The Chief

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Real Identity: Dr. Niles Caulder
Affiliations: Doom Patrol
Appearances: That's What's Up, Crab Shenanigans, Brobots, Brain Flip, We're Off To Get Awards, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Genius
Voiced By: Larry Kenney

The Chief is an eccentric genius who prefers to live it to the extreme and often engages in crazy unethical science. Despite being advanced in age, Chief can transform his wheelchair into a variety of weapons. The Chief blew up the front door and chased after Robotman and Negative Girl because they stole his dinners. Robotman tried to retort his name wasn't on it but used "signature" instead. Negative Girl also pointed out he was supposed to be on a restricted diet because of his high cholesterol. Chief stated he refused to listen to any quacks telling him what to do. Chief's wheelchair produced three saw blades then a laser then a metal chomper. Robotman tossed a speedboat towards him. The gust created exposed his old man knees. Chief activated his twin rocket launchers. They jumped for cover. Negative Girl sent her energy form underground and she emerged behind Chief and disabled his wheelchair. Robotman mocked him about not being so tough without it.

Chief fiddled and was able to activate the giant fists and nailed Robotman with an uppercut. Robotman pressed his head back in place and got into a fight with Chief. Elasti-Girl reminded Chief and Robotman about the rules, no fighting on the lawn then placed them on the driveway. They slapped at each other. The Patrol soon realized Beast Boy was back. Chief asked if he needed money. Beast Boy declined. Chief asked if he wanted a new car. Beast Boy declined. Chief asked if needed a kidney. Beast Boy declined. Chief welcomed him back and asked what he wanted to do. Beast Boy remarked he knew he didn't want to see his "tape." Chief loved the idea and played a VHS recording about him doing alleged extreme moves with his wheelchair like grinding and getting air. Elasti-Girl ripped the monitor away. Chief rotated in a stationary circle and asked her if she liked that instead. Beast Boy thought a clambake was the way to kick off the summer right. Chief recalled he didn't like to eat good food. Beast Boy corrected him that he was a vegetarian then clarified a clambake was all about family. The Patrol got behind his idea.

Beast Boy complimented Brain's lawn next door. Brain retorted it would be nice if they would cut theirs and the neighborhood would appreciate it. Chief thought he was being dumb because their long grass was hiding the garbage that the rats lived in. Brain asked if they had the proper permits for their clambake. Chief lied they did. The rest of the Doom Patrol played along. Brain broke up the unpermitted clambake then created a giant clam monster with one of them and revealed his plan was to use the monster to bend the Homeowners Association to his will and get the Doom Patrol kicked out of Codsville. Robotman launched the Chief over the clam. A bundle of dynamite was dropped inside. Elasti-Girl shut it. The clam was blown up. Brain called them fools and took solace in ruining their party. Beast Boy got an idea and used the remains of the clam monster for the Doom Patrol's clambake. Beast Boy and Negative Girl were about to leave to hang out with crabs but The Chief and Elasti-Girl voiced their disapproval. Chief warned those "bottom-feeders" would get them into trouble. Negative Girl argued he thought everyone was one.

Elasti-Girl blocked the door with a huge hand and asked Negative Girl if she did her chores. She tried to delegate them to later but Chief stood to the rules. Negative Girl put on her act and pretended to feel sick. Elasti-Girl fell for it and told her to go to her room and rest. Chief refused to do her chores. The crabs turned on them and punched them then start pillaging the house. More crabs arrived in a van and stripped the house interior. They even stole Negative Girl's body. Robotman elected to stay behind to fool Chief and Elasti-Girl while Beast Boy and Negative Girl tracked down the crabs' hideout. Robotman caved and told them the truth when they returned home. They set out to save Beast Boy and Negative Girl. Chief morphed his wheelchair into a radical roadster then ran over all the crabs. He offered everyone crab legs. Negative Girl returned to her body and used the bathroom just in time. Beast Boy and Negative Girl vowed to only hand out with seagulls. The seagulls almost immediately attacked them and the rest of the Patrol. Negative Girl got angry and blew up, taking Codsville with her.

The Patrol realized how much Robotman and Cyborg in common they had. Chief offered to combine them into one person using his crazy unethical science. Beast Boy thought that was messed up but Robotman and Cyborg were all for sharing a body. They all went deep down to Chief's lab below the property. Chief clarified if by "will it hurt" meant "intense agony as all of your components are violently ripped apart," then it would hurt a little. Cyborg and Robotman were fused into one but the process mistakenly advanced their friendship to such a close personal level that the entire relationship turned toxic and unnatural. They flew to Codsville and went on a rampage. The Patrol was unable to defeat them. Chief turned his van into a mecha but its appendages were ripped off. The Chief completed his highly advanced virtual reality machine in his lab. He got annoyed when Negative Girl and Beast Boy treated it like a video game. He explained it was designed to trap the Brain in a simulated classroom lecture for the rest of his life. Elasti-Girl thought it sounded unethical. Chief confirmed it was and no one could escape it.

Beast Boy claimed it was possible if one flipped their brain so the simulation couldn't talk to it anymore. Chief thought it sounded dumb. Beast Boy had no qualms about it and revealed he was returning to Jump City the next day. They tried to trap him but he dodged the falling cube and took the elevator back up. Chief put the house on lockdown and sealed it up but Beast Boy unleashed a toot. They went into a panic and fainted. After Beast Boy went to sleep, they subjected him to the Chief's virtual reality machine. The Patrol started to critique the jinky graphics, use of their voices for the Titans, and a second Beast Boy but things backfired when Chief adjusted the Titans jerk protocols in attempt to drive Beast Boy to them. The Titans decided to destroy Beast Boy, which would kill him in real life. Chief revealed he could not turn the jerkiness down because the controls went one way. Negative Girl questioned that. Chief stated it was extreme that way. Elasti-Girl declared they had to go in and save him. Chief added if he died in the simulation, he would die in real life. Robotman became irate. Chief pointed out it was more extreme that way.

The Doom Patrol went into the simulation but could not defeat the Titans. They confessed to Beast Boy what happened but he was touched by how much they loved him. Pinned behind the couch, the Patrol couldn't think of a solution. Beast Boy got them to try his "brain flip" idea. He instructed them to close their eyes, imagine their brain was a big, flat pancake on a grill, then think of a spatula and flip on the count of three. It worked and the simulator was unable to converse with their brains anymore. They were all released. Beast Boy made sure they were finally okay with letting him go back to Jump City. They put on a false front again then Chief sprung his trap and the cube fell on top of Beast Boy to his annoyance. Chief won Best Team Leader at The Superhero Award Show. Robin was infuriated he lost to the Chief, threw him and his chair off stage, and went on a rant cursing the show with a tornado.