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Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: La Larva De Amor, Gorilla, Girl's Night Out, Books, Sidekick, Slumber Party, Thanksgiving, Real Boy Adventures, Yearbook Madness, A Farce, Two Parter: Part Two, Garage Sale (memory), The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, Pyramid Scheme, Arms Race with Legs, Wally T, Booty Scooty, Snuggle Time, Shrimps and Prime Rib, TV Knight, The Inner Beauty of a Cactus, BBRAE: Pt 1, TV Knight 2, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, The Academy, Costume Contest, Flashback: Pt 1, Mo' Money Mo' Problems, TV Knight 3, Real Orangins, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2, BBRBDAY, Genie President, The Chaff, Booty Eggs, TV Knight 4, Lil' Dimples, What's Opera Titans, Forest Pirates, Campfire!, What We Learned At Camp, Curse of the Booty Scooty, Collect Them All!, Butt Atoms, TV Knight 5, Witches Brew, Bat Scouts, Walk Away, Egg Hunt, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Justice League Edition Pt. 2, Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl Sanpedro Pt. 3, TV Knight 6, Baby Mouth, Butter Wall, Don't Press Play, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 1, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition Pt. 2
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Jimmy Kimmel (To The Movies) and Kevin Conroy (BTAS Batman)

Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is Batman, a famous super hero known as a vigilante by some in Gotham City and Jump City. Nevertheless, his war on crime continues as he faces a rogue's gallery of villains and new partners. One of Batman's first allies was Robin until he struck out on his own to form the Teen Titans in Jump City. He taught Robin that money was a vice that created more problems and frivolous materialism would impede the pursuit of justice. A strict no reveling policy was put in place. Robin was unable to find Batman's egg in his first egghunt in the Batcave even though he hid it in one of Robin's eyes. Batman is also a member of the Justice League. In Robin's version of the Teen Titans' origin story, he helped Batman capture Joker one last time then they peacefully parted ways. Robin left Gotham to get out of Batman's shadow, figuratively and literally. Every Easter, Batman and Commissioner Gordon dress up and hand out chocolates to the children of Gotham.

While out fishing with Commissioner Gordon, Batman didn't notice Silkie passing by on the ocean currents. Batman and Robin still stay in contact. During one call, Robin tried to downplay a joyride with the Batmobile. While Beast Boy, in gorilla form, took over leadership of the Titans, Batman tried to call the Titans Tower. Instead, the Titans destroyed the communications array in panic. Batman tried calling later on but was met with the same results. Batman was laughing it up with Gordon in a Jump City Police Department car when Starfire, Raven, and Jinx zoomed past. Starfire once found him in a secret passage behind a portrait in the Titans Tower.

When he was away from Gotham, Batman asked Robin to cave-sit the Batcave for him. However, the Teen Titans abused most of his gear and the Batmobile. The blame was placed on the Joker with a little well-placed spraypaint on the Batmobile. Batman was invited to one of the Titans' Thanksgiving parties. As he arrived, a food fight was going on. Robin threw a pie that landed on Batman's face. Trigon went to work helping prepare another meal. He turned Batman into a turkey. Batman was one of the Leaguers kidnapped by Darkseid and eventually saved by Cyborg. Batman enjoyed riding the bumper cars with Commissioner Gordon at the Wacka Doodles Amusement Park. They didn't like waiting in line for so long because the bumper cars were so popular. They posed as a two headed ghoul and scared away guests so they could have the cars to themselves. The Teen Titans eventually caught the ghoul and uncovered their scheme. Batman was a dupe in a pyramid scheme that Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire got involved in and lost $100.

Robin fooled Batman into giving him $100,000 for a new crime fighting lab. The money was used as a down payment for a rental property. One day, while he was perched atop a building, Batman was tagged by the League of Legs as part of their jump and touch contest. Robin apologized during his turn. The next day, the corrupted League attacked Batman but he stood his ground and took it like nothing hurt. Captain Cankle (Robin) again apologized when it was his turn. Batman mistook the projection of a bat for the Batsignal and jumped down from a tree near the Titans Tower, landing on a see saw. He grabbed the football, threw, and missed the target affixed to the white picket fence around the tower. Robin simply hopped over the fence and told the Titans about a rich landowner's plan to tear down the Titans Tower. Batman was later captured by the Legion of Doom and subjected to the slow moving laser death trap.

Batman intervened in the Brain's lastest scheme to take over the world. He blew a hole in the Brain's fortress then tossed a Batarang into Brain's robot suit, destroying it. Batman and Comissioner Gordon hung out in the Batcave watching the Teen Titans on a HD TV. Another slumber party was held. After Alfred Pennyworth reminded them of their bedtime curfew, they pretended to go to sleep. After he left, they turned on the TV. Between a food fight and a pillow fight, they continued to elude Pennyworth's detection. Later into the night, Batman got a text from Joker and let him and Penguin into the Batcave from a window. Penguin fell and they were nearly caught. They played the shaving cream prank on Gordon. He played along and did an impression of Two-Face but Pennyworth caught them. Mrs. Gordon took her son home and Batman surrendered the remote. He spotted the Batsignal and met up with Gordon on the roof of police headquarters. The slumber party continued but a rain storm threatened to end it again. Penguin and Joker arrived with a giant umbrella and coffee to save the night.

Batman was one of the judges in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star, a competition designed to choose the next member of the League. Robin was overconfident about winning because of Batman. He avoided the glances of the other Leaguers when Robin hinted at their friendship. He sent a text to Batman's Batarang. Superman noticed and laughed. Robin's stunt turned into a disaster and his motorcycle landed on top of Batman then blew up. He was later mauled by a tiger named Mr. Twinkle Bow along with the others during Starfire's audition. They were in awe of Cyborg' singing and all passed him to the final round. In Robin's second try, he did a magic act and hid a 20 dollar bill in Batman's wallet. He told Batman to keep it as a bribe. Robin was rejected. Bruce Wayne sponsored the 1st Annual Teen Titan Awards. As Batman, he attended the ceremony. Robin thanked Batman in his acceptance speech for "Best Dishwasher." He was texting and looked up unaware of the credit. Batman and Gordon competed in a Halloween costume contest as Gilligan and Skipper from "Gilligan's Island". They won second place.

Batman returned to the Batcave one night and settled into watch television but Alfred Pennyworth, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman threw him a surprise birthday party. Batman gave it a thumb's up and went back to watching television. Superman was hurt. As Pennyworth readied the birthday cake, Superman tried to take Batman's remote away. He ended up destroying it with heat vision. Batman pulled another remote from his Bat Remotes pouch on the utility belt. Superman lifted the couch up and placed it near the others. He tried to feed Batman cake in vain. Batman pulled out a bat-shaped console and continued watching television. Superman flew away crying. Pennyworth slapped the remote away then pointed to Superman. Batman groaned then consoled him. Superman revealed his Super Suprise Plan to throw Batman a party to become his Best Friend Forever. Batman got nervous and fired a grapnel into the bathroom. He watched more programming on his watch.

Wonder Woman punched through the door and pulled Batman outside to open presents. Batman didn't like anything. He hated the blender, robot toy, and football phone. Aquaman let it be known the phone was his present. Batman punched it several times. Superman presented a tall present and revealed Commissioner Gordon was in it. Batman's spirits lifted and they hugged. Gordon presented a golden remote then Superman showed off Batman's new giant multi-screened HD television. They all sat and enjoyed themselves. Except Pennyworth, who didn't quite get why the show was so funny. Batman parked the Batmobile in a parking lot and ate some cereal. Cyborg happened to park the Titan Robot in the space across. The robot grazed the front of the Batmobile. The cereal splashed in his face. Gordon laughed at his expense. On Easter, Batman and Gordon had a picnic in the park. Gordon pulled his mask off and found an easter egg atop his head. Batman pulled Gordon's mustache and another easter egg fell out.

Batman and Gordon went on a camping trip but they just wanted to watch TV. Alfred Pennyworth made sure they didn't and pushed them to enjoy the outdoors. He took the remote away and put a miniature telescope in Batman's eye. While Pennyworth set up the camp, Batman stole the remote back out of his back pocket with the grapnel gun and tore his back pocket in the process. Pennyworth bashed the TV with a bat, swept up the pieces, put it in the campfire logs then lit it on fire and tossed the dust pan in. Batman and Gordon tossed cheese puffs into each other's mouths. Catwoman triggered a forest crime alert. Batman and Gordon cut off her escape route. They were ready to arrest her but she asked them to wait. She dug in her bag and presented a diamond to them. Batman threw a Batarang at it. She pulled out a burger. They considered it then declined. She tossed the burger and pondered. She brought up a new TV to their delight. They watched the Birds of the Future and some of Secrets of Eternity. Pennyworth soon noticed a new TV and Catwoman.

Pennyworth threw a boot at her head then threw the TV into the lake with the remote then gave Batman and Gordon fishing poles. Pennyworth caught a fish but Catwoman stole it. He chased after her with a rolled up newspaper. Gordon got a pull on his fishing pole. He reeled it in and Killer Croc was on the line. He rolled his tongue out and produced the remote control. Batman and Gordon put on rebreathers then followed Croc underwater. They sat on his couch and watched "Pain is Gain" together. Batman heard a bear growl and fired a grapnel out of the lake to the others' surprise. Pennyworth chased Catwoman into a cave. They ran into a bear and fled the cave. Batman heard the bear's growl and landed between it and Pennyworth and Catwoman. He tamed and befriended the bear by giving it pretzels. The bear was pleased. It lied down and rolled onto its back. Batman gave it a belly rub to its delight. Batman summoned bats to bring a new TV. Batman, Gordon, Pennyworth, Catwoman, Croc, the bear they befriended, and Bigfoot gathered at the camp site and watched the end of "Secrets of Eternity."

Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman judged the Jump City Children's Beauty Pageant. They gave the baton twirler girl a 6, 4, and 5 respectively, the archer girl 3, 2, and 4 respectively, all zeroes to Robin, and all tens to Raven for her dance. Trigon's plan worked and a giant monster was summoned. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman ran away. Batman officiated the Super Hero Summer Camp canoe race and fired off his grapnel gun to start it. He also attended the campfire and handed out participation medals. Batman happened to be in the cavern under Titans Tower when the Titans searched for Robin's missing booty. Terrorized by a swarm of bats, Batman pretended to be one and carried Starfire around. Batman was one of many heroes turned into a collectible by Toy Master's curse. After Toy Master was defeated by Robin, he returned to normal. During the atomic toot apocalypse, toot mutant Mr. Freeze, Riddler, and Joker invaded the Batcave and infected Batman.

Gordon and Batman hung out in the latter's bedroom and watched TV. Pennyworth answered the Batphone and learned of an emergency. Once Batman realized Pennyworth was back, he kicked the TV and pushed Gordon away. Gordon hid under the bed. Batman refused the phone and pretended to be sick. Pennyworth went into panic mode and put a thermometer in his mouth. While he checked his medical kit, Batman used a blow torch on the thermometer. It read 500 degrees and exploded. Pennyworth did a quick check then put a cold compress on his head then left to make soup. Once Pennyworth left, they jumped through the glass window and left in the Batplane. As they enjoyed an episode of Him-Guy and The Overlord of the Macrocosmos, they didn't realize they flew into a water tower. They opened the hatch to survey the damage, laughed, fell out, and bounced off the awning for the Chateau de Fancy. Batman became hungry. Gordon apprised him of Chateau. They were kicked out because only fancy people were allowed. Gordon grunted in annoyance.

Batman presented a top hat and coat. He stood on Gordon's shoulder, put on the disguise, and pretended to be a fancy man. The staff fell for it. A TV was selected off the menu and they watched an episode of the classic Teen Titans animated series. They laughed and fell off the chair, revealing themselves. They ran out Chateau to the local sports stadium. They purchased an oversized hot dog, took a bite, tossed it on the heads of teenagers sitting in front of them, and leaned back in their seats. Batman used his remote to take control of the giant screen. They were seen on TV by Pennyworth. He became enraged and drove to the field in the Batmobile. Bane tapped Gordon's shoulder and informed them of the butler. Gordon slapped Batman and apprised him. Batman grabbed Gordon and fired a grapnel line. They returned to the Batplane and hurried back to Wayne Manor. They crashed the jet, ran across the Wayne Manor property, and hopped off a trampoline back into the master bedroom just in time. Gordon hid and Batman pretended to be asleep. Pennyworth drove up to his room and sighed in relief then reversed out. Gordon hopped on his bed and presented a bat-shaped mobile device then continued watching Him-Guy.

After the Titans recaptured a bunch of Batman villains they let out of Arkham Asylum behind Robin's back, Robin congratulated them and proclaimed they were now Bat Scouts. Batman, atop Commissioner Gordon's shoulders, jumped down and awarded Robin the Under My Wing badge. Gordon saluted him. Batman fired a grapnel line and they took off. During the Justice League's Next Top Idol Star: Justice League Edition, Batman performed a magic act. He did the classic disappearing, levitation, and saw in half acts with Gordon. They got a standing ovation and lot's of roses. To Batman's dismay, Alfred Pennyworth returned to the Batcave in the Batmobile only to take him to a Stuff Mart to go shopping. Pennyworth pushed Batman around in a cart. While he stepped away for a tea sample, Batman was elated to see Commissioner Gordon hiding in a ball pit. They hid from Pennyworth in a clothes round handrail and watched TV on a Batarang. They checked if the coast was clear then sneaked into a dressing room.

Batman did a mini-fashion show and came out in a dress, then as a cowboy, Robin, and as Gordon. They mimicked each other and laughed. Pennyworth's whistle could be heard. They hid in one of the dressing rooms. Batman flipped the room's mirror to reveal a TV screen. They went on all fours and sneaked off to the outdoors section. Gordon commandeered a lawn tractor. Batman tied a plastic flamingo to the rear and rode it. They totally wrecked the store with their joyride. They ended up in front of a wall of hi-definition televisions. Gordon pulled over a couch and watched more TV with Batman and some small animals from the pet section they inadvertently freed. Pennyworth eventually found them, scared the animals away, split the couch in two with his bare hands, and carried Batman away. A store employee presented the bill for all the damage done to the store. Pennyworth fainted. Gordon handed Batman a remote. Batman and Commissioner Gordon shared a sundae in the diner when the Baby-lonians' giant laser rattle hit the city. Their sundae was turned to baby food just as they ate and they were turned into infants.

Batman and Gordon happened to be on the Batboat off the coast of Titans Island when Beast Boy demonstrated his rock skipping skills in his gorilla form. The rock skip was so powerful, it shattered the Batboat in half. Batman and Gordon were forced to dive into the ocean as it sunk. The Justice League happened to be flying past Mars in the Invisible Jet and saw De La Soul defeat a monster. They were impressed and invited them to join.

The grand prize for Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Dance Crew Edition was the dance crew getting their photo on Batman's chest emblem for one year. Birdarang was impressed and gave him a fist bump of mad respect. Before Robin did his first routine, he added told Batman it would be an honor to be on his chest. Batman gave him the thumb's up. Batman was visibly excited by Beast Boy and Cyborg's routine inspired by the movie "The Fugitive." He tore off the mid-upper part of his costume and whipped it around in a circle. He was so bored by Swamp Thing and Detective Chimp's "My Dinner with Swamp Thing" bit, that he stepped away and left a cardboard cut out of himself in his place. The Teen Titans ultimately won and Birdarang took a group photo that was placed in Batman's chest.