Power Girl

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Real Identity: Kara Zor-L
Appearances: Forest Pirates, Snot and Tears, What We Learned At Camp, and That's What's Up
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Power Girl was a competitor at the Super Hero Summer Camp's canoe race. She raced with Superboy and Miss Martian. After being initially capsized, they were forced to jump ship before the pirate ship crushed their canoe. Under Trigon's control, she lifted Beast Boy in the air, dropped him, kneed him in the back, and twisted his arm. In arts and crafts, she fashioned a paper sword that was just as deadly as a real one but later got attacked by the Hungry Wolves. Power Girl attended the Doom Patrol's clambake in Codsville one summer. The initial clambake lacked a permit and was shut down. An officer flicked the tiny umbrella out of her drink.