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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: The Great Disaster, That's What's Up, and We're Off To Get Awards
Powers/Skills: Flight, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Hawkman is a bird-themed superhero who uses a mace and can fly. His origins are unclear. Beast Boy thought Hawkman's dad was a hawk and mom was a man. Raven revealed she heard Hawkman was an ancient Egyptian prince back from the dead. Starfire thought he was a Thanagarian. Doomsday arrived in Jump City. Robin relished the encounter as the Titans' ticket into the big leagues and make history. However, Hawkman arrived and defeated Doomsday after four straight days of fighting. Everyone except Robin thought Hawkman was super dope and took selfies with him. He even signed Cyborg's butt. Robin believed Hawkman was the real villain for treating them like children and stealing their glory. Robin took off to find Hawkman and tell him off. Robin found Hawkman's nest but he swung into clotheslines then fell and hit his head on every ledge of a building, fell in a pot, then dropped into Hawkman's nest while he was watching a dating reality show and eating ice cream. Robin suffered a serious concussion and had no idea who he was.

Hawkman thought he laid an egg and had a baby. Hawkman raised him as his own child, made him a bird outfit, deputized him as an officer of the peace and did bird stuff like eating seeds in the park then regurgitating them and strutting their feathers. The Titans saw Robin being pushed in a stroller and tried to get his attention. Robin thought they were being robbed at first then was offended they were accusing him of being a petty thief. He claimed he was the heir to the throne of Thanagar and called Hawkman over to beat them up. Hawkman lifted Cyborg into the sky and dropped him. Starfire and Raven grabbed Hawkman's legs while he punched Beast Boy repeatedly in the face. Robin pecked Cyborg rapidly then tried to rip his head off. He stopped after the living cybernetic vegan cheese steak Raven conjured tackled Robin off Cyborg. It made a moving speech but Cyborg informed him the nanobots he put in it would keep him alive and he could self-replicate. Robin came to and remembered who he was but collapsed. Robin was taken to a hospital. The Titans, Hawkman, and the Cheese Steaks visited him where he explained he thought of the Titans as his family, not just some superhero team. They all ate cheese steaks and Bumblebee took a photo.

Hawkman attended the Doom Patrol's clambake in Codsville one summer and The Superhero Award Show. He was up for Best Superhero with The Best Animal-Based Powers but lost to Vixen.