The Atom

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Real Identity: Ray Palmer
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans! Go To The Movies
Appearances (Episodes): TV Knight 4, What's Opera Titans, and Strength Of A Grown Man
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation
Voiced By: Patton Oswalt

The Atom is a super hero with the power to shrink to miniscule sizes. Atom rarely went on any missions because of the unique quality of his shrinking powers. He was always called upon when Lois Lane dropped an earring in the bathroom sink. His self-esteem often dropped to its lowest during Thanksgiving, which he spent alone. He was one of the heroes invited to another Batman movie premiere but got stepped on by the Teen Titans. He later mocked Robin during the screening when he thought he was getting his own movie. Some point later, he was kept for observation in the Batcave under glass.

Robin gathered intelligence about the Brain's new Mark IV Mechsuit and determined a superhero with shrinking powers was needed to exploit the suit's exhaust port. Still ignorant of Bumblebee's powers, he enlisted the help of The Atom. Atom was elated and for once left the house for a reason other than buying cat food. He took a shower in the morning, suited up, then drove across Jump City to the Titans Tower. Robin elected to greet the Atom and inform him there was a mix-up and they didn't need him because Bumblebee had shrinking powers. He accidentally stepped on him with his left boot. Atom couldn't believe the bad news and informed them it was rare he ever got to go on a mission because of his stupid powers. He kicked himself for getting excited about the mission. Bumblebee tried to ease him out but he insisted on staying and implored them to pick the better hero. Bumblebee pointed out she could shrink and fly. Atom contended he had the strength of a grown man and lifted a bag of potato chips instead of the couch as Cyborg inquired about.

Atom proposed a shrink-off, a tiny competition to decide who would become the official shrinking hero of the Teen Titans. Robin declined to entertain that because Bumblebee was an essential part of the team. Atom asked him to pay him back the gas money he spent driving to the tower. They changed their minds and the shrink-off was on. Robin found him under his right boot. Atom accused him of doing it on purpose. Cyborg hosed him then flicked him off with a stick. Atom looked in Bumblebee's room and imagined how he was going to make use of it when he won. Bumblebee flew in and told him she wasn't off the team yet. Robin stepped on him again and advised her to stop listening to the voices of doubt and believe in herself. Atom slipped away and told her not to listen to Robin. Robin hopped off her bed and squashed him again. At the shrink-off, Bumblebee and Atom were humiliated as the Titans armed them with floss for rope, a marshmallow hat, thimble helmets, bottle cap shields, and toothpick swords. They charged each other and got into a slap fight.

The Brain teleported into the tower and compacted the Titans into a metal box. Robin pointed out he still had to stop some others on the table. Brain looked around and only vaguely heard squeaking. Atom and Bumblebee gave up on trying to get his attention and went for the exhaust port. They saw it was sealed up with duct tape. Atom became depressed and declared they were both garbage. Bumblebee hinted they were when they were small. He understood. They both increased to normal size and shoved Brain's suit. It fell on its back. Brain couldn't believe they knew about the suit's top-heavy design. He was stuck and unable to stand back up. They shrunk back down after Atom suggested it so the Titans would think they stopped Brain as tiny heroes. It worked and the Titans admitted they were wrong about them. Robin stepped on Atom again. The device expanded in his stomach and he blew up.