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Bio Shell

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Powers/Skills: Flight, Force Field Generation, Shrinking, and Survival in Space
Voiced By: John Noble

The Bio Shell is the space ship of Brainiac. More so, it is an extension of Brainiac built around him. With the visage of a skeletal harbinger, the Bio Shell travels across the universe in search of planets to invade and cities to steal. First, it sends probes then arrives to encapsulate a chosen city in a force field and miniaturizes it. The Bio Shell beams up the city then sends a Solar Aggressor missile into the planet's sun, effectively destroying it. The Bio Shell continued this pattern for centuries and took on thousands of cultures. These bottled cities were stored around Brainiac, who never left the confines of the Bio Shell.

Superman tracked down the Bio Shell but was caught in the destruction of Larroo and its sun. The Bio Shell grabbed Superman. He managed to escape with Kandor, disabled the ship, and fled back to Earth. However, the Bio Shell quickly repaired itself and set off for Earth as well. Superman later used his Freeze Breath to weaken part of the hull and knocked Brainiac out into a marsh.