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March 16, 2012
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June 12, 2012
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July 24, 2012
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Manchester Black

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Real Identity: Manchester Black
Powers/Skills: Telepathy and Telekinesis
Voiced By: Robin Atkin Downes, Grey DeLisle (Young Manchester)

Manchester Black was the unplanned fifth of five boys and grew up in relative poverty with an abusive and alcholic father. In order to survive, Manchester resorted to pickpocketing. When his sister Vera was about to be run over by a train, Manchester manifested the power of telekinesis and saved her at the cost of a dozen others. Manchester soon used his power to kill his father with a stroke. MI-5 took in the narcissistic angry teenager and hoped to mold him into Britain's own Superman. With his history erased, Manchester worked in covert intelligence. He began to lose faith in the superheroes he once idolized and concluded killing was the only way to fix the world and truly overcome evil. Ruled by fear and anger, Manchester eventually abandoned MI-5 while on a disenfranchising tour in Africa. He met Coldcast, Menagerie and the Hat. Together, they went freelance and formed the Elite.

The growing tensions between Bialya and Pokolistan drew out the Elite and they met Superman for the first time. As Superman and Lois Lane investigated the Elite in England, Superman encountered Manchester. He gave Superman an abridged version of his origins but the festivities came to an end when Pokolistani agents attacked the Channel Tunnel. Superman challenged the Elite to help save lives rather than use their standard form of extreme justice. That did not last soon as Black telepathically attacked the agents. The world soon sided with Manchester's extreme mandate and Superman fell out of favor. Annoyed with Superman's influence on his team mates, Manchester capitalized on a showdown with Atomic Skull. Stripped of his energy by Coldcast, Atomic Skull was at the mercy of civilians. At the crowd's behest, Manchester executed Atomic Skull and blew his head off with telekinesis. Manchester and the Elite set out to solve the world's problems once and for all, starting with Bialya and Pokolistan. Superman, however, made his objections known and punched out Manchester on a live circuit.

Manchester Black put Superman on notice and the Elite fought him the next day. Manchester used his powers to burst Superman's capillaries and give him a stroke. Coldcast then unleashed the final blow on Superman. Superman survived and killed each team member one by one at super speed, though they were all simply rendered unconscious. Back in Metropolis, Black attempted to rally back against Superman. Superman used his heat vision and focused it through Manchester's pupils like a scalpel and lobotomized an abnormality in his brain. Stripped of his powers and hauled off to supermax prison, Manchester still vowed it wasn't over. Superman countered he wouldn't stop fighting either.