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Real Identity: Rita Farr
Affiliations: Doom Patrol
Appearances: That's What's Up, Crab Shenanigans, Brobots, Brain Flip, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Elasticity
Voiced By: Cree Summer

Elasti-Girl has the power of elasiticity to do things like increase her height and size to that of a giant or extend her arms to vast distances. She can also shapeshift. She tends to be very motherly towards everyone and prone to being gullible when they play tricks on her. One summer, Robotman got into a fight with Chief. Elasti-Girl reminded Chief and Robotman about the rules, no fighting on the lawn then placed them on the driveway. They slapped at each other. The Patrol soon realized Beast Boy was back. Elasti-Girl fawned over Beast Boy and smooshed his face around. She thought he looked thin and shoved some casserole into his mouth. Despite Beast Boy saying not to, Chief played a VHS recording about him doing alleged extreme moves with his wheelchair like grinding and getting air. Elasti-Girl ripped the monitor away. Chief rotated in a stationary circle and asked her if she liked that instead.

The Patrol got behind Beast Boy's idea for a clambake but their neighbor the Brain inquired if they had the proper permit. Elasti-Girl implored him to check with City Hall. Brain claimed he would. Elasti-Girl turned into a shovel and dug a hole at the beach for their clambake and discovered the Brain's cache of mutagen cannisters. They thought it was just trash and continued with their clambake. Superheroes began arriving but The Brain showed up with two police officers and they shut the party down because the Patrol didn't get a permit. The police arrested the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy and threw them in paddy wagon. Elasti-Girl wondered if Brain was right about them being degenerates. Beast Boy refused to believe that and pointed out it was Brain and his glowing garbage. Chief keyed on "glowing." Negative Girl told them it was radioactive. They realized Brain was trying to make a monster.

By the time they escaped, Brain was perched atop his cannisters. He created a giant clam monster with one of them and revealed his plan was to use the monster to bend the Homeowners Association to his will and get the Doom Patrol kicked out of Codsville. Elasti-Girl increased her height and mass and pried Brain's clam monster open. Robotman launched the Chief over the clam. A bundle of dynamite was dropped inside. Elasti-Girl shut it. The clam was blown up. Brain called them fools and took solace in ruining their party. Beast Boy got an idea and used the remains of the clam monster for the Doom Patrol's clambake. Beast Boy and Negative Girl were about to leave to hang out with crabs but The Chief and Elasti-Girl voiced their disapproval since the crabs pinched people and stole everything. Before they left, Elasti-Girl blocked the door with a huge hand and asked Negative Girl if she did her chores. She tried to delegate them to later but Chief stood to the rules. Negative Girl put on her act and pretended to feel sick.

Elasti-Girl fell for it and told her to go to her room and rest. Chief refused to do her chores. Negative Girl projected her energy form outside to Beast Boy and Robotman and they headed to the beach. The crabs turned on them and pillaged the entirety of the Doom Patrol's home while Chief and Elasti-Girl were out. Robotman elected to stay behind to fool Chief and Elasti-Girl while Beast Boy and Negative Girl tracked down the crabs' hideout. Robotman caved and told them the truth when they returned home. They set out to save Beast Boy and Negative Girl.

During a game of charades, Elasti-Girl got "cat" but it was a terrible impression according to Chief and Negative Girl. She snapped at them. Cyborg, who was hanging out with them for the day, got President Zachary Taylor and Robotman guessed it within seconds without much of a hint. They were accused of cheating but the others realized they had a lot in common. Chief offered to fuse them into one but it backfired and turned them into a giant monster. Elasti-Girl turned to gum to immobilize them but was just stomped. Elasti-Girl implored Beast Boy to think of something that would break them up. Beast Boy got an idea and went on Chief's van's loudspeaker then told Robotman about Cyborg's credit card debt. It worked and they split.

Chief finished an advanced virtual reality machine designed to trap the Brain in a simulated classroom lecture for the rest of his life. Elasti-Girl thought it sounded unethical. Chief confirmed it was and no one could escape it. Beast Boy revealed he was returning to Jump City the next day. They tried to trap him but he dodged the falling cube and took the elevator back up. Elasti-Girl tried to get him with vegan cookies but Beast Boy knew something was up and offered some to Robotman. Robotman ate one and passed out as he offered his critique. Beast Boy went down the stairs as a dog. Elasti-Girl revealed herself and made her body rigid. Beast Boy slid down into a dog carrier held by Negative Girl but he turned into a mouse and escaped. The Patrol resorted to trapping Beast Boy in a virtual reality simulation to drive him away from the Titans but it backfired. Elasti-Girl ordered the Patrol into the simulation to save Beast Boy before he was killed.

Beast Boy's idea to have them visualize flipping their brains like pancakes worked and they escaped the simulation. Beast Boy made sure they were finally okay with letting him go back to Jump City. They put on a false front again then Chief sprung his trap and the cube fell on top of Beast Boy to his annoyance. The Doom Patrol, represented by Elasti-Girl and Robotman, competed in Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition but were eliminated early on after they performed the robot.