Mutant Sewer Friends

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Animals: It's Just a Word!
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Greg Cipes (Alligator) and Scott Menville (Rat)

After losing their temporary shape shifting powers from Beast Boy's transfusion, the Titans continued to battle their animal urges. Raven, who often took on the form of a goldfish, took a nap but the others thought she was dead. Beast Boy flushed her down the toilet after some doing. Raven woke up in the sewers super mutated and was befriended by two heroic teenage rat and alligator mutants. Just as the other Titans confronted Cinderblock in Jump City, Raven and her mutant sewer friends emerged from a manhole and knocked the behemoth out. Cinderblock rose again. The rat pelted him with manhole covers and chopped an arm off. The alligator bashed him with sewer pipes. In unison, they puched both sides of Cinderblock's head. Raven threw the finishing blow with a giant mace ball construct. Raven didn't consult the others and invited the mutant sewer friends to stay at the Titans Tower. The Titans found them going through their refridgerator.