Poop Patrol

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Superhero Feud
Powers/Skills: Flight and Energy Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Three friends, two boys and a girl, were walking in the park and all of a sudden stepped on radioactive dog doo-doo. They glowed green from the exposure and were mutated. They called themselves the Poop Patrol and defended the world with their nasty, poop-based super powers like flatulence from their palms. During one of Control Freak's game shows, Beast Boy answered the question what was the most tragic origin story by telling the tale of the Poop Patrol. Control Freak was speechless then asked if "stepping in doo-doo" was on the board. It wasn't and the audience groaned. Just as Control Freak was about to step on the Teen Titans and the Super Hero Girls with his giant robot, the Poop Patrol crashed through the ceiling of the set. They turned their butts towards the robot and farted, discharging a massive energy blast. The robot was instantly blown up. One of the Patrol saluted the heroes then they flew away. Cyborg declared they were the greatest superhero team of all time. Everyone cheered for them except Robin, who thought they were still stupid.