League of Legs

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Leg Day and Arms Race with Legs
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The League of Legs was formed by Lady Legasus after the Teen Titans failed to stop a race of alien robots due to poor leg strength. Legasus trained them until they had meaty thighs and their spirit soared again. She renamed Cyborg as Thunder Thighs, Starfire as Incredible Quad, Beast Boy as The Calf, and Robin as Captain Cankle. After settling on a frontal assault, the League launched Legasus Headquarters to the eastern section of Jump City. Legasus used her Leg Lock, Thunder used his Quad Crusher, Calf used his Calf Cram, Quad used her Thigh Throw, and Cankle used his Cankle Crack to decimate the robots. Together, they used their collective leg strength to launch the leader into the sky where it exploded. With leg day nearly over, Legasus disbanded the League. She believed no single person should have that much leg strength as it would corrupt. They would have to sit around, watch TV and become the Teen Titans once more. But before that, they strutted their stuff around the city one last time.

One day, Raven was annoyed with the Titans' latest contest to jump and touch everything. Robin bragged his buns allowed him to jump the highest. Raven argued legs mattered. She accepted his challenge to jump higher and became Lady Legasus. They wanted to use the power of legs but she warned them it was intoxicating and bad things would happen if they went unchecked. They did a quick romp through the city for fun. They tapped a window, tree, traffic light, old lady, roller coaster at Wacka Doodles, and Batman. Raven put her legs away but the others fell victim to their evil legs. After Thunder Thighs kicked an airplane, Legasus came to its aid and she ordered the League to disband but they refused. Robin challenged her to a jumping contest instead. They would disband if she won. If she lost, she was out of the League forever. Robin jumped into space and butt slapped an astronaut. Robin rigged the contest and stuffed Legasus' suit with dumb bells. She discovered the ruse and challened the League.

The League went on a rampage through the city and left it in ruins. As they marched on the Jump City Museum, Lady Legasus landed in their path. They were too powerful so she invoked the Spirit of Legs and became Mega Legasus. The League joined hands for a Leg Lock but she shattered the bones in all their legs. They returned to normal and thanked Legasus for freeing them. But their legs were a mess.


The Calf

Captain Cankle

Incredible Quad

Lady Legasus

Thunder Thighs