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Real Identity: Barbara Gordon
Affiliations: Teen Titans East
Appearances: Star Liar, Staring at the Future, Black Friday, Snuggle Time, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Forest Pirates, and Toddler Titans...Yay!
Powers/Skills: Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Armed Combat, and Above Average Attributes
Voiced By: Tara Strong

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and later became Batgirl. She appears to have joined Teen Titans East and was sighted at a Titans East Annual Dance Party. In a possible future, Batgirl got married to Nightwing, moved into the Titans Tower, and they had many children. She was not pleased when the former Titans started making noise in the living room and shushed Nightwing. In the present, Batgirl was captured by the Legion of Doom and slowly lowered into a vat of Joker Jelly. She competed for the new slot in the Justice League. She attempted to balance trays of stacked glassware but she dropped them and was rejected. Batgirl partnered with Supergirl and Zatanna for the Super Hero Summer Camp canoe race. After being initially capsized by the Teen Titans' pirate ship, they and their canoe was launched into the forest by them after Starfire hooked it with an anchor. Batgirl was captured by Joker and slowly lowered into a vat of Joker Jelly. The event was televised.