The ringmaster once assigned him to train a baby bear cub to ride a tiny unicycle. He named it Gunther. When the circus traveled from town to town, Gunter and Grayson huddled together for warmth in the back of a drafty box car. Now on the Titans, Robin was the only member with no super powers and resented it. He considers himself Batman's peer but many still think of him as the sidekick. He grew up in the cirus with his famous acrobat family but a tragic night changed all that. He went to live with Bruce Wayne at his Wayne Manor.

Robin spent his childhood training to be a hero. He lived under a strict no reveling policy and didn't partake in spending. Through Batman, he learned frivolous materialism would only impede the pursuit of justice and money was a vice that just led to more problems. As a result, he lived in a bare, dilapidated room next to the supply room. All Robin had in his room were weights to build his muscles, a bed on the ground where he cried himself to sleep, a drain that he used to wash his tears away, and a bucket he named Mr. Bucket. He always wanted a Bell Biv Devoe poster to put up on his wall but never bought one. Their fresh beats and sweet lyrics got him through tough times, their behind the scenes turmoil taught him how to deal with conflict, and their elegant fusion of R&B and new jack swing inspired him to embrace mixed martial arts. For his first Batcave Easter egg hunt, Robin only had to find one painted Easter egg hidden by Batman. He was never able to find it even though it was in his left eye. Robin never completely felt like a detective.

In a version of the Titans' origin, Robin realized he couldn't fight crime in Jump City on his own and wanted to assemble a superteam of superteens like himself and bring peace to the city while bringing out the best in each other. He came up with the name, Teen Titans. He found Kid Flash in Banes Gym but he didn't seem that excited about it. Robin promised the try outs would be a formality for him. He ran into a regular boy named Victor but told him the try outs were just for superheroes. He gave flyers to Aqualad, Speedy, Bumblebee, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. After Beast Boy, Robin finally snapped and allowed Victor to try out, too. The next day, Robin presented challenges that required speed and skill and combat and teamwork. The winners would be full-fledged members of the Teen Titans and live in the Titans Tower. Beast Boy again asked for lunch even though Robin told him there wasn't any and he printed the disclaimer on the flyers. In the speed challenge, Kid Flash easily passed. Victor puked and fainted soon after starting. Raven punched Robin repeatedly instead of the combat dummy.

Robin lastly tested everyone with a 100 piece Justice League puzzle to see who could work together as a team. Raven assaulted Beast Boy for taking her pieces and Starfire shot up the tower thinking it was the combat challenge again. Robin snapped and hit them with a table then kicked them into the elevator. Kid Flash proposed a vote and Robin allowed it. Kid Flash pointed out his temper and suggested a vote to oust Robin. It passed and he was ejected. Kid Flash took over as the leader. Starfire, Robin, Raven, Victor, and Beast Boy ran into each other in an alley. They realized if Robin was always worked up, he wouldn't be such a pushover. Victor and Beast Boy realized they were all rejects and outsiders. Robin wasn't interested because they brought out the worst in him. Cyborg believed the five of them could take the tower back. Raven teleported everyone into the living room of the tower. They insisted to Kid Flash that Robin wasn't going to be a pushover anymore. Kid Flash perceived a challenge was coming.

They specified the winners kept the tower and the losers would leave the city for good. Robin still was a wimp though. They wound him up by repeatedly pointing out how Kid Flash stole everything and how Speedy clogged the toilet with Wet Wipes. Robin snapped and declared there was no such thing as flushable Wet Wipes. And they were the real Teen Titans. Kid Flash presented challenges based on the ones from try outs, combat and problem solving, and if needed, a tie breaker based on the speed challenge. Kid Flash's Combat Dummy was unbeatable. Soon, only Victor was left. Robin inspired him to try and he was badly beaten. Doctors replaced his broken body with robot parts and Cyborg was born. Two hours later, they returned and Cyborg quickly vaporized the dummy. Kid Flash presented a puzzle but Beast Boy caught it and tried. It blew up in his face. Robin and Kid Flash lined up for a race around the world. As soon as Kid Flash left, Robin signaled the others to run into the tower. They boarded up the elevator doors but Kid Flash was already inside. Robin introduced his new self and broke Kid Flash's left leg with his staff. The others threw him through the glass window. Kid Flash, Aqualad, Bumblebee, and Speedy relocated to the East Coast.

In another version of the Titans' origin, Robin claimed his last case with Batman was helping capture Joker but he realized he needed to make a name for himself away from Gotham in order to escape Batman's shadow, literally and figuratively. He chose Jump City and began looking for sidekicks, that he would call teammates to be polite, after he realized the city was a cesspool. He formed a team consisting of a converted villain, muscle, comic relief, and a love interest. A new team for new heroes in search of a fresh start. He approached Cyborg at Detroit High School, Beast Boy in Africa's Upper Lamumba, Raven in a Demon Dimension, and Starfire in the Vega System. Robin returned alone to Jump City and confronted a gang of criminals robbing Jump City Bank. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire arrived to back him up. They waited for his command. He thought of "Titans, go!" on the spot.

Trigon granted him super strength and turned him into a hulking bruiser. Raven also once gave him super powers, including heat vision, frost breath, telekinesis, super speed, and flight, to teach him a lesson but in three seconds he captured every super villain, solved world hunger and made a tray of meat loaf. With no villains to fight, the Titans disbanded. Robin went to work for Corp-O for over 25 years. After 47 years had passed since the Titans disbanded, Robin finally admitted the others were right. The other Titans arrived in his room and gloated as Robin passed.

In a possible future, Robin became Nightwing and settled down with Batgirl. They lived together in the Titans Tower and had two children. When Cyborg and Beast Boy returned home and decided to alter the future, Nightwing summoned Starfire and Raven via Titans Communicator to help stop them. Batgirl scolded Nightwing for making noise since the children were asleep.

After gathering intelligence on a project aimed at turning the H.I.V.E. Tower into a space battle station, Robin came up with a plan to infiltrate the base as a villain named Red X and plant a bomb to blow it up. In order to cement his legitimacy as a villain, he planned on beating up Mammoth. However, Gizmo accepted him to the team. Red X still beat up Mammoth but apologized. At Gizmo's behest to make himself at home, Red X went off and planted a bomb at the tower's main electronic system interface junction. However, as he learned about more and more cool stuff in the tower, he delayed the timer. Red was soon joined by the others but Gizmo blew up the tower in an attempt to get rid of the new members. Annoyed with H.I.V.E. crashing at the Titans Tower, Robin blew up the Titans Tower.

Robin takes annual team leader elections very seriously even though he's the only one who runs for the position. He often becomes obsessed and threatens everyone else not to run. One year, Raven brought George Washington from 1776 to teach Robin how to be a true leader but the two ended up running against each other. George Washington ended up winning but Robin went back in time and took his place as the first President of the United States of America, becoming the new face of the dollar bill.

While going through his room, Beast Boy found a trunk of mementos he collected from missions over the years. One was a shard of the Mysterious Prism. Keen on splitting Raven up and making out with her passionate side, Beast Boy tried to use the shard but Robin got his own idea. He used the shard to split the other Titans into their core five personalities and recruited the best one to join his elite team: Soldier Cyborg, Beast Boy The Human Shield, Savage Starfire, and Raging Raven were chosen. Robin then realized a five Robin team would be even better but his core personalities (obsessive, crazy, perfectionist, paranoia and controlling) did not fit to his ideal. During the brief stint of the League of Legs, Robin went by Captain Cankle.

After Cyborg admitted it was his dream to be in the Justice League, Robin laughed it off and insisted he would be the one chosen. Naturally, Robin wanted to be Batman and got to once everyone realized Batman's costume was smelly from sweat. On Apokolips, Robin taunted Cyborg with Batman's disappearing act until he was knocked out with a construct of Bea Arthur.

In order to have fun whenever they wanted, when they wanted, the Titans became supervillains. Robin became Dick Gravestone - bald, goatee, yellow suit. The crazy speeches as a hero made him look like a great evil leader. He hired a bunch of henchmen to build them their headquarters and wait on them. While proposing ideas to take over the world, Gravestone suggested returning to the Death Ray. He later activated Cyborg's idea to wrap the world in a blanket, set off stink bombs, and create the world's largest dutch oven.

Robin's wrestler persona was the Deadly Dandy. He professed if looks could kill, he would be a wanted man. He was not impressed with Cyborg's traditional stance on wrestling but was amazed by Beast Boy's crazy trash talk as Wild Man. Cyborg still thought their version of wrestling was fake. Robin demonstrated by fighting with Starfire. In Scrutiny Mode, Cyborg noted Robin's punches were three feet away from landing on Starfire.

After Santa declared he quit Christmas, Robin decided it was up to the Teen Titans to save Christmas. He assigned Cyborg to engineer a sleigh, Beast Boy to be the reindeer to draw it, and Starfire and Raven would be the elves who'd make all the presents. Robin, in the meantime, would be Santa. He rejected Beast Boy's idea of having Sticky Joe be Santa and tossed him in the trash chute. Robin gorged on cookies and milk until he became stuffed. After Robin presented himself, his heart briefly failed. They took off to deliver presents. Robin could not fit down the chimney and broke his legs trying to force them through. Cyborg activated the sleigh's shablamo and hammered him down. He slowly slid down and was attacked by a dog. Raven used a crowbar and broke a window to set off the security alarm. The real Santa heard of the Titans' plan and tried to stop them but Sticky Joe came to their rescue.

Robin auditioned in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star. Since Batman was one of the judges, he was overly confident of his chances. He tried to tell the host, Birdarang, about his sad and melodramatic back story growing up in the circus but it thought it sounded superfly. Robin tried to make a pity plea so he could win. For the audition, he sent some not-to-subtle hints at Batman, who was embarrassed, and planned to perform a motorcycle stunt through a track lit on fire as well as armed with a swinging pendulum and jumping shark with a chainsaw. The motorcyle rolled down by accident. After doing several loops, Robin fell off and the motorcycle crashed onto Batman then blew up. He was rejected by all four of the judges. Robin had a meltdown backstage and it was captured on the Cry Cam. Robin was jealous of Cyborg advancing to the final round. That was captured on camera, too. He thought Raven's dance was lame.

Robin made up a backstory that he lived on a farm with his grandparents but were terrorized by crows. After they stole all the corn, they kidnapped his grandmother. Then a meteor destroyed the farm. Birdarang knew it was made up but it was pretty tragic and gave Robin a second chance. He tried to do a magic act but his cards all burst out of his sleeves, then his pigeon wouldn't fly out of his hat so he promised to make a $20 bill disappear and reappear in Batman's wallet. He quickly ran and hid it in his wallet. Batman found it and was impressed until Robin told him to keep it as a bribe. Robin lost again. Security dragged him backstage. He declared the judges had no talent. He made up a back story based on "A Christmas Carol" and got a third chance. He introduced a ventriloquist dummy he named Tiny Robin. Tiny Robin cracked jokes at the judges' expense and made them all laugh. Robin made it to the final round and won but Birdarang informed him the League picked the dummy, who went on to become a great success.

Against Robin's wishes, the Titans broke into the Batcave so Beast Boy could have a real cave to hibernate in for seven and a half months. Robin decided it was worth the peace and quiet. However, Starfire yelled and disturbed Beast Boy. He decided he wanted to check out the Batcave. The Titans noticed a fire pole and asked about it. Robin tried to lie and claimed it led up to a lame fire house. The Titans only got more interested and took the pole up. Robin confessed they were in Wayne Manor, his childhood home, and he never reveled in Bruce Wayne's wealth but focused on training to be a defender of justice. The others claimed money solved problems instead of creating them then demanded a tour. Robin begrudgingly showed them the super long table where Michael Keaton had an awkward dinner date, the well where Christian Bale learned why we fall, the phone Adam West answered when crime was afoot, and a dumpster full of stuff from Val Kilmer and George Clooney then introduced Alfred Pennyworth.

The Titans saw his old bedroom and convinced him he deserved to spend some money to have a childhood he never had. Robin decided to indulge a little. He bought his Bill Biv Devoe poster and a bunch of other stuff like a 600 inch TV, a white tiger, art, fireworks, gold armor for Cyborg, a gold ski, and a Pretty Pretty Pegasus rocking horse. The fireworks alerted Catwoman, Penguin, Joker, Riddler, and Poison Ivy. They stormed Wayne Manor and ransacked it. The Titans were no match but Pennyworth took them out. The Titans admitted Robin was right about money making more problems. Robin disagreed and his butler saved the day and that was thanks to money. He believed there were no consequences to your terrible actions if you were rich. He rang a bell and ordered Pennyworth to clean everything up before Batman returned. He drop kicked Robin.

Raven gave into the others' demand for new super powers to teach them a lesson about not taking what they had for granted. Robin was given the powers of Vibe and could create shockwaves from break dancing. Robin found it whack because he thought himself as a fresh break dancer already. The others disagreed. Robin tried out the superpower but the momentum from creating a shockwave launched Robin out of the tower into the ocean. He managed to climb up the side of the island to the drainage pipe but Starfire's arm shot through and he fell back into the ocean. After some time, Robin became proficient. The Titans confronted Gizmo, who was about to mount a robot invasion from his floating fortress. After Raven was zapped with a Kryptonite ray and weakened because she had Superman's powers, Robin rallied the others proclaiming they could use their dumb powers to win if Vibe, Saturn Girl, Aqualad, and Plastic Man could. Robin had Starfire turn into a slingshot and launch him onto the fortress' deck. He began dancing and destroying robots then devastated the fortress with a crippling shockwave.

Robin began to engage in solitary activities after he realized he was fated to be alone forever. He settled atop the living room console and played a game of solitaire and lost. He then devoted his free time to getting his personal finances in order. He laughed hysterically then cried as the console lowered down. With no agonizing social encounters to ruin his day, Robin settled on a puzzle and continued sobbing as he went deeper and deeper below. Robin's sanity naturally cracked and he began writing gibberish on the walls. He overheard Beast Boy's distress over losing Raven to Aqualad and advised him the best thing he could do was give up. He felt the sooner he pretended to enjoy a solitary life, the better. He demonstrated with his newly acquired flute playing skills and did a rendition of Yankee Doodle then cried. Beast Boy didn't want to end up like Robin and set out to rescue Albert Jelenic to prevent Aqualad from swaying Raven with shrimps and prime rib.

Beast Boy decided to make his birthday party invitation only and excluded Robin among the Titans. When Robin asked why, Cyborg brought up how Robin reported a noise complaint on them with the Jump City Police Department last year. Beast Boy repeated to Robin he wasn't invited because his parties were for party animals only and not party poopers like him. Robin set out to prove he was also a party animal. The next day, Robin declared he was throwing his own birthday party, out of spite, in the living room at the same time as Beast Boy's in the kitchen. He revealed the details about his party, notably two birthday cakes and special guest Bob Uecker. Beast Boy won the other Titans over with the declaration of pony rides. Robin saddled Uecker but had no takers. Uecker offered to take him out for frozen custard. Robin managed to poach Cyborg with the allure of Mr. Belvedere stories, Raven by making use of the bathroom exclusive to his party, and Starfire with two cakes to his party.

Beast Boy refused to admit Robin was a party animal and declared his actions made him more of a party pooper. Beast Boy turned into a pony and escorted the Titans back to his party. Robin spliced his DNA with a bear, cheetah, and raccoon in an effort to become the ultimate party animal but he ended up rampaging through Jump City. Out of desperation, Beast Boy called in a noise complaint on Robin. The police surrounded him and declared the party was over. Robin shrank to normal and the three animals split off him. The Titans visited Robin at police lock up where he apologized for ruining the party. Beast Boy played it off and promised to invite Robin to all his parties from now on. Robin inquired what happened to Uecker.

At Super Hero Summer Camp, Cyborg and Bumblebee argued about what decade had the best entertainment. Robin countered the 60's were the best because back then he could show off his thighs. He bumped into Wonder Girl and she dropped her belongings. Robin apologized and helped gather everything up. Wonder Girl told him it wasn't his fault and this was a contrived encounter that, despite all odds, sparked something between them. They both reached for the canteen at once. Robin stammered and eventually introduced himself. Wonder Girl liked him despite the awkward introduction. Bumblebee realized Robin was getting himself a "camp girlfriend." The others were skeptical and pointed out no girl liked him because he was unattractive physically and emotionally. Robin agreed. Bumblebee was sure they were going to fall in love. Starfire conceded she did seem to like the awkward encounter but she cringed at the thought of it. Robin showed off his thighs, causing Starfire to gag. Bumblebee recalled her first kiss was at camp.

After the other Titans recalled their first kiss, Bumblebee realized this was the point in the romantic movie where the main character was helped out by his friends. She believed they could be those friends. The others weren't interested. Bumblebee shrank and fired her stingers at them until they relented. She was the only one clearly excited. Bumblebee set up a picnic for Robin and Wonder Girl. Beast Boy turned into a raccoon and tried to eat but Bumblebee stung him repeatedly. Robin was nervous. Bumblebee advised him to be himself. The others felt that would lead to failure. Cyborg believed he should be Beast Boy. Cyborg proposed take after Cyrano de Bergerac and give Robin smooth lines on the sly. Bumblebee recognized that was a common scene in romantic movies and liked it. They hid in a bush as Wonder Girl arrived. Robin stammered and asked her if she wanted to see his thighs. Beast Boy gave him a line to tell her to sit her butt down and have a picnic. Robin refused to say it and got slapped. He repeated Beast Boy's line.

Wonder Girl found the situation strange and weird but was too polite to state that bluntly. Beast Boy told him to give her bread. He poked her in the face with a loaf. Beast Boy told him to smooch it up. Cyborg interjected with his own line then Raven suggested telling her he liked horses then Bumblebee told him to be himself, and Starfire told him to not talk about his thighs. Wonder Girl was off put and walked away. Robin tried to stop her. She revealed she was pre-occupied with a break up with her boyfriend then went off to be upset. Robin was ready to give up and stick to trees. Bumblebee realized it was time for the "grand gesture" while the other Titans finished off the contents of the picnic. She explained it was a crazy and over the top display of his affection. Cyborg and Beast Boy elected to help since they knew dumb and dangerous. That night, they set up near the Girl's Camp. Robin dressed up like John Cusack did at the end of "Say Anything..." and stood up on Beast Boy's horse while Beast Boy tied a boom box to it and Cyborg loaded fireworks into a satchel.

Horse back kicked Cyborg. Robin wasn't sure about doing it but Bumblebee got it started and slapped Horse's butt. Robin held the boom box over his head while it played 80s instrumental music. Wonder Girl got up and came outside. The fireworks went off but accidentally carried Robin off. He crashed to the ground in front of her. She wasn't sure about the incredibly dumb and dangerous stunt but inexplicably fell for it. They were about to kiss when an axe was thrown between them. Wonder Girl's ex-boyfriend, the lumberjack who chopped down Robin's tree girlfriend. He shoved two trees aside and roared. Robin couldn't believe it was the same filthy lumberjack. Wonder Girl pointed out he was the necessary obstacle he had to overcome to prove his worth to her. Robin vowed he wouldn't steal his human girlfriend. He took out his staff and charged. The lumberjack stood around and simply pounded him into the ground then stomped his face. Robin's thighs stirred and took control of his bodily functions.

Robin rose up into the air, locked around lumberjack's head, and rapidly thigh punched him. He whimpered and ran away crying into the forest. Robin and Wonder Girl kissed. Wonder Girl thought it was nice then revealed she was leaving camp and they would never see each other again. Robin was confused. She explained it was a camp romance so they were destined to go their separate ways. Robin asked if he could visit or write her. She declined and flew away. Raven thought that was brutal. Bumblebee thought it was all her fault Robin was left heartbroken. Robin disagreed and pointed out he kissed a girl and got his revenge. He felt confident to go after other potential love interests, namely a nearby tree. Starfire gagged, choked, and threw up. Robin ordered the Titans to an emergency training session but they ignored him and repeatedly ejected him from the tower so they could continue talking to Bumblebee about her making them honey. She noticed how they had no respect for Robin even though he was the leader.

Despite their warning, Bumblebee went to help Robin be a better leader like a queen bee. She wasn't as cynical as them. Bumblebee found Robin outside in the pavement and told he him just needed to act like a been Robin thought bees were tiny, vicious insectoid monsters. Bumblebee started to understand why no one helped him. Bumblebee took Robin to a hive and told him about bees being model citizens and about the queen bee. He became curious about the royal jelly but she stressed it was only for bees. Bumblebee took him to a city park and found some bees to practice with. She tried to coach him into dancing and using pheromones to order the bees but they resisted and stung him. Bumblebee didn't think he had what it took to be a queen bee until he started using bee puns. They tried to use what they practiced on the other Titans but it failed to do anything. Robin secretly consumed royal jelly and mutated into a giant queen bee. He partially changed the Tower into a bee hive and fed the Titans honey.

Bumblebee refused to obey him so Robin transformed the other Titans into worker bees. Bumblebee had enough and consumed the royal jelly, too. The two queen bees duked it out but Bumblebee ultimately won the crown with a smashing uppercut. Robin eventually changed back to normal but the others remained in their bee forms. Robin announced he learned not to treat people like bees. Bumblebee, still a queen bee, announced she learned not to help Robin because he was crazy then smacked his head with her scepter. Bumblebee then regurgitated honey for their consumption. Everyone except Robin thought Hawkman was super dope and took selfies with him. He even signed Cyborg's butt. Robin believed Hawkman was the real villain for treating them like children and stealing their glory by beating Doomsday. Robin took off to find Hawkman and tell him off. Robin found Hawkman's nest but he swung into clotheslines then fell and hit his head on every ledge of a building, fell in a pot, then dropped into Hawkman's nest.

Robin suffered a serious concussion and had no idea who he was. Hawkman thought he laid an egg and had a baby. Hawkman raised him as his own child, made him a bird outfit, deputized him and did bird stuff like eating seeds in the park and strutting their feathers. The Titans saw Robin being pushed in a stroller and tried to get his attention. Robin thought they were being robbed at first then was offended they were accusing him of being a petty thief. He claimed to be the heir to the throne of Thanagar and called Hawkman over to beat them up. Robin pecked Cyborg's head rapidly then tried to rip it off. The living cybernetic vegan cheese steak Raven conjured tackled Robin off Cyborg. It made a moving speech but Cyborg informed him the nanobots he put in it would keep him alive and he could self-replicate. Robin came to and remembered who he was but collapsed. Robin was taken to a hospital. The Titans, Hawkman, and the Cheese Steaks visited him where he explained he thought of the Titans as his family, not just some superhero team.

The other Titans refused to let a frantic Robin enter the front entrance of the Titans Tower. Cyborg guessed he had some urgent news about a car chase, Starfire guessed he ran afoul of real estate developers who wanted to build a golf course on their island, and Beast Boy guessed he heard the legend of some pirate's treasure. Robin shot down all three guesses and said he just wanted to come inside. The Titans delighted in forcing Robin to humiliate himself with a forced performance of the Booty Scooty. Robin eventually complied but a regular Booty Scooty was not enough and they made him dance his butt off. He danced his butt off literally. Robin chased after it but it bounced down a drain. The others refused to help him find it until he pointed out he could never perform the Booty Scooty again without it. They entered the island's cavern and discovered Beast Boy relocated Freak Face there. Robin realized Freaky would know the caverns like the back of his deformed hand and asked for his help. Freak refused at first but Beast Boy promised him a turnip. Freaky changed his mind and happily gobbled the turnip to the Titans' disgust.

They eventually found the pirates' treasure room. Beast Boy was angry there was no butts around and kicked a chalice. Cyborg's ear sonar picked up a fart sound. They searched and found the pirate's booty, a treasure chest whose lid resembled a booty. Robin searched and found his butt. The others became greedy and stole the rest of the butts. The chest had a pressure mechanism and without any butts, it set off a self-destruct sequence to cause a cave-in. A boulder dropped down and blocked the exit. Freaky Face returned, revealed his Superman underwear and used his booty to prop the boulder up. The Titans crawled out between his legs but he couldn't hold it any longer and made the ultimate sacrifice. A police officer arrived at the entrance and demanded to know what was going on. The Titans explained everything but he thought they were making things up again. There was another rumble and they watched as Freaky sailed away in a pirate ship made out of the butts. The Titans demanded a Booty Scooty from Robin to his dismay. Even Freaky shouted from afar to just do it. Robin complied and the officer joined in to the others' delight.

Beast Boy carelessly sought out a collectible of one of the evolved Mockingbirds from a creepy shop owner, who was actually the Toy Master. Unaware of its cursed nature, he took it back with him to the tower. Robin thought it was another pointless fad. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven soon fought over the Mockingbird, despite Robin's concern with the Toy Master, and were transformed into collectibles themselves then shot across the city. Robin alone was spared and received a challenge from Toy Master to collect them all before the other. He accepted and departed on the T-Jet. Robin's first stop was at Peggy Regan's yard sale, where he found Cyborg. Robin didn't like the $10 price or Cyborg's explanation how value comes from packaging with no flaws. Robin got an idea and whacked the box, with Cyborg still inside, repeatedly with his staff to take down the value. He bought it with 75 cents. Robin and Cyborg went to Gleek! Comics. Cyborg warned Robin not to go inside and collectibles were always found off the beaten path.

Robin speculated he next collectible would no doubt be in the clutches of some weirdo who stood in line before the store opened to get his filthy hands on them. Such a weirdo, Christoper J. Sasso, stepped out of Gleek! with a brief case. Despite Cyborg's hesitance, Robin followed after him into an alley and made him admit he collected. He opened his case and revealed several collectibles, including Starfire. Cyborg and Starfire were elated by how cute the other was. Robin offered Sasso 75 cents but he declined and stated only a battle would suffice. Robin beat him with his staff. Sasso clarified he meant a battle between collectibles. Cyborg explained the rules. Robin found it stupid but agreed to it. Sasso had Starfire attack with a Cat Scratch. Robin ordered the sonic cannon but Cyborg revealed he only had a Boombox and Meatball Blaster. Robin opted for the latter and won Starfire. Robin started to understand why the others were so into collecting. That night they flew over a house and spied a boy sleeping with the collectible Beast Boy.

Cyborg and Starfire weren't so sure about stealing from a child but Robin forced them in through a crack in the bedroom window. However, they started sleeping with Beast Boy. Robin entered the room and triggered an alarm. The boy woke up and screamed. The dad arrived and punched Robin in the face repeatedly. They all quickly ran away. Regrouping at the public park, Robin tried online shopping and bought what he thought was Raven for $3.95 plus $44 shipping and handling. A drone instantly delivered the package but it was a bootleg Raven collectible. The Toy Master revealed he had Raven. Starfire found her adorable. Raven thanked her and thought they were all cute, too. Toy Master gloated Robin brought him the rest of the Titans and was challenged to a battle. Toy Master presented his fighters, collectibles he made out of the Justice League. The Titans were weary of fighting him but Robin was completely infatuated with collecting. Green Lantern demolished Cyborg with a mace construct but Starfire beat him with a Kitten Cannon.

Wonder Woman scored a critical hit by throwing her yogurts at Starfire. She dashed off to use the bathroom. Bootleg Raven cast dark magic and chomped Wonder Woman. Toy Master had enough and ordered Superman to use his heat vision. Toy Master proclaimed Robin was defeated and he would be forced to spend countless hours rebuilding his collection which would only make his more valuable. Robin realized something and quit, citing he wasn't really into collecting anyway since it was big waste of time and money. Toy Master was shocked and added he had his friends. Robin didn't care. The curse was broken and Toy Master blew up. The Titans and Justice League were restored to normal and somehow Bootleg Raven was also turned into a person.

The Titans started tooting each other. Robin ordered them to cease and desist and warned they would soon be unsatisfied with standard stinkers and move up to crop dusters, barn burners and even the dreaded Atomic Toot. He explained the Atomic Toot's destructive power but the Titans disregarded his ominous warning and continued their game of toots. Some time later, Beast Boy used a thermo-beric booty burner on Cyborg, prompting Robin to put him out with a fire extinguisher. Robin called for a tootie truce but Cyborg wanted revenge and unleashed an Atomic Toot. The radiation turned Beast Boy into a mindless toot mutant who then infected Raven and Cyborg. Starfire and Robin ran for the couch. She apologized for their reckless disregard. Robin suggested they make a run for it and live out their lives together. Starfire opted to sacrifice herself so he could escape. She was atomic tooted and the shockwave launched Robin out of the tower. Three months later, he was the only human left. Robin conducted research and determined a certain frequency could disintegrate the atomic toot particles.

Robin set a trap in Jump City using a deer. Starfire fell for it and was trapped in a barrel. Robin took her to his warehouse lab for testing. The sonic emitter worked and Starfire was returned to normal. He hugged Starfire and told her they had to plant the emitter on the roof of the tower for maximum coverage to restore everyone on the planet. However, the other Titans were at the tower entrance. Robin revealed an atomic toot cloud disguise and advised Starfire to act like a mutant. It would have worked but Beast Boy smelled Robin's baby powdered butt and alarmed the others. Robin couldn't open the doors. He suggested they run away and start a life together. Starfire sacrificed herself again. He fired a grapnel and climbed to the roof. He set up the emitter but the Titans dragged him. Luckily, a pogo stick launched into the atmosphere three months ago by Cyborg or Starfire landed on the trigger. The world was saved. Starfire spoke for everyone and vowed they would never toot each other again. Robin was glad and joked they should put it behind them. They all laughed, unaware of a deer toot mutant in the city.

Inexplicably, Dick Grayson became a ward of Santa Claus. One freezing day, Santa was irritated with Dick Grayson's sloppy gift wrapping. He noted the sloppy angle of the tape. Grayson contended it was the thought that counts. Santa told him lack of precision today becomes a life in the dumpster tomorrow. He threw the present into the fire. Grayson promised to get it right next time. The Coal Miner threw a present into the manor, breaking a mirror and hitting Grayson in the back of the head. Santa smacked Grayson before he could open it and pointed out how unusual it would be for Santa to have a present. Grayson cautiously opened it. It was a lump of coal. Santa knew it was a message from the Coal Miner. Grayson didn't understand and noted it was one of the cleanest forms of energy. Santa threw the coal at his head and admonished him for his coal industry propaganda then clued him about how coal was given to naughty kids and the naughtiest were the Teen Titans. They ran to Santa's desk. Grayson pressed the hidden button in the snowman figure, revealing a set of Claus canes behind the fireplace. They descended to the Claus cave and left on Santa's sleigh. After going 6000 miles, they reached Jump City.

Santa and Robin popped out of sack full of presents inside Titans Tower. Santa demanded the garbage Titans back. Coal Miner refused and declared he would make every naughty child in the world work in his coal mine then went on a rant about how coal was the ultimate form of clean energy. Santa countered the future was renewable energy. Coal Miner summoned his henchman and a fight broke out. Robin couldn't hurt any of the henchmen and was hit repeatedly. Santa even used Robin as weapon and threw him at one of the henchmen. Coal Miner managed to escape with the Titans. Santa noticed a lump of coal left behind. Robin didn't want to talk about it again but Santa prodded. Robin dragged out a machine and explained how coal was the world's largest source of energy for the production of electricity and increasingly advanced carbon captures storage technology was capturing the carbon dioxide before it went into the atmosphere. Santa yelled at him for the coal industry propaganda and stated he meant the clue was hinting at diamonds, and thus the Diamond Exchange in the city.

Robin wondered why they didn't just use the front door. Santa was disgusted by his laziness and told him physical exercise like scaling the side of building was good exercise. And they needed the element of surprise. Santa and Robin dropping through the secret hatch on the roof of the Exchange and landed right in the middle of an ambush. They were surrounded by Coal Miner and his henchmen. Miner talked about how diamonds could come from applying enough pressure to coal and wondered if that held for Santa, too. He pulled a trap door lever and dropped Santa and Robin into a Diamond Crusher machine. They narrowly avoided being squished to death by using Robin's nutcracker toy to overload a giant gear. Coal Miner was long gone but he left a lump of coal behind. They went to the Coal Miner's coal mine and found the Titans. Coal Miner activated his Super Choo-Choo and touted its capacity to capture carbon dioxide and prevent any harmful emissions from ruining the atmosphere.

Santa got an idea and tried to overload the carbon captured storage with lumps of coal. Miner was horrified. Santa threw Robin in. The Super Choo-Choo blew up and Miner was reduced to tears. Santa stepped on him and declared there was no such thing as clean coal. Robin stumbled over and collapsed. Back at Kringle Manor, Santa smacked Grayson for not being quiet and eating his cookies. Grayson saw the Santa signal outside. Santa bemoaned they were the only ones without a holiday and threw his plate of cookies on the floor. They made their way to the Claus canes. Robin was desperate for an award at The Superhero Award Show so the Titans could feel validation and he could rub his superiority in the face of others. However, everyone on the team lost in their respective categories. Robin lost to the Chief for Best Team Leader. He ran to the stage, tossed Chief, and went on a rant wishing a tornado came into the theater and ripped everything apart. Robin passed out on the stage and dreamed he landed in a far away realm called Paparazzi Land. He realized a statue from the show came with him and killed someone.

Two Paparazzi took photos of him since he was now famous for killing the Sassy Sorcerer of the North. They explained they waited for famous people to show up, then they took photos and sold them to trashy websites. Robin surmised they sounded like a bunch of creeps. They admitted it was a shameful livelihood then explained what he did to become famous. Robin asked if there was an award for it. One revealed only the Wizard of Awards had that power and pointed him to the Golden City 500 miles away. The other Paparazzi thought he wasn't dressed properly and pulled the Sorcerer's golden tuxedo and put it on Robin. The Sassy Sorceress of the South appeared and realized Robin crushed her brother and stole his tux. Robin insisted he was off to see the Wizard of Awards. She, like Raven, countered money was the only real award in life then demanded the tux back. A Paparazzi took a photo and temporarily blinded her. Robin took off and promised to mention the Sorceress in his acceptance speech.

Robin entered a field and met a crow with a lot of controversial political opinions. He convinced him to come with him and get an award so people would be forced to listen to him. They made their way into a forest and met a rusted out tinman. Robin used a power tool to polish him good as new. Robin suggested he come with them to get an award so his parents would approve of him. They entered a forest full of cats. A bigger cat popped up and greeted them. She wanted an award to make the cats happy. They entered a scary forest where the trees had eyes and stared. The Sorceress appeared and promised cash to whoever brought her the tuxedo. The cat declined on everyone's behalf. The Sorceress animated her cash into flying monies and sent them after Robin and his band of weirdos. They made short work of the monies and shredded them up. The Sorceress was distraught and screamed she would blow the month's budget without her petty cash. She melted in financial burden. After tinman remarked how messed up that was, they continued and reached the Golden City.

The Wizard of Awards let them into his house but refused to give them awards. Robin noticed a silhouette behind a curtain and pulled it to reveal Birdarang was controlling a hologram of the Wizard. Birdarang explained they didn't need awards because they had the power of the awards all along. Crow could say his crazy political opinions any time he wanted and was handed a mic by Birdarang. It then told the tinman he would never live up to his parents' expectations and shouldn't bother trying anymore. Tinman realized he was right and felt better. He told the cat all the cats were already happy. Lastly, he told Robin he didn't need to feel superior from getting an award because he already had a superiority complex. Robin couldn't wait to go home and rub it in everyone's faces. Birdarang instructed him to pat himself on the back three times and say, "There's no one better than me." Robin regained consciousness on the stage and declared awards were meaningless. Birdarang continued with the last award of the night, Best Teenage Superhero Team. Titans East won. The Teen Titans were furious.

Robin still pined about the Bat Scouts, a youth organization in Gotham City that molded children into upright citizens of vigilante justice. The Titans took the T-Jet to Gotham City to help Robin earn his last Bat Scouts badge, Under My Wings, so he could earn the highest rank, Caped Crusader, and accomplish something important. They mostly wanted to fight Batman villains and thought he was too old to still be a Bat Scout. The badge required Robin to teach others how to be Bat Scouts. Robin went over badges like The Knot, Gritty Acting, Disappearing Behind Someone's Back, and Crime Busting but the others questioned each one's validity. While Robin looked for the illusive jaywalker, the others sneaked over to Arkham Asylum and released Bane, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Two-Face, and the Joker. Robin tried to stop them but the Titans engaged the villains and were immediately punched into a dumpster. They thought the villains were too tough but Robin instructed them to use their Bat Scout lessons to win.

Surprisingly, it all worked. Robin congratulated them and proclaimed they were now Bat Scouts. Batman, atop Commissioner Gordon's shoulders, jumped down and awarded Robin the Under My Wing badge. Gordon saluted him. Batman fired a grapnel line and they took off. Robin was elated he finally earned the rank of Caped Crusader. Cyborg was about to point out they were proud of him even though he was way too old to be a scout. Robin declared it was time to do the Batusi. One Easter, Robin tried to cancel the Titans Tower egg hunt over the painful memory of never finding Batman's easter egg. Robin told the other Titans about his Easter failure and they decided to head to Gotham and help him finish the hunt. Robin drove up to the concealed Batcave identification authorization panel in the T-Car. He answered it was "Batman's favorite Robin." The computer greeted Jason Todd to his frustration. He drove through the boulder into the Batcave. Despite his warning to look not touch, the Titans tore up the base looking for the egg.

Beast Boy learned on a Batcannon and slipped, setting it off. Instead of a cannonball, a clue popped out. Cyborg read, "What has wings in the Gotham sky, but cannot fly?" Robin realized Batman created an egg hunt only a real detective could solve. They walked around the city. Robin had no ideas. Beast Boy noticed the Batsignal and Raven realized that was the answer but Robin didn't catch on. Raven lost her temper and became demonic, squeezed Robin, and hammered it into him it was the Batsignal. She dropped him from high above. They searched the Batsignal projector but found nothing. Beast Boy casually leaned against the projector and accidentally pushed a dial in. The Batsignal changed like a projector and revealed a clue, "Inside the prison lies what you seek. It's to a hand like shoes to feet." Robin groaned and pounded the ground in frustration. He declared only a genius could figure out the clue. Beast Boy recalled Arkham Asylum was a prison. As they walked past the inmate cells, Beast Boy speculated the egg was hidden in a cell.

Robin believed it would be easier to search the cells without all the criminals inside. He threw the master switch and released everyone. They trampled him on the way out. The Titans split up and went through cells. Robin checked Scarecrow's but a swarm of bats flew out a mask. They all went into Joker's cell. Beast Boy noticed the Joker had a lot of gloves in his drawer. Raven deduced that was what the clue was hinting at. Beast Boy casually leaned against a lever in the cell. A boxing glove shot out of the wall and knocked Robin into a false wall that crumbled and revealed a clue, "To find the egg and show your mental fitness, the answer will stare at you from where a bat does his business." They headed to Wayne Manor. Robin explained Batman was Bruce Wayne. They gasped. He told them they didn't hear that from him. They went to the manor and searched Wayne's golden toilet but found nothing. Robin called himself a failure and shed a rainbow colored tear from his left eye. Cyborg noticed it first.

Robin revealed he did that since childhood and he wore his domino mask to cover it up. Starfire realized the egg was hidden in his eye. Robin found that far fetched since he would have noticed that. Beast Boy thought it would be weird. Raven didn't think it would make sense. Starfire implored Robin to look at his reflection in the toilet. Robin took his mask off and the vestigial twin in his left eye presented the old rotten easter egg. It wished him a happy Easter. Robin was elated then ate the rotten egg. The others barfed. Everyone except Robin quit the Justice League's Next Top Idol Star: Justice League Edition after Birdarang revealed they would have to compete against the Justice League. The judges were revealed to be the pets of the Leaguers, Jumpa, Storm, Krypto, and Bat-Cow. Beast Boy pointed out they were biased.

Robin was still confident the Titans could win with jazz. The others did not think it was possible to win. Robin only needed a drummer. Raven told him he was terrible to work with. Cyborg told him good luck finding someone easy to manipulate and eager to please. He quickly chose Beast Boy and manipulated him by screaming in his face it was his dream. To ensure victory, Robin decided to replace Beast Boy with Starfire even though she repeatedly refused to be the drummer. Beast Boy refused to give up and annoyed Raven into being his girlfriend then immediately dumped her in order to dedicate himself to being the best jazz drummer ever. Raven dazzled the judges and crowd with a performance as Lady Legasus. Beast Boy shoved Starfire into Batman's magic cabinet and locked it. She thanked him. Robin vowed to destroy him if he ruined it. Beast Boy began to intensify his drumming and convinced Robin they had to be great, not good. The judges and crowd loved it. Robin apologized to Beast Boy and told him he was pushing him so he could realize his potential. They made amends and hugged. Birdarang announced the Titans had won.

Robin accomplished wrestling an alligator shirtless for his bucket list and was set to slide down a waterfall next. Robin became sad and cried hysterically whenever the other Titans mentioned their relatives like Beast Boy and his grandma's vegan pancakes, Cyborg's great uncle who said "Sca-ba-da-boosh!" when he did a cannonball, or Starfire's third cousin twice removed, Splen Glorbton. The Titans slapped him to get him to stop crying but eventually found out from him that he knew nothing about his family. Beast Boy was confused and thought Batman was his dad. Robin clarified he only raised him and bemoaned his parents weren't around to tell him. Cyborg pointed out he could just take one of those fancy DNA tests. Robin thought that was a great idea. Raven disagreed and used her family as an example that tests could reveal your family are monsters. Robin ignored her and submitted spit to Cyborg's newly installed DNA scanner. He bet he was descended from the pharaohs for Egypt and emperors of Rome but it turned out he was from a small island called Baby-lon.

The Titans teased that would explain how he ended up with baby hands. He insisted he had no baby hands but wanted to explore his roots. Raven opened a portal to the island. The Teen Titans were barred by the two guards Baby Eyes and Baby Legs. The guard was summoned with a drum roll and trumpeting. Lord Baby Mouth came outside but the Titans, except Robin, thought the gibberish he spoke was funny. Baby Mouth took off his cloak, revealing Baby Ear. He translated but the Titans still laughed. Mouth was offended and felt validated about the ban on foreigners. He sentenced the Titans to life in the baby pen. Robin revealed his baby hands as proof he was one of them. Mouth apologized and invited them to attend an upcoming feast. Robin felt like he was finally home but the other Titans were convinced the Baby-lonians were monsters, the more they met. Lord Baby Mouth and Baby Ear unveiled their plot to turn everyone on the planet into infants forever.

Robin quickly changed his mind but it was too late and the Titans were confined in baby chairs. Baby Mouth and Ear used baby talk to get the other Titans to eat baby food. They were helpless and took spoonfuls. With the Titans reduced to infants, Mouth was confident no one could stop them. The rattle was activated. Robin pointed out his baby hands never stopped him from saving the day. The Titans broke free and attacked Baby Mouth. Robin cocked his right arm and jammed a binky in Mouth's mouth. It worked and he fell asleep, falling face first. Baby Ear was crushed. Robin stomped the remote for the rattle and the rattle itself exploded. They returned to the Tower. Robin concluded he didn't need to look any further than the Titans Tower for his family. The others were still infants and began to act their age. Robin soon screamed. Cyborg upgraded the Titan Robot with a whale launcher. Everyone but Robin thought it was impressive. Robin didn't see the point but Cyborg countered you never know. The test run was cut short when Robin was injured during transport to his cockpit. He hurt even further after following Raven's suggestion and putting his full weight on it. His right leg was put in a cast and he was confined to his room.

Unable to patrol the city, he opted to use his telescope to keep watch over it instead. Despite spotting Dr. Light assembling a cannon on a barge off the coast, Robin was bored by the lack of crime. Robin happened to be searching the city for crime on this telescope and saw Cyborg meeting with Gizmo at H.I.V.E. Tower and became paranoid he turned traitor. Beast Boy was convinced of Cyborg's treachery and flew to the tower but he had to poop and got distracted by H.I.V.E.'s fancy Japanese toilet. He failed to hear Robin telling him to abort the mission. Cyborg found him dancing to the toilet's music and turned off the lights. Robin sent Starfire to plant a bug in the tower. She posed as a plumber who came to fix a leak even though there was none. She broke the kitchen faucet to prove there was a leak. She put on a bravado about him being a hassle. Gizmo dropped his suspicion and left. Starfire tried to find the best place to plant Robin's bug but she found a clue in their freezer. Cyborg turned off the light and started his chainsaw.

Raven rose up from Robin's chest but was skeptical and thought Robin became paranoid from being cooped up so long. She portaled to Cyborg to ask him what was wrong rather than follow Robin's elaborate plan to lure Cyborg away, gather evidence to expose Cyborg, and expose him to a lengthy trial. A knife was unsheathed and the portal was closed. Robin went into a downward spiral, certain he was next. He had enough and fired a grapnel line into the H.I.V.E. Tower and was surprised to see a surprise party. Bumblebee, Black Canary, Ravager, the other Titans, and the other H.I.V.E. were present. Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire were given the Superman pinata, cake, and ice sculpture to supervise respectively. Robin insisted to Cyborg he wouldn't spoil the surprise but he spoiled the surprise as predicted right when Jinx arrived in the living room. H.I.V.E. blew their party favors, disenchanted. Cyborg flipped out on Robin. Robin apologized but the Titans left the tower to battle Dr. Light and his Giant Squid.

Light noticed Robin had a broken leg and taunted him. Robin was confident the Titan Robot was all they needed but Light pointed out the Giant Squid was the most resilient creature in the animal kingdom. Robin gave Cyborg the go-head, to activate the recently added Whale Launcher. Cyborg fired a sperm whale atop Dr. Light and the squid. Robin realized his leg was healed and removed the cast. He wanted to do a victory dance but he fell off the Titan Robot's shoulder and injured his entire body. He was placed in several casts and returned to his room. He spied on Silkie digging a hole in the island and throwing in a garbage bag full of skeletons. Silkie saw Robin and glared at him. One morning, Robin got up at 7 am as usual but he stepped on a birdarang. Everyone but Raven entered the kitchen grumbling about their own incidents. Raven informed them Mars was in retrograde and as a result of it reversing its course, all kinds of bad luck would happen. She warned terrible things happened to people who didn't believe in their horoscope. Cyborg thought horoscopes were baloney and threw a slice at Raven' face.

After Beast Boy's stock investment paid off, Robin asked Raven to read his horoscope. She saw Neptune was in transition around his sign so he should expect big things. Robin suddenly got long legs and became tall. Cyborg still though it was all baloney since Robin was a teenage boy and teenage boys were bound to have growth spurts all the time. Robin tried his luck, gave Starfire a rose, and asked her out to a dinner date on the tower roof. She agreed. To Robin's chagrin, Starfire invited the rest of the Titans to their dinner. Robin tried to continue with his romantic gestures. He gave her a bouquet of roses and Beatbox brought them a plate of Beef Wellington. Starfire fell in love with the Beef Wellington and dressed it like an English gentleman. Robin tried to object but he was jabbed in the face with the Beef Wellington. Robin cried and his tears rained down on the others then he ran off. Robin used his newfound height to screw in a new light bulb by himself for once. After a fed up Cyborg ripped Raven's astrology book in half, Robin returned to his normal height.

Cyborg was beside himself with no one to partner up with for the annual Metropolis Ping-Pong Invitational. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven were away on trips. Robin tried to hint he would do it. Cyborg considered Silkie but Robin slapped it out of his hand. He barely convinced Cyborg with a pitch about a buddy road trip adventure where they would learn the power of friendship. Rather than a direct flight from Jump City to Metropolis, Robin saved money by taking a flight with farm animals that stopped in Bismarck. As soon as the plane landed, Cyborg burst out of the pile of animals and kissed the tarmac in gratitude they were on land. He believed he was in Metropolis. Robin revealed they had an overnight layover in downtown Bismarck. Cyborg was displeased and proclaimed nobody wanted to be in Bismarck. To aid in their buddy road trip adventure, Robin booked a dirty, seedy motel room. He believed swapping personal stories in an affordable motel room would help activate the power of friendship. As they entered room 13, tons of roaches scattered off the walls and literally every space possible.

Robin took a shower first then Cyborg went in after. He ran afoul of all of Robin's underwear hanging all over the bathroom and freaked out. They shared a bed but Robin kept making noise with his an electric toothbrush, electric flosser, retainer, chips, and a humidifier. The surge protector naturally overloaded as they slept. The alarm Robin set for the next day was wiped out and they missed their flight. Cyborg awoke refreshed but realized he was sleeping against Robin's steel buttocks. Robin revealed daily squats and stretches kept them tight. Cyborg admired them but was still mad at him for being a terrible travel buddy. Robin closed his suit case but it popped open and his underwear landed on Cyborg. Instead of booking another flight, they took a train out of Bismarck. Cyborg was less than pleased and asked Robin rhetorically if he looked like an adolescent wizard from the outskirts of London. Robin reminded him America was a nation built on trains then he presented Sticky Joe, who burst out of a barrel of wet beans.

Robin tried to cheer him up with an old-fashioned song and did a rendition of "If You're Happy and You Know It." Cyborg contemplated pressing his self-destruct button. He jumped off the train. Robin followed and proposed a rental car. Cyborg tried to sleep on the 311 mile drive to Metropolis. Robin fended off an errant owl and tried punching himself awake. However, he still fell asleep. They awoke on train tracks and barely scraped between two incoming trains. Cyborg started to hallucinate and saw Robin in a generic devil costume using his electric toothbrush then Joe in the same costume burst out of the glove compartment. They drove off a cliff, landed safely but still crashed. The rental car collapsed and fell apart. Cyborg had enough and quit. He walked on proclaiming the power of friendship was a lie. Robin traded his humidifier for a donkey with a boy in town. To Robin's delight, he didn't have to spend anything on feeding the donkey. It happily ate his underwear. On the outskirts of Metropolis, Robin caught up to him on the donkey. A donkey happened to be Cyborg's favorite mode of transportation and felt a renewed belief in the power of friendship. They rode it to the Metropolis Convention Center where the ping-pong tournament was being held. Robin realized they never practiced for ping pong. Cyborg wasn't worried because he had a donkey. He shoved Robin off and went inside. Robin made a hand puppet and asked it to go on a buddy road trip with him. The hand puppet punched him out and declined.

The Teen Titans went on an outing to the mall but Robin was not excited because he hated going to all malls due to how stressful it was. Even chanting, which he liked because of how regimented it was, started to annoy him. They ignored Robin's heed to stay focused and ran off. Cyborg and Beast Boy took Robin on the children's mall train but he lacked their enthusiasm for it. Robin fired a grapnel to the glass elevator. Raven was already inside. She conjured a hand and pulled him inside. Robin quickly realized it was a slow moving elevator. Raven claimed it was so people could enjoy the view. Robin didn't like the view of a senior citizen moving up faster than them on an escalator. He jumped through the glass and landed face first on the ground near a skincare kiosk where Starfire was trying all the free samples at once. Robin declined but she sprayed perfume in his face. Robin suffered an allergic reaction and his face swelled. He ran off and got more stressed out from texting teenagers, crying babies, and barking dogs.

Robin ran into a stand advertising peace and relaxation. He carefully stepped inside Metron Chairs and was in awe of the Externity TX-9 on display. He poked an armrest and cringed but nothing happened. He sat down, touched the chair's console, and the massage demo took him to a rare state of relaxation. However, it was set to one five-minute demonstration per person. Robin became hysterical. The other Titans shrugged and dragged him back to the Titans Tower. After the Titans went to sleep, Robin bought an Externity and stayed up to do research without sleeping. The next morning, at 10 am, Robin woke up the others. Beast Boy wanted to try the chair but Robin smacked him off with his staff and demonstrated himself. Robin fell into a deep state of relaxation so much so the others charged a bunch of things on his credit card with no reaction. Eventually, the Titans needed a space on the surge protector for their T-Rex Tag arcade cabinet. Beast Boy happened to pull the plug of the Externity.

Instead of shutting down completely, the chair whirred and glowed an eerie purple. Hidden circuitry activated on the chair and it spoke through Robin. It claimed it spent years of sitting in wait and finally found someone who's stress levels were powerful enough to awaken it again. It refused to release Robin because it had to awaken its brothers and sisters to begin the "Great Relaxing." It pressed against the window glass until it got through then flew back to the Dr. Manhattan Mall. The Titans followed but they were too late. The Externity proclaimed they would fulfill their destiny and alleviate Jump City of its stress.

At the start of the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition, Robin found out he was kicked off the crew by Beast Boy and Cyborg for not coming to practice. Robin was too busy reading Starfire's secret diary. Cyborg thought showing his excuse to them was even more lame. Robin ran off crying. Cyborg still felt kind of bad because Robin really wanted the grand prize, to be on Batman's chest emblem for one year. Robin thought if he was on Batman's chest, people would finally think he was cool. Robin tried to join Raven and Starfire's crew and add more flips to the routine. They declined both strongly. Birdarang rubbed it in that the girl of his dreams just stomped on his heart. He ran off crying. After both crews advanced, Robin claimed he had one. Vibe was amused with Robin forming a dance crew with some puppets. After Robin started out with a stilted routine, Vibe asked the audience if there was anybody with a miracle to spare. On the sly, Robin cheated and gave his Jabbawockeez puppets life with Raven's Spellbook. The dancing was so amazing that Vibe hit his platinum buzzer and automatically sent them to the final round.

Robin was distraught to learn the Jabbawockeez kicked him off the crew for being a bad dancer. He ran backstage crying and took shelter in a restroom stall. Birdarang couldn't resist and went to interview him while he was at his lowest. Back in his superhero costume, Robin kicked the door off its hinges and declared he was a superhero and superheroes never give up. Birdarang gave him a big ups for the strong talk then informed him as long as he could find a new crew, he could still go to the finals. Robin didn't think that would be hard. He approached Swamp Thing, Detective Chimp, Blue Beetle, Black Lightning, and two others after they were eliminated and offered them a chance at the finals if they crewed up with him. They all bolted. Once word got to Vibe that Robin was losing his grip on reality and talking to his hand, following his ejection from the crew, Vibe went to check on him backstage. Vibe pushed "Ethan" aside and asked Robin if he could vibe with him. Robin obliged and took his hand. Robin was electrocuted and charred in the process.

Vibe revealed he could see the future of people he vibed with but revealed Robin was going to lose. Robin was angry with Ethan. Vibe set him straight it was his fault for not being a team player and not even showing up for practice. Robin asserted he had raw talent. Vibe dropped a truth bomb and told Robin his moves were wickety wack then offered to teach him some moves. Robin didn't get how he could master new moves and make a new crew with very little time. Vibe presented his Boombox Time Machine and stated he would take him back to the 1980s. Vibe played a Music of the 80s cassette and they were teleported to The Bronx, New York in 1980. Robin was immediately run over by a taxi. Vibe apologized and admitted he never knew where he would pop up when he time traveled. He then spotted several pioneers of break dancing like Benny Bow, Mr. Low Tide, Cold Chillin', Jimmy Rock, Lil Sid and D Smooth. He proposed B-Boy Wonder for Robin. Robin accepted but Vibe clarified he had to practice and put in the time to earn that name.

Robin agreed to do however long it would take. Vibe used his powers again and Robin found himself in a red tracksuit and sneakers. He stated all that was needed was a big cardboard box. Robin was annoyed he had to buy a refrigerator. Vibe pointed out they only cost $50 in 1980. He somehow ripped the box off the refrigerator intact and slapped it down on the ground. The refrigerator exploded. In the first couple years, Robin would break a body part while attempting a dance move. He also be repeatedly run over by the same taxi cab. But by 1985, Robin had mastered it. Vibe was thrilled and they returned to the dance crew competition in the present. Even the other Teen Titans noticed something was different about Robin. Vibe revealed he trained for six years in the 1980s. Robin also picked up the local vernacular and was incomprehensible. Vibe translated for him saying Robin said he was sorry for the way he behaved but he was now a team player and wanted to know if they all wanted to form one big dance crew with him. They all agreed to the proposal but Raven stipulated one condition, they would get to learn some of the 80s dance moves, too. Vibe teleported the team back in time. They returned for the final performance. Vibe cheered them on. Ultimately, the Titans won. Birdarang took a group photo but Robin wasn't ready and his face was smushed as he stood in the center. He asked for a retake but the first photo was already on Batman's chest and Birdarang tossed his phone, which exploded soon after. Robin cried on stage.