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Release Date: June 12, 2011



March 16, 2012
Movie Screening
At WonderCon
3rd Floor
6:00 pm

June 12, 2012
Superman vs. The Elite releases.

July 24, 2012
2 Disc
Special Edition
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Real Identity: Nathan Craig Jones
Affiliation(s): The Elite
Powers/Skills: Energy Absorption and Generation
Voiced By: Catero Colbert

Nathan Jones was a hood from Chicago with the power to generate and absorb many forms of energy. Jones embraced his anger and became Coldcast, amassing a criminal record along the way. He eventually worked in intelligence and formed the Elite with Manchester Black, the Hat, and Menagerie. In Bialya, Coldcast unleashed a neutrino pulse, an elecromagnetic pulse for organics designed to stop the electrons in one's brain from flowing for a second. Coldcast's powers became crucial in defeating a much more powerful Atomic Skull. Once Coldcast absorbed all of Atomic Skull's energy, Manchester Black executed the supervillain. In the final battle with Superman, Coldcast seemingly executed Superman with an unprecedented discharge with the power of 15 suns that left him essentially powerless. Superman escaped certain death, captured Coldcast, had his powers stripped away, and sent him to supermax prison.