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Real Identity: Garnet
Affiliations: Crystal Gems
Appearances (OK K.O.!): Crossover Nexus
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Durability, Photokinesis, Materialization, Precognition, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Estelle Swaray

Garnet is the current leader of the Crystal Gems, Gems who rebelled against their homeworld and protected Earth for millennia. Garnet is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Garnet is pragmatic, straightforward, intuitive, and composed.

Garnet was one of the heroes teleported to the dimension occupied by CN City, against his will, by the power hungry villain Strike. Ben Tennyson and Garnet managed to dodge his attacks. Frustrated, Strike summoned K.O. to destroy instead. Garnet saved K.O. at the last second then ran to an alley and they introduced themselves. Garnet jumped from building to building and punched Strike's Pen device. It retaliated with a spin attack. Four Arms kept a piece of building from crushing them but Pen took aim. Garnet sacrificed her sunglasses to save them. She admitted they gave her the clairty and focus to use her future vision and they were prescription. They opted to take cover in a building that was used to store heroes turned to stone by Strike.They met and freed Raven then decided to storm Strike's fortress. Only Garnet liked K.O.'s idea to call the new team "O.K. Ben Let's Go! Universe!" With little choice, Raven flew over it with the others clinging to her super strong legs.

Raven and Four Arms started bickering. She lost her focus and began to drift down to the chasm. Garnet yelled at them to pay attention. Garnet and K.O. unleashed a flurry of punches to keep the piranha traps at bay. The traps formed a wall to block their way. Garnet leaped from Raven, made her gauntlets huge, and plowed through the wall. K.O. realized what Pen was and used it to restore the Omnitrix, Garnet's sunglasses, and Raven's magic. Rallied by K.O.'s speech about friendship, they attacked Strike. Garnet threw a flurry of punches to knock away Strike's x weapons then punched him. Tennyson finished him off. Garnet restored the city to normal by reprogramming Pen then Raven opened portals back home. K.O. asked Garnet if they would ever see each other again. Garnet wasn't sure but promised she would never forget him. She used Pen to make a pow card of herself to add to K.O.'s collection. He cried and hugged Garnet then she returned home.