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Real Identity: Dexter Douglas
Appearances: Huggbees
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Physics Manipulation, Fourth Wall Awareness, and Limited Teleportation
Voiced By: Paul Rugg

Dexter Douglas, a 17-year-old computer geek who attends Harry Connick High School. Douglas gained super powers from a computer bug from his overloaded Pinnacle chip when it was activated by a secret key sequence, "@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg" then pressing Delete after entering the string. Douglas was absorbed into his computer and instantly gained all the information on the Internet. As Freakazoid, he had super strength and super speed. He decided to use his gifts to be a force for freedom and righteousness, unless he gets distracted by something like a bear riding a motorcycle. He was "retired" and many years passed. After the Teen Titans learned the Brain released and teamed up 90s villain the Lobe to take over the world, Robin deduced they needed to team up with a 90's hero if they stood a chance at winning. Raven suggested Batman Beyond but Robin thought he was too dark. Starfire found Road Rovers but Robin thought they were too cute. Beast Boy pulled the Freakazoid can off the conveyor belt headed into the incinerator.

Robin voiced his reservations because Freakazoid's humor was so weird and random nor could he stick to the story. The others pointed out he was a 90's hero and fought the Lobe. Robin conceded but warned them he was a wild card. Freakazoid was released. He couldn't resist running around make whooshing sounds. Once he was done, Freakazoid asked how much time passed. Robin showed him it was 2020. He was intrigued and asked them if poverty was dealt with yet. Cyborg informed him it wasn't but people could now watch movies on their phones while they sat on the toilet. Freakazoid took his phone and tried it out. He came back and confirmed that was awesome. He advised Cyborg to get rid of the phone then asked why they needed him. Robin explained they needed his help to take down the Lobe. Once Freakazoid remembered who he was, he was shocked he escaped. Raven confirmed he did. He shook her, telling her he didn't want to know. He did admit Lobe was kinda lame even though he almost blew up the world once. Raven asked him if he would help.

Freakazoid refused and revealed Steven Spielberg, the executive producer on his show, was picky about crossovers. Robin texted him using his Titans Communicator and got a thumbs up back. They retired to the Titans Tower to come up with a plan. Robin stressed that since the Brain and Lobe had no idea Freakazoid was with them, they had the advantage so they should keep it a secret. No one objected. Joe Leahy promised not to, too. Robin was surprised and wanted to know who he was. Freakazoid pulled him out from behind the couch and introduced him as his announcer. Robin told him they didn't need an announcer. Freakazoid disagreed and thought everyone did. Leahy agreed. Robin allowed him to stay but didn't want him to interfere. Leahy promised he would be slightly off camera the whole time. Freakazoid made a Robin hand puppet and mocked him about being bossy. The other Titans were amused. Robin pointed out he could see his lips moving. Freakazoid proved his skills by drinking water. The hand puppet sprayed a stream of water into Robin's face. The Titans laughed.

Robin was surprised they found that entertaining. They claimed his hand puppet was too sad and depressing. Robin agreed but got mad they were derailed again. He stressed they had to stick to the story. Freakazoid contended if they had comedy, they didn't have to stick to the plot. The Titans thought they were more sophisticated then got into a tooting contest. Before they breached the Brain's fortress, Freakazoid wanted to use "Huggbees" as the signal to attack instead of Robin's caw because it was fun to say. Only Robin disagreed. Leahy voiced his support from inside the dumpster they hid behind. Robin told him to stay out of it. He realized he was now between the guards and was zapped. The others came to his rescue. Freakazoid punted a head before he stepped inside. Robin warned the fortress was lined with traps but Freakazoid could not resist pushing a button on a control panel. A laser grid cage formed around the Titans and the floor began to slowly recede, revealing a pit of crocodiles. Robin implored him to press the panel to deactivate the trap but Freakazoid got distracted by a call from his friend Sergeant Mike Cosgrove and he left for free donuts.

Freakazoid arrived instantly at the Yum Yum Kitt Dinner and asked Cosgrove what he ordered. Cosgrove replied it was a Bismark. Freakazoid asked if that was the same as a Long John. Cosgrove corrected him that a Bismark was round shaped and a Long John was shaped like a rectangle. Freakazoid understood and realized it was like a maple bar. Cosgrove confirmed but pointed out maple bars were called Long Johns on the east coast. Freakazoid asked that an eclair was then. Cosgrove told him it was a Long John filled with custard. Freakazoid was amazed and asked him how he knew so much about donuts. Cosgrove revealed he learned it all from an old woman named Gladys. Meanwhile, Robin asked Leahy to help but he pointed out he was told to stay out of it. Freakazoid returned and was about to deactivate the trap but Cosgrove called again. This time he told Freakazoid the old woman who told him everything he knew about donuts wore an eyepatch. Freakazoid wanted to know more later and turned off the trap. It wasn't done in time and Robin fell in the pit.

After he was almost swallowed, Robin frantically swatted several crocodiles' heads then ran across their open mouths and leaped out of the pit. Freakazoid offered donuts. Robin angrily slapped the box away and told him to stick to the story. The Titans blew a hole in a wall and revealed themselves to the Brain and the Lobe. Freakazoid rose up behind them and zipped over to greet Lobe. Lobe was happy to see him, too. Freakazoid asked him how his family was. Lobe informed him his son just graduated from evil medical school. Robin asked him to stop derailing the story. He apologized and promised it was the last time then zipped his mouth. The villains unveiled their Trans-mongrel-fier and revealed their plan was to turn citizens of Jump City into a dog people army. Freakazoid thought that was the stupidest plan he ever heard. Raven thought no one would be terrified of an army that likes to sniff butts. Lobe demonstrated how brilliant the plan was by testing the laser on Joe Leahy, Freakazoid's announcer.

Everyone except Robin thought Leahy was adorable. Freakazoid rubbed his belly. Robin had enough and told Freakazoid off. He tore off his suit, revealing he was wearing Freakazoid's costume then imitated him. When he got to the part where he thought "huggbees" was a dumb word, the Trans-mongrel-fier's computer accepted the password and initiated the self-destruct sequence. Brain was annoyed Lobe chose that word. Lobe admitted he thought it was so much fun to say. The Trans-mongrel-fier exploded. Robin couldn't believe he did it at first. He admitted Freakazoid was right that you didn't have to stick to story if there was comedy. All the Titans and Freakazoid ran around making whoosing sounds after Robin proposed they all go out for donuts.