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Real Identity: Karen Beecher
Affiliations: Teen Titans and Teen Titans East
Appearances: Star Liar, Yearbook Madness, Black Friday, Snuggle Time, Shrimps and Prime Rib, The Streak: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Costume Contest, Flashback: Pt 1, Flashback: Pt 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Forest Pirates, The Bergerac, Snot and Tears, Campfire!, What We Learned At Camp, Communicate Openly, Royal Jelly, Strength Of A Grown Man, Had To Be There, Girls Night In Pt. 1, Girls Night In Pt. 2, The Great Disaster, The Viewers Decide, and The Cast
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation, Flight, Density Manipulation, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Ozioma Akagha

Karen Beecher used her size changing powers and technical know how to use as a super hero named Bumblebee. She tried out for the Teen Titans but became a founding member of the Teen Titans East after Kid Flash was defeated by Robin. Bumblebee teamed up with Aqualad to take out the Brain's generator before he took over the world. She flew Aqualad into Brain's fortress and dropped Aqualad who took out the generator with his dolphin. Bumblebee took part in the Justice League's annual competition to add a new member. Titans East participated in Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition but they lost.

Robin used "poop-making" yogurt to sideline the Titans East from the Super Hero Summer Camp canoe race. Lacking a sweet tooth, Bumblebee declined to have any of the yogurt and went to camp alone. She approached the Teen Titans and proposed joining the team for the week. Robin turned her down repeatedly with no explanation. Bumblebee fired her stingers into him and vowed to do it until he elaborated. He eventually caved and stated she didn't have what it takes to be a Teen Titan. She demonstrated her cool powers. Her golden armor covered her, she shrank, then summoned her bees with a whistle and they danced. Robin found it all well and good but asked her if she was a degenerate. She replied she wasn't. Robin pointed out they were a team of degenerates who did degenerate things. Bumblebee claimed she could help them win the canoe race. Robin asked if she meant by cheating. She did not. After Robin showed off his pirate ship plan, the other Titans wondered if they should add Bumblebee to the team. Robin didn't think so.

Robin didn't think they were some long-running series trying to introduce a new character to keep things interesting and believed in preserving their team dynamic, based on their favorite 80s high school movie. Bumblebee donned a pirate hat and reported for duty. Robin swatted her away. Bumblebee managed to catch up to the Titans' pirate ship by rowing by herself. The other Titans thought she was adorable. Robin dropped a rock. Bumblebee was launched and her canoe sank underwater. The ship got stuck under a tree. Bumblebee volunteered to help. Robin was skeptical. Bumblebee produced a chainsaw and went to work on the tree. Raven liked her positivity. Robin countered that is why she would never make a good Titan. Starfire believed she had the heart of the sixth Titan. Robin finally explained he thought six was a curse because he could not think of any good teams with six members and therefore it was unnatural. Bumblebee finished sawing the tree down and was swatted away by Robin. A bear later attacked the Titans on their ship.

Bumblebee caught up in her canoe and summoned her bees. They attacked the bear and forced it to retreat. The Titans were downtrodden and ready to give up the race to H.I.V.E. but Bumblebee roused them with a speech. She asserted they didn't need to be pirates and the key to winning the race was teamwork. She told them they were the best team because they understood each other completely and when they worked together, nothing was impossible. The Titans cheered and took off in their canoe, with Cyborg's thrusters helping bridge the gap. They still couldn't catch up. Bumblebee shrank and flew to the H.I.V.E.'s canoe. She combined her arm cannons into one and fired a bee hive at them. They were covered in honey. The bears in the forest attacked H.I.V.E. and they drifted down a right turn. They fell off a waterfall and their canoe exploded. The Titans won the race. Robin admitted he didn't think she had it in her to send the H.I.V.E. over the waterfall. Starfire hugged her. She was surprised they weren't disappointed in her terrible actions.

Beast Boy declared she was a degenerate like them. Robin finally welcomed her to the team and let her hold the first place trophy. He had second thoughts it wouldn't be a desperate, chemistry-ruining stunt after all. Bumblebee asked him what happened to there not being no good teams of six. Raven remembered one, Friends. They danced to the theme song but got attacked by two bears. Cyborg and Bumblebee argued about what decade had the best entertainment. She didn't think much of "The A-Team." Robin countered the 60's were the best because back then he could show off his thighs. He bumped into Wonder Girl and she dropped her belongings. Robin apologized and helped gather everything up. Bumblebee realized Robin was getting himself a "camp girlfriend." The others were skeptical and pointed out no girl liked him because he was unattractive physically and emotionally. Robin agreed. Bumblebee was sure they were going to fall in love. Starfire conceded she did seem to like the awkward encounter but she cringed at the thought of it. Robin showed off his thighs, causing Starfire to gag.

Bumblebee recalled her first kiss was at camp with a bee that died shortly after stinging a man. After the other Titans recalled their first kiss, Bumblebee realized this was the point in the romantic movie where the main character was helped out by his friends. She believed they could be those friends. The others weren't interested. Bumblebee shrank and fired her stingers at them until they relented. She was the only one clearly excited. Bumblebee set up a picnic for Robin and Wonder Girl. Beast Boy turned into a raccoon and tried to eat but Bumblebee stung him repeatedly. Robin was nervous. Bumblebee advised him to be himself. The others felt that would lead to failure. Cyborg believed he should be Beast Boy. Cyborg proposed take after Cyrano de Bergerac and give Robin smooth lines on the sly. Bumblebee recognized that was a common scene in romantic movies and liked it. They hid in a bush as Wonder Girl arrived. They eventually started yelling lines at Robin, prompting Wonder Girl to leave.

Bumblebee realized it was time for the "grand gesture" while the other Titans finished off the contents of the picnic. She explained it was a crazy and over the top display of his affection. Cyborg and Beast Boy elected to help since they knew dumb and dangerous. Robin wasn't sure about doing it but Bumblebee got it started and slapped Horse's butt. Robin held the boom box over his head while it played 80s instrumental music. Wonder Girl got up and came outside. The fireworks went off but accidentally carried Robin off. He crashed to the ground in front of her. She wasn't sure about the incredibly dumb and dangerous stunt but inexplicably fell for it. Wonder Girl's ex-boyfriend arrived and was defeated by Robin's thighs. Robin and Wonder Girl kissed but the latter declared she was leaving and they would never see each other again per the rules of camp romance. Bumblebee thought it was all her fault Robin was left heartbroken. Robin disagreed and pointed out he kissed a girl, got his revenge, and felt confident to go after other potential love interests, namely a nearby tree.

Bumblebee participated in a prank on Robin in the morning. The Titans raised his underwear up a flag pole and did a take on "America" but the prank backfired on him. Robin stepped out of his cabin not wearing any pants. Bumblebee flew up, grabbed the underwear with tongs, and returned it to Robin. Robin told them there were terrible life threatening consequences for teens who misbehave at camp. He used horror movies as an example. Bumblebee agreed and recalled every camp had a creep wearing sports equipment who picked off teenagers acting badly. Robin told them the legend of the Creepy Catcher. They were skeptical and thought he might just be looking for friends to play baseball with. Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven split up and went off to prove Robin's theory wrong. Robin brought out his camcorder and decided to document their tragedy into a fun summer movie. He and Bumblebee practiced acting scared. Bumblebee and Robin heard Beast Boy's scream and used it to practice their displays of emotion.

Bumblebee and Robin ran to the sound of Cyborg and Starfire's screams and found the shell game. Bumblebee got an idea and selected the puppy filter. They hurried off to find Raven. She portaled into the basement and kept them on pins and needles as she reacted to a cat, a light bulb going out, and stepping on building block toys. Instead of her, the Catcher emerged from the basement and chased Robin and Bumblebee into the forest. Robin opted to save himself and hit Bumblebee's legs with his staff. The Catcher found her and recruited her to play first base in his baseball game. Bumblebee was the lone Titan initially skeptical of Robin's claim they had to perform a traditional boring campfire or else the Hungry Wolves would eat them. She thought it was a trick to get them to fall in line. The night of the campfire, the Titans weren't happy to learn "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" was being performed. Bumblebee suggested they put on something to get the crowd going. They upstaged Robin with a hip hop rendition but he quickly shut it down by blowing up the speakers with birdarangs.

Bumblebee was proven wrong when Beast Boy entertained the crowd with a water hose. The Hungry Wolves teleported to them and attacked. Robin's show ending very special musical number made the wolves cringe and flee the camp. But bears arrived and attacked them next. Bumblebee wanted to stay on as the sixth Titan but the others kept telling her to be quiet in anticipation of the participation medals. They were shocked to learn they weren't getting any. Bumblebee tried to join in the sorrow but Cyborg extended his arm to push her away. The medals turned out to be cursed and part of Trigon's plan to create a super hero army to take over the world. Bumblebee was eager to save them but the others wallowed in their low self-esteem until Robin realized they could prove themselves by saving the camp and getting medals. During the pirate ship battle, Bumblebee tried to throw a hint to Robin about staying on but he silenced her and ordered the cannons to be fired on Trigon.

Trigon found them pathetic and realized they weren't worthy of the power of self-esteem. Bumblebee disagreed and revealed being with the Titans for a week gave her more self-esteem than anyone. Trigon saw her sense of self-worth and found it astounding. She punched him off his feet then fired her stingers at him and launched him through a portal. As the heroes departed the camp, Bumblebee bid goodbye to the Titans and once again tried to hint she wanted to stay on as the sixth Titan. Robin got an idea and asked her if she wanted to be the sixth Titan. She accepted so hard, Robin got blown back. The Titans happily launched a new title sequence with Bumblebee edited in it. After returning home from Super Hero Summer Camp, the Titans welcomed the sixth Titan, Bumblebee. She loved everything in sight, from the cactus with a face to the Darkseid plushie. She hoped she would fit in. Robin ominously told her nothing could ever break that bond.

Beast Boy presented her with an embroidered bath towel but it turned out to be just one of his. However, it became clear they were monster roommates that didn't even have a room for her to stay in. They put her in the nuclear reactor room, the only room they weren't using, and downplayed the danger. Bumblebee thought of the pantry, broom closet, bath tub, refridgerator, trash can, and elevator but Beast Boy peed in all of them. Even on the cactus, spare tire, and kitchen sink. Bumblebee settled on the reactor room. The reactor slowly mutated her and the others Titans' attitudes only exacerbated it. Her first night was terrible. They invited her to watch TV with them but there was no room for her to sit. She opted for the floor but Beast Boy pointed out he peed on every space. Then Raven nicknamed her "Bumbles," and it stuck even though she asked them to not call her that. Robin's toe nail clippings flew into her cereal. Raven pressed every button on the elevator when Bumblebee went to use it. Cyborg scrubbed the toilet with Bumblebee's toilet. Bumblebee folded some towels but Beast Boy already started using one.

Bumblebee returned with pizza but the others are it all and left her with nothing. She roared and stormed out of the kitchen. Robin thought she had a bad attitude. Cyborg noticed she left slime everywhere. They realized the error of their ways and apologized then tried to liven up her room with a lamp, plant, brick wall molding, bowl of potpourri, and rug. Bumblebee, now a giant monster, smashed it all. Robin realized the reactor was taking up too much space. Cyborg blew it up, which destroyed the Tower and reduced most of the island into a crater and took out the city. The Titans got a new couch so everyone could fit. Bumblebee, still a monster, sat down with them. Some time later, back to normal, Bumblebee got annoyed when the other Titans insisted they make them honey even though she told them she wasn't a bee and she only had bee-related powers. She also noticed how they had no respect for Robin even though he was the leader. Despite their warning, Bumblebee went to help Robin be a better leader like a queen bee. She wasn't as cynical as them.

Bumblebee found Robin outside in the pavement and told he him just needed to act like a been Robin thought bees were tiny, vicious insectoid monsters. Bumblebee started to understand why no one helped him. Bumblebee took Robin to a hive and told him about bees being model citizens and about the queen bee. He became curious about the royal jelly but she stressed it was only for bees. Bumblebee took him to a city park and found some bees to practice with. She tried to coach him into dancing and using pheromones to order the bees but they resisted and stung him. Bumblebee didn't think he had what it took to be a queen bee until he started using bee puns. They tried to use what they practiced on the other Titans but it failed to do anything. Robin secretly consumed royal jelly and mutated into a giant queen bee. He partially changed the Tower into a bee hive and fed the Titans honey. The next day, Bumblebee discovered what happened and Robin transformed the other Titans into worker bees.

Bumblebee had enough and consumed the royal jelly, too. The two queen bees duked it out but Bumblebee ultimately won the crown with a smashing uppercut. Robin eventually changed back to normal but the others remained in their bee forms. Robin announced he learned not to treat people like bees. Bumblebee, still a queen bee, announced she learned not to help Robin because he was crazy then smacked his head with her scepter. Bumblebee then regurgitated honey for their consumption. Eventually, a crude wooden addition was attached to the exterior of right side of the tower's top level and the wall was busted open for a doorway and Bumblebee's room was completed. Robin gathered intelligence about the Brain's new Mark IV Mechsuit and determined a superhero with shrinking powers was needed to exploit the suit's exhaust port. Still ignorant of Bumblebee's powers, he enlisted the help of The Atom. Bumblebee objected and pointed out she had shrinking powers. Despite being with the Titans for months, they still thought her power was making honey.

Robin elected to greet the Atom and inform him there was a mix-up and they didn't need him because Bumblebee had shrinking powers. He accidentally stepped on him with his left boot. Atom couldn't believe the bad news and informed them it was rare he ever got to go on a mission because of his stupid powers. He kicked himself for getting excited about the mission. Bumblebee tried to ease him out but he insisted on staying and implored them to pick the better hero. Bumblebee pointed out she could shrink and fly. Atom contended he had the strength of a grown man and lifted a bag of potato chips instead of the couch as Cyborg inquired about. Atom proposed a shrink-off, a tiny competition to decide who would become the official shrinking hero of the Teen Titans. Robin declined to entertain that because Bumblebee was an essential part of the team. Atom asked him to pay him back the gas money he spent driving to the tower. They changed their minds and the shrink-off was on. Robin found him under his right boot. Atom accused him of doing it on purpose. Cyborg hosed him then flicked him off with a stick.

The Titans promised to help train Bumblebee. Instead, Cyborg and Beast Boy pitted her against an ant in the grass outside. She directed it to some beef jerky and it walked away. Robin swallowed a size expanding bomb and instructed Bumblebee to fly in and get it before time was up. She refused. Starfire and Raven had a tea party with Silkie and Bumblebee. She realized something was up when they dressed her in doll clothes. Atom looked in Bumblebee's room and imagined how he was going to make use of it when he won. Bumblebee flew in and told him she wasn't off the team yet. Robin stepped on him again and advised her to stop listening to the voices of doubt and believe in herself. Atom slipped away and told her not to listen to Robin. Robin hopped off her bed and squashed him again. At the shrink-off, Bumblebee and Atom were humiliated as the Titans armed them with floss for rope, a marshmallow hat, thimble helmets, bottle cap shields, and toothpick swords. They charged each other and got into a slap fight.

The Brain teleported into the tower and compacted the Titans into a metal box. Robin pointed out he still had to stop some others on the table. Brain looked around and only vaguely heard squeaking. Atom and Bumblebee gave up on trying to get his attention and went for the exhaust port. They saw it was sealed up with duct tape. Atom became depressed and declared they were both garbage. Bumblebee hinted they were when they were small. He understood. They both increased to normal size and shoved Brain's suit. It fell on its back. Brain couldn't believe they knew about the suit's top-heavy design. He was stuck and unable to stand back up. They shrunk back down after Atom suggested it so the Titans would think they stopped Brain as tiny heroes. It worked and the Titans admitted they were wrong about them. Robin stepped on Atom again. The device expanded in his stomach and he blew up.

Bumblebee read the Jump Times as Beast Boy and Cyborg strolled in singing the Waffles song. She was confused and thought it was a little too late for breakfast. Raven would only admit it was maybe funny and noted she had to be there. Robin realized she was feeling left out and forbid the others from every talking about anything that happened before she arrived. She thought that was extreme. Cyborg was reminded of when they got serious. She didn't get it. Robin shook Bumblebee and stated the reminiscing of precious memories had to stop. Cyborg asked if a song counted. Robin mused it depended on the song. Cyborg started playing "The Night Begins to Shine." Robin turned it off just to be safe. After "thinking" how to help Bumblebee fit in with the team, Beast Boy got an idea to insert her into their old memories. Bumblebee didn't think that was possible without a time machine. Cyborg summoned the Time Machine by tapping his left wrist. Bumblebee wasn't sure about messing with their memories just so she didn't feel slightly out of place.

They went to February 5, 2014 first to relive the Waffles song but Bumblebee ruined it by changing it up to be funny and shouting "Pancake!" instead. Beast Boy was horrified and went into a spasm. They went to February 26, 2015 next so she could get serious, too. When she scrunched real heard, she got a messed up ugly face instead of serious form like the others. Robin told her to scrunch harder. She turned into a giant bee. The Titans contemplated their brains feeling lighter. Beast Boy took his brain out and handed it to Bumblebee so she could feel it. She was grossed out and dropped it. Cyborg assured her she couldn't ruin the next memory. They took the time machine to August 1, 2017 for "The Night Begins to Shine." She looked rad, too, but she hopped and Cyborg lost control of his motorcycle. Cyborg rode over a rock and jumped. Bumblebee landed and accidentally covered Cyborg's eyes. He turned around and crashed into the others. They returned to the present in 2019 and the crestfallen Bumblebee realized they had new memories of her messing up and they laughed at her expense. She didn't find it funny. Raven told her she had to be there.

Bumblebee was one of the girls invited to Starfire's slumber party. She arrived at the tower after Jinx, Ravager, and Terra showed up. Ravager asked who she was. Raven assured her she was cool. Ravager didn't think she was. Bumblebee said she was. Ravager claimed cool people don't say they're cool. Bumblebee fell for it and stated she wasn't. Ravager laughed. The girls' night in turned into a girls' night out when an alien ship triggered a crime alert. Ravager asked what Bumblebee's powers were. She replied she could shrink to the size of a bee. Ravager sarcastically found that ability useful. In the initial battle against Blackfire, Bumblebee fired her stingers at her while Ravager neutralized starbolts with her swords. Blackfire blocked the stingers but after Jinx's sneak attack, Raven's throw, and Terra's boulder, Bumblebee sent a swarm of bees at Blackfire's head. Blackfire donned a suit of armor and handled the girls. Bumblebee, in tiny form, fired stingers at Blackfire but was flicked away. Blackfire fired restraints from her gauntlet and neutralized the girls then departed. Starfire became angry and shattered her restraint and took off alone.

Blackfire socked her with an energized punch. Ravager unlocked her restraint with a dagger then hacked the others free. Terra launched Ravager into the air then sent platforms for her to hop from. Ravager caught Starfire then Raven opened a portal and took them to the street. Starfire balled up and started crying. Blackfire completed the portal and a warship partially emerged. The girls cried lack of originality. Ravager joked Bumblebee may be able to sting the portal closed. Raven told Starfire they were there for her but she needed to be there for them, too. They leaped at Blackfire all at once but the T-Jet suddenly appeared in their way. Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy declared they were busted then noticed Blackfire. They were all imprisoned. Starfire was still reeling so Bumblebee told her she wasn't sisterless and had them, it was Blackfire's loss. Bumblebee shrunk, flew out the prison to Ravager's surprise, and blew up the device generating the girls' prison. Ravager admitted she always thought Bumblebee was cool.

Starfire wore down Blackfire then in unison, the girls yelled "Florfka!" and attacked her at once. She was blown back into the warship. It exploded and the chain reaction took out the portal and Blackfire was gone. The remnants looked like a disco ball, prompting Jinx to declare Girls Night 5. They danced and cheered, ignoring Robin. The Titans were set to make history and battle Doomsday but Hawkman showed up and fought him instead. At some point, Bumblebee declined more popcorn from Cyborg and flew back to the tower to pee then returned. Hawkman won after four straight days of fighting. He took selfies with Bumblebee. Robin left to give Hawkman a piece of his mind for treating them like children and stealing their glory. Bumblebee was troubled by the accusation but the others didn't agree with Robin either. Raven used her magic to create the perfect friend, a living vegan cheese steak, after they concluded Robin would wreck any chance of Hawkman being their friend. Bumblebee thought Raven's magic was evil but she explained the cheese steaks were so good, it would even out.

Bumblebee decided it was time for her to leave the team and go solo like she had been dreaming of doing for a long time. She tried to tell the Titans but they were enamored with watching a bear on a nature program. She went to the elevator and mistook their reactions to the bear for reactions to her leaving. She sighed and left. But she returned the next morning because she forgot her bag. Raven was surprised she wasn't going back to the Titans East. Bumblebee realized she never told them she left. The Titans East crashed through the tower's glass window in the mouth of a killer whale. Aqualad explained they were searching all over for her. They even admitted life was awful since she left. They couldn't afford rent anymore, they couldn't get their chores done, and battles were a lot tougher to win. Kid Flash emphasized they wanted Bumblebee back. She insisted it wasn't their choice to make. To her and the Titans East's confusion, the Titans kept pointing at an imaginary phone number and referencing "the viewers" as those who had the real authority over Bumblebee's future.

Robin pleaded for a chance for them to convince her to stay. She relented but demanded they be professional and pitch their best business proposals. The Titans used random business jargon stringed together like per capita and APR then offered her full bathroom access and promised her percentage of doing important stuff was projected to sky rocket in the next five years. Beast Boy offered her bottled water and instructed her where to sign. Speedy blew up their contract. Titans East offered top notch health benefits, a 401K plan generous stock options and a fast track to full equity partnership. Beast Boy and Cyborg spun them around to reveal they were crossing their fingers the whole time. An argument broke out. Bumblebee declared no fighting and admitted she wasn't really convinced by either proposal. She suggested they try to dazzle her. Titans East offered her a new hatch-back sedan and a vacation to Antigua. The Teen Titans offered her a whole wing of the Titans Tower, including Robin's room and all his personal belongings. Robin naturally objected.

The teams attacked each other's areas. Bumblebee tried to walk away but Robin initiated the Bumblebee Telethon, leaving it up to the viewers to call in their vote. Titans East was assigned code: "100 523 204 403 82-429 442 66: 3! 04" and the Titans were given code "4" much to East's chagrin. Titans won by a landslide 1, 240, 654, 345 to 0. Beast Boy noticed Bumblebee was gone. Dressed as "Batbee," she hung out with Gordon on a roof. He unveiled the Batbee-signal. They both cackled. Bumblebee later attended H.I.V.E.'s surprise birthday party for Jinx.

In the future, after the Great Disaster, Bumblebee had two grandchildren. One was a spitting image of her but another, Jeremy, looked like a demon. One night, Bumblebee told them the tale of how the Teen Titans met Hawkman for their bedtime story. She explained it was a time before they had pee transporters so she flew all the way back to the Titans Tower to use the bathroom. After using said transporter, she was prompted by her granddaughter to continue. She told them Hawkman fought Doomsday for four days straight but won then Bumblebee took fun selfies with him. She showed them the photos then revealed Hawkman signed Cyborg's butt which he then got laser engraved. She noted that all happened right before The Great Disaster. She bid them sweet dreams. Jeremy asked her to wait and tell them the story of The Great Disaster. Bumblebee wasn't sure since it was past their bedtime. The granddaughter asked, too. Jeremy threatened to subjugate the ninth dimension. Bumblebee told him no more dimensional subjugation because he would kick the covers off again.

Bumblebee told them how they all thought Hawkman was super dope except Robin, who thought he was treating them like children and hogging their glory. Jeremy asked Bumblebee if she found Hawkman. She replied Robin found him first. The granddaughter wondered where the rest of the Titans went. Bumblebee explained it was a time when you had to chew food with your mouth. She reminded them it was time to infuse their Utopia Crackers. After they ate, Bumblebee told them about the living cybernetic vegan cheese steak Raven and Cyborg helped create so they could have the perfect friend but they got into a fight with Robin so Cyborg suspected mind control. The granddaughter remembered it was a bump on the noodle, not mind control. Bumblebee noted The Great Disaster already began and Robin suffered a serious concussion so he ended up in a hospital. She showed them a photo of Hawkman, the Titans, and the Cheese Steaks visiting Robin. Bumblebee concluded with Robin telling them he considered them his family, not just a superhero team. The grandchildren thanked Bumblebee for the story. Bumblebee told them good night and left. She shuttered the windows and ignored the Cybernetic Vegan Cheese Steaks outside.