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Real Identity: Kal-El
Affiliation(s): Daily Planet
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes, Invulnerability, Enhanced Vision, Flight, and Solar Absorption
Voiced By: Matt Bomer

Kal-El was born as his home planet Krypton just as it reached its natural end. His father, Jor-El, a brilliant scientist, launched his son away in a rocket to Earth, a habited planet with a yellow sun. Kal-El landed in Smallville, Kansas. He was discovered and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Clark was raised with a strong sense of ethics and morals and when he came of age, he discovered Earth's Sun radiated him and gave him a range of super powers. Kent decided to use his gifts to protect his adopted home and became Superman.

As Clark Kent, he moved to Metropolis where he worked as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Eventually, Kent was promoted to senior correspondent along with his co-worker and secret girlfriend Lois Lane. Superman soon discovered he had a cousin when Kara Zor-El arrived on Earth. Superman tried to control her to a degree and sent her to live at the Kent farm with a cover story. Kara was too old and still remembered her life on Krypton. She became Supergirl and used her powers for pre-emptive strikes on those she deemed to be bullies. Superman was at odds with her and also with Lane, who wanted to settle down and have something of a normal life. Things got further complicated when a Brainiac probe arrived on Earth. The more Superman learned about Brainiac, he decided to take the fight to Brainiac in order to save the thousands of civilizations he stole, including Kandor.

Superman tracked down Brainiac but was captured after he failed to save planet Larroo. Once beamed into Kandor, Superman met several Kryptonians then his uncle and aunt. While learning more about Brainiac, Superman came to realize the error of his own relationships with Lane and Supergirl. Superman escaped Kandor and took it back with him to Earth but failed to save Metropolis in time. Superman and Supergirl found themselves aboard the Bio Shell where they mounted a counter attack against Brainiac. While Supergirl set off to save the Sun from destruction, Superman battled Brainiac once more. He took the fight outside and drenched Brainiac in mud. Brainiac became overwhelmed by the interaction with an outside world and short circuited. Superman confiscated Brainiac's remains and deduced a way to restore the bottle cities to normal. He and Supergirl restored Metropolis then Kandor on a new home planet. Back on Earth, Clark Kent found Lois Lane at the Daily Planet and kissed her openly in front of everyone. To her surprise, Kent then proposed to Lane.