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Real Identity: Rachel
Affiliations: Teen Titans, League of Legs, and League of Garbage Fonts
Appearances: Legendary Sandwich, Pie Bros, Driver's Ed, Dog Hand, Double Trouble, The Date, Dude Relax, Laundry Day, Ghost Boy, La Larva De Amor, Hey Pizza!, Gorilla, Girl's Night Out, You're Fired, Super Robin, Tower Power, Parasite, Star Liar, Meatball Party, Staff Meeting, Terra-ized, Artful Dodgers, Burger vs. Burrito, Matched, Colors of Raven, The Left Leg, Books, Lazy Sunday, Starfire the Terrible, Power Moves, Staring at the Future, No Power, Sidekick, Caged Tiger, Second Christmas, Nose Mouth, Legs, Breakfast Cheese, Waffles, Be Mine, Opposites, Birds, Brain Power, In and Out, Little Buddies, Missing, Uncle Jokes, Mas y Menos, Dreams, Grandma Voice, Real Magic, Puppets Whaaaaat?, Mr. Butt, Man Person, Pirates, Money Grandma, I See You, Brian, Nature, Salty Codgers, Knowledge, Slumber Party, Love Monsters, Baby Hands, Caramel Apples, Sandwich Thief, Friendship, Vegetables, The Mask, Serious Business, Halloween, Boys vs. Girls, Body Adventure, Road Trip, Thanksgiving, The Best Robin, Mouth Hole, Hot Garbage, Robin Backwards, Crazy Day, Smile Bones, Real Boy Adventures, Hose Water, Let's Get Serious, Tamaranian Vacation, Rocks and Water, Multiple Trick Pony, Truth, Justice and What?, Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Oil Drums, Video Game References, Cool School, Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt, Head Fruit, Yearbook Madness, Beast Man, Operation Tin Man, Nean, Campfire Stories, And The Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob, The H.I.V.E. Five, The Return of Slade, More of the Same, Some of Their Parts, A Cat's Fancy, Leg Day, Dignity of Teeth, Croissant, Spice Game, I'm The Sauce, Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, The Fourth Wall, 40%, 40%, 20%, Grube's Fairytales, A Farce, Scary Figure Dance, Animals: It's Just a Word!, BBBDay!, Black Friday, Two Parter: Part One, Two Parter: Part Two, The True Meaning of Christmas, Squash & Stretch, Garage Sale, Secret Garden, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, How 'Bout Some Effort?, Pyramid Scheme, Beast Boy's St. Patrick's Day Luck and it's Bad, The Teen Titans Go! Easter Holiday Classic, Batman V Teen Titans: Dark Injustice, Bottle Episode, Finally a Lesson, Arms Race with Legs, Obinray, Wally T, Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, History Lesson, The Art of Ninjutsu, Think About Your Future, TTG v PPG, Coconut Cream Pie, Pure Protein, Open Door Policy, Crazy Desire Island, The Titans Show, Booty Scooty, Who's Laughing Now, Oregon Trail, Snuggle Time, Oh Yeah!, Riding the Dragon, The Overbite, The Cape, Shrimps and Prime Rib, Halloween v Christmas, Booby Trap House, Fish Water, TV Knight, Teen Titans Save Christmas, BBSFBDAY, The Streak: Pt 1, The Streak: Pt 2, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, Movie Night, BBRAE: Pt 1, BBRAE: Pt 2, Permanent Record, Titan Saving Time, The Gold Standard, Master Detective, Easter Creeps, Hand Zombie, Employee of the Month: Redux, The Avogodo, Orangins, Jinxed, Brain Percentages, BL4Z3, Hot Salad Water, Chapter One: I Saw You Dance, Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine, Lication, Labor Day, Classic Titans, Ones and Zeroes, Career Day, TV Knight 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, Costume Contest, Throne of Bones, Demon Prom, Thanksgetting, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 1, The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2, BBCYFSHIPBDAY, Beast Girl, Flashback: Pt 1, Flashback: Pt 2, Bro-Pocalypse, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, TV Knight 3, The Scoop!, Chicken In The Cradle, Kabooms: Pt. 1, Kabooms: Pt. 2, Tower Renovation, My Name is Jose, The Power of Shrimps, Crossover Nexus, Monster Squad, Real Orangins, Quantum Fun, The Fight, The Groover, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1, How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2, BBRBDAY, Slapping Butts And Celebrating For No Reason, Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story, Business Ethics Wink Wink, Genie President, Tall Titan Tales, I Used To Be A Peoples, The Metric System Vs Freedom, The Chaff, Them Soviet Boys, Little Elvis, Booty Eggs, TV Knight 4, Lil' Dimples, Don't Be An Icarus, Stockton, CA!, What's Opera Titans, Forest Pirates, The Bergerac, Snot and Tears, Campfire!, What We Learned At Camp, Communicate Openly, Royal Jelly, Strength Of A Grown Man, Had To Be There, Girls Night In Pt. 1, Girls Night In Pt. 2, The Great Disaster, The Viewers Decide, Cartoon Feud, Curse of the Booty Scooty, Collect Them All!, Butt Atoms, TV Knight 5, Witches Brew, Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 1, Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 2, Teen Titans Roar!, Brobots, Brain Flip (Simulation), Beast Boy On A Shelf, Christmas Crusaders, We're Off To Get Awards, Bat Scouts, Walk Away, Record Book, Magic Man, Titans Go Casual, Raining On Your Wedding Day, Egg Hunt, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 2, The Night Begins To Shine (Chapter One: Mission To Find The Lost Stems, Chapter Two: Drums, Chapter Three: Guitar, Chapter Four: Bass, and Chapter Five: You're The One), Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 1, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 2, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 3, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 4, Ghost With The Most, Bucket List, TV Knight 6, Kryptonite, Thumb War, Toddler Titans...Yay!, Huggbees, Baby Mouth, The Cast, Superhero Feud, Lucky Stars, Various Modes of Transportation, Cool Uncles, Butter Wall, BBRAEBDAY, Don't Press Play, Real Art, Just a Little Patience...Yeah...Yeah, Villains in a Van Getting Gelato, I Am Chair, Bumgorf, The Mug, Hafo Safo, Zimdings, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 2, Feed Me, and Pig in a Poke
Appearances (Special): Team Building and Meow Cats Go!
Powers/Skills: Telepathy, Flight, Teleportation, Umbrakinesis, and Magic
Voiced By: Tara Strong, Kari Wahlgren (The Fourth Wall), and Rachel Dratch (Simulation)

Raven is the sardonic, dead pan demon girl who'd rather be left alone. From infancy, Raven was more interested in dancing than being a conqueror like her father. She tried tap dancing but Trigon snapped the cane and told her demons don't dance. At age three, she destroyed her first universe. Raven tried to compete at the Jump City Children's Beauty Pageant but she tripped up performing Trigon's complex choreography and lost. A rift formed between them. Trigon caught her dancing in her bedroom. He took away her blonde wig and repeated demons don't dance. Rather than continue the legacy of her father Trigon and conquer dimensions, Raven chose to save lives as a superhero after she met Robin in Jump City's city park. She liked the idea of annoying her father rather than take over the planet and tried out for the Teen Titans. Trigon kicked her out of his home for not enslaving the universe in a timely matter so she stayed in Jump City. However, every so often, Raven begins to transform into a demon more close in appearance to her father. She must routinely perform a spell, that opens a portal, to cleanse herself of darkness. She briefly is adorned in a white cloak in place of her traditional blue cloak.

In Robin's version of the Teen Titans' origin story, he went to the Demon Dimension third to recruit Raven. Raven was pursued by a trio of talking Demon Dogs and her father Trigon. Raven managed to vanquish them from the dimension. Robin approached her but didn't flinch at her demonic form. Raven kept telling to leave rather than accept his invitation to join his team so she could settle down and watch Pretty, Pretty Pegasus. He put down a business card and backed away. Raven decided to be the "nean" friend among the Teen Titans, someone who is nice by being mean. After recovering a Mysterious Prism from Dr. Light, the Teen Titans were unsure of what to do with the object and tossed it around despite Raven's objections. It activated and imprisoned Raven then fell to the ground. It shattered into five pieces and released five Ravens, each a distinct personality - happiness, rage, timidness, laziness, and passion. It quickly became apparent they were a distraction and they should be rejoined. The five Ravens ran away from Titans Tower into Jump City. The other Titans split into two teams to recapture the Ravens. They returned with only four and found the lazy Raven having ate all the contents of the refridgerator. Beast Boy was annoyed and captured her in the last crystal. With all the shards rejoined, Raven was restored to normal.

In a possible future, Raven defeated her father Trigon in the ultimate battle between good and evil. As a reward for her hard earned victory, Raven was reborn as a being of pure energy. Operating as an immortal goddess, Raven maintained universal balance from an interdimensional plane. Back in present time, the Titans once convinced Raven to use her powers to solve everyone's problems. Raven obliged but each spell had a more and more sinister purpose behind them and she became more evil. Beast Boy was turned into a balloon animal and Cyborg's mouth was taken away. Starfire realized the only way to return Raven back to normal was to use her Pretty, Pretty Pegasus figures to talk through. As the only things that kept her sane, the pegasus figures worked.

While Raven was taking a shower, Robin stole her cloak as part of an experiment to see if it was affecting her personality. Raven realized the cloak was holding her back and discovered a range of dance moves and fighting skills using her legs. She soon took on the name Lady Legasus and left the Teen Titans. In rapid fashion, she defeated all villains in Jump City and won its citizens' adoration. However, upon hearing news of the Titans under attack, Legasus accepted the cloak's dark power could only be handled by her and took on the burden, returning to just Raven.

Having been the only Titan initially against Terra, Raven's hunch was eventually proven correct. Before Terra could destroy the Teen Titans, Raven banished her to a dimensional wasteland where the Titans dumped their trash. Six months later, Terra escaped and tried to get revenge. Raven destroyed her Power Amplifiers and banished her to the wasteland again. However, she was unable to tell Beast Boy her true feelings about him.

Raven's dream came true when Mad Mod teleported the Teen Titans into an episode of Pretty Pretty Pegasus. At first, they were cautious to interfere in the episode but Raven decided to talk to Butterbean and Sparkleface. She was aghast when they accepted the Titans' solution to use violence to solve problems. When that failed against the Gumdrop Goblin, Raven talked Butterbean and Sparkleface into using words and persuaded the Unicorns to make music with their hearts. It worked but not enough. Raven hugged the goblin and said reassuring things. He was validated and stopped attacking the Pegasus Village.

Raven wanted to pretend to be Batman at first but learned the hard way that his costume was all smelly from heavy sweating. She wasn't took keen on being Wonder Woman but liked the Golden Lasso's truth telling properties. She made Robin confess he peed his pants once and lied about it. The Hall of Justice's security robot believed Raven was Wonder Woman on account of "them legs." Instead of helping the other Titans, Raven went to eat Wonder Woman's yogurt. Prompted to save the Justice League, Raven couldn't wait to drive the Invisible Jet but she ended up demolishing the other heroes' vehicles.

Raven was annoyed with the Titans' latest contest to jump and touch everything. Robin bragged his buns allowed him to jump the highest. Raven argued legs mattered. She accepted his challenge to jump higher and became Lady Legasus. They wanted to use the power of legs but she warned them it was intoxicating. They did a quick romp through the city for fun. Raven put her legs away but the others fell victim to their evil legs. After Thunder Thighs kicked an airplane, Legasus came to its aid and she ordered the League to disband but they refused. Robin challenged her to a jumping contest instead. They would disband if she won. If she lost, she was out of the League forever. Robin rigged the contest and stuffed Legasus' suit with dumb bells. She discovered the ruse and challenged the League.

They were too powerful so she invoked the Spirit of Legs and became Mega Legasus. The League joined hands for a Leg Lock but she shattered the bones in all their legs. They returned to normal and thanked Legasus for freeing them. After the Titans went rogue and became villains so they could have fun, Raven became the Demon of Azarath. Trading ideas to take over the world, Raven's was deemed too evil: using their vast wealth and business connections to buy and control politicians who will then advance their evil agendas through the legislative process and then buy a network of media outlets in order to guard their public support of the politicians they control. Within several years, they would be running the world without knowing it. Raven's wrestler persona was an undertaker named Grave Mistake. Beast Boy wrote Raven a song just for her. She liked it and they kissed. Despite her strong warnings, Beast Boy fiddled with the song and uploaded it to the Internet.

Raven didn't appreciate Beast Boy taking something special and giving it away to strangers. Beast Boy took her to the city and showed that her song was bringing people together, even Sticky Joe and Sticky Joan. Then he announced he was going on tour and asked her to come along. Raven's anger grew as the tour continued on and Beast Boy ignored her. She finally had enough and put a curse on the song that could only be cured when Beast Boy learned his lesson. Raven ruined the song like she wanted but was horrified to see it was ruining the world as well. While fleeing angry fans, Beast Boy returned to Jump City on a horse and sang a song about learning his lesson. The curse was lifted but Raven slammed a doghouse on him.

Raven decided to audition in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star simply to prove her father was wrong about dancing rather than join the League. She spent two weeks making herself a dance suit for the audition. However, during an interview with the host, Birdarang, she showed off the outfit and Trigon ripped it in half. She used magic to restore her suit and did a dance for her audition. It started out as ballent but soon shifted into a rock ballet. She summoned flames all over the stage then blew up a giant globe of Earth as the finale. She proceeded to the final round. Trigon changed his mind and declared she was fantastic. Raven was annoyed the other Titans were bored with their powers and wanted cooler ones. Raven decided to teach them a lesson.

Raven cast a spell and gave herself Superman's powers, Vibe's powers to Robin, Plastic Man's to Starfire, Saturn Girl's to Beast Boy, and Aqualad's to Cyborg. She declared they had to live with what they got and maybe they would learn how awesome their original powers were. She left to use her heat vision to warm up a burrito. To her surprise, they became proficient and accepted the new powers. They confronted Gizmo before he could launch a robot invasion. Raven boasted her powers but Gizmo simply blasted her with a Kryptonite ray. Raven was weakened and not strong enough to change everyone's powers again. They rallied and stopped Gizmo. Raven recovered enough to restore them to normal but they declined. She was skeptical they would find another battle uniquely suited for their powers but Beast Boy sensed trouble at an underwater electric eel dance competition.

Aqualad came up with plan to make his prisoner, Albert Jelenic, cook shrimps and prime rib to win back Raven's love. She suspected he was still obsessed with his rivalry with Beast Boy but the meal caught her attention. She thought she misjudged him. Beast Boy tried to win her heart with a meal composed of packaged baby carrots, tofu, and crackers. Raven was not moved and went to the Aqua Lair again. Lacking any civility, she greedily consumed the shrimps and prime rib then demanded more. Aqualad suggested a walk. She turned demonic and repeated herself. She checked on Aqualad and discovered some of the other Titans about to fight him and Albert Jelenic was the real cook. Beast Boy tried to give her a plate but she declined, citing the effort was what mattered. She got an idea and forced Aqualad and Beast Boy to make her shrimps and prime rib at the tower. She joked she could really taste the love after awhile.

Raven was one of the heroes summoned to another dimension against her will by a villain named Strike. Before she lost her powers to Strike, Raven cast a protective spell and wasn't turned to stone like the other defeated heroes. Garnet, Ben Tennyson, and K.O. found her bound inside a building where the heroes were stored. She suggested they do the unexpected and go to his fortress. Garnet punched the wall, freeing Raven from the x weapon holding her. Raven introduced herself then shared what she knew about CN City and Strike. Garnet suggested the same plan Raven told them minutes ago. K.O. asked Raven to join their team and was happy to have another fried. He quickly hugged her and shook her hand. He declared she could be the brains of the team. Raven wasn't surprised. K.O. asked where the fortress was. Raven pointed it out just past the impassable chasm. She remarked he was still smarter than Beast Boy. With no other option, they clung to her super strong legs as she flew above the chasm.

Raven and Ben Tennyson started bickering about the latter's inability to transform into a flying alien. Raven lose focus and they drifted downward until Garnet yelled at her to focus. K.O. and Garnet cleared the traps but Strike's Pen pinned them down. Strike powered up for the final blow but K.O. realized Pen was the key. He was right and was able to restore their powers with it. They took Strike out then restored the city to its former glory. Raven generated four portals back to each of their home dimensions. She was glad the crossover was done and paused. She had the wrong portal and corrected it to the right Teen Titans Go! dimension then left. Trigon still wanted Raven to win the Jump City Children's Beauty Pageant. He found a VHS recording that had her childhood on it and took it to the Titans Tower. He told the other Titans to surprise Raven with it. She eventually got annoyed with their cryptic answers and squeezed them. Trigon was amused. Raven tried to push him back through his portal but Trigan teleported away and promised he would leave after they took a trip down memory lane.

Raven became upset when the part about the pageant came up and stormed off. Trigon told the others he didn't mean to upset her and admitted he remembered those days fondly because she was so happy on stage. The other Titans checked in on Raven. She believed messing up that dance was what messed up her relationship with Trigon and created a rift. She wanted to surprise him with her decision to try and compete in the pageant again. They learned Robin also entered it as "Lil' Dimples" to their disgust. Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy suspected Trigon was up to his usual tricks. Raven agreed but hoped seeing her dance would make him forget about enslaving the world. The remaining Titans gave her a spray tan, did her nails, make up, hair, and dressed her up. She still struggled to perfect the dance but vowed she wouldn't let Trigon down. Trigon arrived late to the pageant with a bouquet of roses but Dimples swiped it. Trigon remarked he gave children's beauty pageants a bad name. He told Raven he would be in the front row and asked her if she remembered the dance steps. She promised she wouldn't mess up again.

Raven dazzled the crowd. He gave her both thumbs up during the dance. She got a perfect score from the judges, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Trigon hugged Raven. The portal opened and a monster rose up through it. Trigon was pleased they could finally rule the world. Raven told him she didn't want to and just wanted him to be her dad. Trigon finally got it. Together, they forced the monster back through a portal and sealed it. Trigon crowned her but Robin swiped it and proclaimed himself the winner. They were all grossed out. Beast Boy was amazed by Raven's magic spells. After she conjured a window to the drama dimension to substitute for the broken living room TV, he asked Raven to teach him how to use magic but she refused and warned him it was a dangerous art that took years of grueling discipline to master. While she slept, Beast Boy sneaked into her room as a spider and read the spellbook. He cast a spell that released a current of ghosts. Raven woke up but Beast Boy tried another spell, instead igniting the ghosts and the spellbook was reduced to ash by the fire.

Raven was angry but could not cast magic anymore so she went to the Azarath Public Library for the second copy. Raven held her Azarath Public Library card in the air on the roof of the Titans Tower. A pink firework was generated. The Thorpighor saw the firework go off and flew to Raven. Raven climbed on its back. She commanded it to go to the library. It crowed and flew. A green portal opened and they went through then landed on a snowy mountain. Raven then accessed the library by pressing the eyes on an image of a demon on the mountainside in the correct order. The top half of the mountain folded over in half and an escalator was revealed. Beast Boy followed her to the library and was sent to wait in the children's section. He saw a book about burrito magic titled "Ole" and traded his uniform for a cloak worn by a young demon. Raven located her book but a young rotund demon wearing a scarf took it first. She chased after him, tackled him, and tried to take it away but fell backward, knocking a shelf over. Beast Boy ordered the demon to hand the book over but he refused.

Beast Boy cast a spell and conjured a spicy burrito. They agreed to a trade. However, the demon burped fire and the spellbook was reduced to ash. They departed on a long and dangerous journey to seek out the Book Wizard, the writer of Raven's spellbook, and ask him to make a new one at the apartment complex where he resided. To Raven's annoyance, Beast Boy's burrito magic came in handy against the various problems: a burrito bridge over a chasm, a burrito sword to defeat an ogre, a burrito bouquet during a ride across a poison river, and a burrito wagon to ride the back of a dragon. The Book Wizard recognized Raven's voice over the intercomm system and buzzed her in. He became angry upon learning she lost both copies and refused to make a third one. He ordered her to leave. He broke a crawling book in half and conjured a blue fireball. Beast Boy came to her defense and threatened to get crazy on him if he didn't make a new spellbook.

Book Wizard took offense to being threatened and conjured four fireballs. Beast Boy cast his burrito magic and wrapped all four fireballs into burritos and launched them like rockets. Book Wizard was knocked onto his back. Book Wizard was impressed by Beast Boy's burrito magic. Beast Boy suddenly conjured a giant burrito then fired a massive ray on him. The Wizard shrieked and was transformed into a burrito. Beast Boy threatened to eat him. The Wizard yielded and agreed to make a third printing for Raven. He advised her not to lose it. Raven promised she wouldn't then thanked Beast Boy and admitted she should have believed in him. They returned home but forgot to change the Wizard back to normal. For her bucket list, Raven wanted to see all kinds of places like the Pyramids, the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, Babylon, and Mexico. Around the time of the annual Metropolis Ping-Pong Invitational, Raven went to a Pretty Pretty Pegasus convention.

Even Raven was eager to go to Wacka Doodles but Trigon showed up unannounced and told her she had to babysit her three younger brothers Russ, Lyle, and Sho. Raven bemoaned she and the other Teen Titans had a fun day planned. Trigon implored her to take her brothers. Trigon made his cute eyes and used "please." She begrudgingly agreed to babysit them. Trigon told her he would return that night to pick them up. The Titans were surprised to learn Raven had brothers but Beast Boy and Cyborg were eager to be their cool uncles and spoil them rotten. Beast Boy juggled two of them and Cyborg gave the other a horsey ride. Robin tried to horn in and be a cool uncle, too. He played peek-a-boo but they were put off by his ugly face. They cried and began to rage out of control. Robin was hit by a bold of energy. The brothers laughed at his expense. Raven explained their demon powers raged out of control whenever they got upset. The others didn't heed her warning about how bad it could get and decided to take them along to Wacka Doodles.

Raven was concerned taking them to Wacka Doodles would be "end of the world" dangerous. Beast Boy told her to chill because their cool uncles would make sure they had a blast. Raven pushed her brothers around in a conjured carriage but she was still apprehensive. The Wacka Doodle mascot walked over but his laughter scared the brothers. They began to cry and power up so Raven conjured a fist and punched the mascot away from them. The Titans were soon enamored at the sight of the new ride, the Stratosfear. It was touted as the world's tallest slingshot ride and it launched people a mile up into the sky. Robin tried to back out but Beast Boy turned into a chicken and called him out. Cyborg grabbed Beast Boy by the neck and showed him the very long line of people waiting to ride the Stratosfear. Raven decided to take her brothers on an all ages ride, Wacky World. Raven felt bad for the others, but Cyborg assured her they were happy if her brothers were happy. The animatronic dolls's repetitive music started to creep her out and she crazily fired starbolts at them.

An animatronic monkey's robot body was exposed as it dropped down in front of the brothers. It exploded and its head landed in one of the brothers' hands. They cried. Cyborg formed propellers and sped up the boat ride through Raven's portal. They arrived in front of the line to the Stratosfear. Robin was launched into the side of it. The brothers laughed. Raven believed her brothers had enough excitement for one day and implored the others to go on the ride without her. To her chagrin, they quickly ran to the seating. After the ride was over, Robin proclaimed the fear was real. Cyborg balled up and admitted he passed out. Beast Boy had his eyes closed the whole time. She implored Raven to try the ride, too. Cyborg promised they would watch her brothers. Beast Boy gave them churros. Raven zipped over to the seating. To her horror, Raven noticed the other Titans and her brothers sat next to her on the ride. On the descent down, several birds crashed into Robin. Instead of crying, the brothers were elated.

Beast Boy and Cyborg presented them with a three scoop ice cream cone as a reward. However, the ice cream fell on the ground. They cried. Raven gave them balloons but they let them go and cried again. Robin stupidly brough the mascot over. The brothers combined into one giant demon baby. They roasted one roller coaster with fire breath and spun another out of control then pummeled the mascot. Before they could eat him, Raven scolded them. They roared and their flame breath happened to hit Robin. They laughed. Starfire realized the only way to cheer them up was to beat up Robin. Robin proposed finding an alternative solution but Starfire punched him. He landed on a teacup ride inspired by the Joker then launched into a tent, was run over by bumper cars, and Starfire batted him with one of the cars. It worked and the brothers shrank a little. Beast Boy turned into his gorilla form and used Robin to play Smack-a-Bat. Cyborg then played the strong man test, launching Robin into the bell over and over.

Starfire stuck Robin on the Stratosfear then Cyborg stretched it past its normal point. Robin crashed into the bottom of the Moon. Raven showed the brothers a photo of it and they laughed and returned to their normal forms. She hugged them. Cyborg pointed out they still had time to go on more rides. Security returned Robin to them and indicated they were getting thrown out. Raven admitted she had fun with her brothers. She hugged and kissed them. Starfire said her goodbyes. Beast Boy gave them one ice cream cone each. Robin tried to be a cool uncle again but Cyborg punched him into the floor. Trigon returned, clad in golf gear. Raven couldn't believe she was lied to. Trigon pointed out he was a demon and wasn't always honest. He reached for his sons but inadvertently knocked their cones to the floor. As they combined into one, Raven quickly handed them to the befuddled Trigon then knocked him through his portal.

The Titans celebrated Beast Boy's birthday party on the roof of the tower but the festivities were interrupted. Trigon emerged in his giant form from a red portal that formed on the surface of the bay and interrupted Beast Boy's birthday party on the roof of Titans Tower. Trigon stated he came to take Raven home to celebrate her birthday party. Everyone was surprised Beast Boy and Rave shared a birthday. Trigon clarified Raven's demonic side was turning 16,000 years old so he was throwing her a Sinister 16 party. Raven turned him down. Starfire thought it sounded delightful. Raven warned Starfire that Sinister 16 parties were notorious for turning teenage girls into horrible, spoiled monsters. The Titans failed to convince her to do it. Trigon insisted it was an important part of every young demon's life and her magical birthday wish would come true if she made it in Azarath. Raven specified the emotional powers at play would be intense.

Beast Boy realized he would get a wish, too, and promised they would help keep her in check and pleaded with her. Raven caved in. Trigon snapped his fingers. Thorpighor drove through green portal in a party bus rented by Trigon. They arrived at a suburban home in Azarath. Trigon changed Raven's cloak to a pink party dress. Raven pointed out he knew she hated the color pink. Trigon switched it to purple but Raven started to growl and demanded black. He complied then they went inside. Trigon introduced them to Raven's grandma, and his mother. Nana was elated to see how much Raven had grown then asked Trigon, referring to him by his full name of "Trigontholomew," and asked about her Epsom salts. He admitted he forgot to buy some. She pointed out he could enslave an entire dimension but couldn't remember to buy Epsom salts for his mother. She presented one of her swollen feet. Russ, Lyle, and Suge happily kissed it. Trigon introduced Raven's Uncle Grim, the Grim Reaper.

Trigon wanted to do the father-daughter dance but his dance moves were outdated. She refused to do it. Trigon claimed he brushed up on all the latest dance crazes like the camel walk, the funky chicken, and the stanky leg. Nana remarked he had two left hooves and didn't get that from her. Trigon quipped she wasn't helping. Raven got embarrassed and then angry. After Starfire calmed her down, Trigon cued three young demons to start the music. He tried to assure it wasn't so bad dancing with her dad. Beast Boy joined in as a turkey. Trigon moved on to opening presents. The first present Raven opened was the one from Grim. It was a cloak but it smelled like death and she hated it. Grim looked down at the ground sullen. Cyborg calmed Raven down, stating it was the thought that counts. Trigon gave her a present he and Nana made for her, a blanket. She shredded it. Nana recalled it took a millennium to make. Raven wanted to know why he didn't get her something cool like Pretty Pretty Pegasus. He incanted and turned one of the demon musicians into a pink pegasus. Raven got angry and reduced him to a pile of pink ash.

Starfire pointed out Raven was going to soon lose control completely. Beast Boy could only think about his wish. Trigon presented the birthday cake and sang the birthday song. She wished to become all-powerful so she could destroy everyone and have whatever she wanted. Raven became a demonic behemoth and began eating demons. She even roasted Nana, Uncle Grim, and Russ, Lyle, & Suge with blue flame breath. Robin told Trigon to shut the party down. He casually lined up a hot dog with Raven's flame breath then took a bite. He admitted the whole point of the party was to turn Raven into a spoiled monster since she was of age. Raven grabbed Trigon and ate him, too. He shouted he was proud of her as he fell into her mouth. Raven began to suck everyone and everything into her mouth. Beast Boy used his wish to reset the timeline and undo them going to Azarath and also wished to turn Robin into the bicycle he wanted. The Titans reappeared on their roof. Raven apologized to everyone then apologized to Beast Boy for giving up his wish. Beast Boy revealed his double wish.

After Marshmallow Ducky turned on the Teen Titans and ate them, Raven was alone and begrudging teleported to the void to retrieve the Easter Bunny who she banished by mistake. He called it an Easter miracle. Raven quickly briefed him on the situation. Easter Bunny revealed his history with Ducky to Raven. Raven realized he was going to carry out his revenge and turn the world into a marshmallow. Bunny stated only Easter magic could defeat him but since he was bigger than before, twice the magic would be needed. Raven agreed to be his partner. Bunny was elated and hugged her then used Easter magic to transform her into an Easter Bunny, too. Raven proclaimed Happy Easter then opened a portal back to Earth. They drove into Jump City in the Easter Bunny's car. He honked the horn to get Marshmallow Ducky's attention. Ducky was overconfident that he could not be defeated because he was too powerful.

Bunny presented his new partner, Raven. On Easter Bunny's command, they both pushed buttons on the console that looked like Easter eggs. The buggy transformed into a Mega-bunny mecha. They fired an Egg cannon blast from the left arm's cannon but the eggs bounced off Ducky. They tried the Explosive egg rocket next. A rocket was launched from a cannon out of Mega-bunny's back. It failed, too. It threw the Egg-stream egg-mallet but it just bounced off Ducky's head without causing harm. Ducky countered with a marshmallow ice blast from both hands. The Mega-bunny was stuck to the side of a building. Easter Bunny had Raven repeat after him. They chanted in unison and fired beams of Easter magic at Ducky. He blew up and the world was saved. The other Titans were stuck in a glob but were grateful for their liberation. Cyborg asked how they could ever repay him. Bunny got an idea and changed them into Easter Bunnies, too.