Classic Lion-O

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Real Identity: Lion-O
Affiliations: Classic ThunderCats
Appearances: Teen Titans Roar!
Powers/Skills: Unrevealed
Voiced By: Larry Kenney

The Teen Titans teleported to Third Earth to personally put an end to ThunderCats Roar but were outclassed by the new ThunderCats. Starfire appeared between the two parties and asked the ThunderCats to not hurt her friends. She explained they were entitled brats with no manners and truly meant no harm. Lion-O asserted they would never hurt them but suggested that perhaps, in the future, they could put their energy into addressing something more important. A beam of light shined down on them. Classic Lion-O, in a gigantic form, appeared and revealed he had been watching from his perch in the cartoon afterlife. He declared ThunderCats Roar was a worthy successor and anyone who said otherwise had a poop mouth with poop opinions. The Titans had no objection. Lion-O thanked Classic Lion-O for the completely unforced endorsement. Classic Lion-O told him he was welcome and decided to give the people what they really want. He did the classic "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Ho!" line then flexed. Everyone was impressed.