Negative Girl

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Real Identity: Valentina Vostok
Affiliations: Doom Patrol
Appearances: That's What's Up, Crab Shenanigans, Brobots, Brain Flip, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Negative Energy Manipulation
Voiced By: Rachel Dratch

Negative Girl is a little Russian girl fused with negative energy after an accident. Wrapped in bandages, she could project herself out of her body as a radioactive energy being. In that form she could fly, become intangible, and could generate explosions. One summer day, the Chief blew up the front door and chased after Robotman and Negative Girl because they stole his dinners. Robotman tried to retort his name wasn't on it but used "signature" instead. Negative Girl also pointed out he was supposed to be on a restricted diet because of his high cholesterol. Chief stated he refused to listen to any quacks telling him what to do. Eventually, Chief activated his twin rocket launchers. They jumped for cover. Negative Girl sent her energy form underground and she emerged behind Chief and disabled his wheelchair. The Patrol soon realized Beast Boy was back. Negative Girl presented her new best friend she found on the side of the road. It was a squirrel skeleton. The head popped off. Beast Boy thought she was sweet as ever.

For Beast Boy's first day, Negative Girl and her squirrel suggested going to the cemetery. Beast Boy convinced the Patrol to do a clambake. The Brain ruined it and created a giant clam monster with one of them then revealed his plan was to use the monster to bend the Homeowners Association to his will and get the Doom Patrol kicked out of Codsville. Negative Girl's energy projection and Beast Boy, as a gorilla, charged and booted Brain off the monster into the sand. They continued kicking him as he was buried head first in the sand. The others blew the clam up. Beast Boy and Negative Girl were about to leave to hang out with crabs but The Chief and Elasti-Girl voiced their disapproval. Chief warned those "bottom-feeders" would get them into trouble. Negative Girl argued he thought everyone was one. Robotman announced he was going, too, but they weren't concerned since he was a nerd. Elasti-Girl blocked the door with a huge hand and asked Negative Girl if she did her chores. She tried to delegate them to later but Chief stood to the rules.

Negative Girl put on her act and pretended to feel sick. Elasti-Girl fell for it and told her to go to her room and rest. Chief refused to do her chores. Negative Girl projected her energy form outside to Beast Boy and Robotman and they headed to the beach. She warned she could only stay out of her body for a little while and if she didn't, her body would pee itself and she would go nuclear out of embarrassment, taking Codsville with her. Four crabs arrived atop a motorcycle. Negative Girl admired their cool piercings and hair. Robotman was surprised they had hair. Beast Boy turned into a crab and exchanged fist bumps. They were suspicious about Robotman despite Beast Boy and Negative Girl vouching for him. When Robotman extended his hand for a hand shake, they pinched it and left it mangled and broken. They commenced the shenanigans. Negative Girl had to return to her body before she peed herself and went nuclear out of embrassment. Beast Boy invited the crabs to come along back to the Doom Patrol's house despite not having permission to have friends over. As soon as they went in, the crabs turned on them and punched them then start pillaging the house. More crabs arrived in a van and stripped the house interior. They even stole Negative Girl's body.

Beast Boy and Negative Girl left to look for their hideout and take their stuff back. It turned out to be very obvious thanks to a live crab sign above the entrance. They discovered skate ramps, arcades, pool tables, and a barbecue inside. Several were using Negative Girl's body as a pinata. They pinned the duo and pinched them. Negative Girl started to lose focus and went nuclear until the Chief, Elasti-Girl, and Robotman arrived. Chief morphed his wheelchair into a radical roadster then ran over all the crabs. He offered everyone crab legs. Negative Girl returned to her body and used the bathroom just in time. Beast Boy and Negative Girl vowed to only hand out with seagulls. The seagulls almost immediately attacked them and the rest of the Patrol. Negative Girl got angry and blew up, taking Codsville with her. An attempt to fuse Cyborg and Robotman failed and they rampaged through Codsville. Negative Girl projected her energy form then threw her body at one of their boots in vain. Beast Boy got them to split over credit card debt.

The Chief completed his highly advanced virtual reality machine in his lab. He got annoyed when Negative Girl and Beast Boy treated it like a video game. He explained it was designed to trap the Brain in a simulated classroom lecture for the rest of his life. Beast Boy revealed he was returning to Jump City the next day. The Patrol tried to trap him like usual. Negative Girl and Robotman waited around a corner with a bat. Robotman swung but Beast Boy was in his gorilla form. He roared and they bolted. Beast Boy went down the stairs as a dog. Elasti-Girl revealed herself and made her body rigid. Beast Boy slid down into a dog carrier held by Negative Girl but he turned into a mouse and escaped. They trapped him in a virtual reality simulation to drive him away from the Titans but it backfired only for Beast Boy to help them escape. They pretended to be okay with letting him leave then trapped him.