Beast Girl

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Opposite Gender Titans
Appearances: Beast Girl
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting and Animal Mimicry
Voiced By: Cree Summer

Beast Girl is a member of the Opposite Gender Titans and is Beast Boy's double. They share a similar origin story of being born in the jungle, had parents who were scientists, got bit by a crazy green monkey, got really sick, saved with a green serum, turned green, and developed the power to turn into any animal. One day, Beast Girl was brushing her teeth and got scared of her own reflection, unaware it was her reflection, and ran away. She ended up at the Titans Tower and met the Teen Titans. Only Beast Boy's mind was blown. They hung out in Beast Boy's room and compared their origins. They played frisbee in the park and turned into dogs. They went bowling. Beast Girl turned into a gorilla and got a strike. Beast Boy turned into an octopus and threw eight balls for a strike. They turned into caterpillars, went into chrysalis, and emerged as butterflies. While skipping through town, they got scared by their reflections again. Beast Boy realized she was the first person in a long time that didn't make him feel like a weirdo.

Beast Girl felt the same way. She also realized the other Titans reminded her of her friends. The Titans were still trying to find Madame Rouge. Beast Girl inquired who that was and was scared she was Rouge because she was a girl, too, her astrological horoscope predicted change for her and she loved pierogis. The Titans didn't take stock in the coincidences. Beast Girl believed and turned into a giant snake. She ate Raven and Starfire then Cyborg and Robin. Beast Boy was grabbed in disbelief. Robin stood up inside Beast Girl and told Beast Boy to get through to her. Beast Boy stated she made him feel normal and there was nothing evil about it. Beast Girl realized she was right and regurgitated the Titans and apologized. Madame Rouge revealed herself, disguised as the couch, and kidnapped the Titans. Beast Girl turned into a mouse and hid but decided to do something. She summoned the other Opposite Titans and they stormed Rouge's headquarters. Beast Girl ordered the evil British lady to release the Titans but Rouge refused.

The Opposite Titans outclassed Madame Rouge at every turn. The battle ended when Beast Girl turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and whacked Rouge with her tail, sending the villain flying out of the building. The Titans thanked their opposites. Beast Girl and Beast Boy reiterated they were glad to have met each other and didn't feel as weird anymore. Beast Girl realized Beast Boy could be Madame Rouge. Beast Boy started to believe and chased her. The Ravens called them weirdos.