Opposite Gender Titans

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Beast Girl
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Cree Summer (Beast Girl), Khary Payton (Male Starfire), Hynden Walch (Female Cyborg), Tara Strong (Female Robin), and Scott Menville (Male Raven)

The Opposite Gender Titans are doubles of the Teen Titans; girl versions of Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin and boy versions of Starfire and Raven. After Beast Girl met the Teen Titans, they were kidnapped by Madame Rouge. The Opposite Gender Titans stormed Rouge's hideout in Jump City and blew a hole in a wall. Rouge refused to release the Titans and didn't believe they would stop her either. The opposite Robin dodged Rouge's claws, grabbed a piece of debris and tossed it at her head then did several flips and punched her in the gut. Opposite Raven encanted and slammed Rouge around. Opposite Starfire blasted her with Starbolts. Opposite Cyborg fired her arm cannon and fried Rouge. Beast Girl turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and whacked Rouge out of the building with her tail. The Titans thanked them. After Starfire purred to her double, Robin thanked them all and shoved him through the hole. Beast Boy and Beast Girl reaffirmed they were glad to have met each other but freaked out he could be Rouge. The Ravens called them weirdos.

Current Members

Beast Girl