Challengers of the Unknown

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans! Go To The Movies
Appearances (Episodes): TV Knight 4
Powers/Skills: Observing
Voiced By: Dave Stone

The Challengers of the Unknown are an elite diverse team of heroes formed to face the challenges of mysterious origin that have served as obstacles to man throughout time. The current roster is composed of four men and a lady. Despite being obscure, they were invited to the premiere of another Batman movie. Raven teleported them into an abyss and stole their seats for the Teen Titans. They missed the entire movie and Slade's scheme. At some point, they escaped. During a camping trip, Batman and Commissioner Gordon watched Beast Boy and Starfire try to figure out the identity of a mysterious object. The Challengers blew up their kitchen wall and entered the Titans Tower. After a brief introduction by the leader, he urged them to take great care with the unusual specimen. Rather than communication like Starfire suggested, the Challengers observed it. Cyborg got curious but voted to just blast it. The leader had him stand down and warned disturbing the specimen could have unknown consequences like ripping apart the fabric of space-time. Robin wondered what was going on and went into a panic asking what it was. The leader told him it was unknown, to dramatic effect. Raven told them it was a staple remover. The leader declared the challenge was met, congratulated his team, then they hopped out the hole in the wall.