Veronica Vreeland

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Real Identity: Veronica "Ronnie" Vreeland
Appearances (BTAS): Birds of a Feather, The Worry Men, Harley's Holiday, Catwalk, Subzero, Holiday Knights, and Chemistry
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware and Court Fight Part I
Skills: None
Voiced By: Marilu Henner

Veronica Vreeland is one of Gotham City's top wealthy social elitists. The Vreeland line in Gotham descended from a land owner who hunted rare game for sport. Veronica is the daughter of a US Army General and lives without restriction. She often holds Gotham's largest galas. Once she was bored with the generic pattern of parties and along with her friend Pierce, seduced the Penguin in order to make him the subject of their next festivity. Surprisingly, Vreeland became fond of the heart broken Penguin.

Vreeland's wealth and naivety made her a constant target of the criminals in Gotham. While on a South American tour, she was followed by the Mad Hatter. In disguise, he sold her Worry Men dolls, equipped with mind control technology. Vreeland unwittingly distributed the dolls among her acquaintances. She was a victim, as well, and almost handed over her jewelery collection to Hatter's men.

Vreeland is a close friend of Bruce Wayne but the two were never romantically involved. Wayne, despite his playboy demeanor, is rather boring according to her standards. Vreeland, herself went through multiple marriages, one with a human-plant hybrid engineered by Poison Ivy, before she settled down for good.

The night after a break in at WayneTech, Bruce Wayne attended a cocktail party at Cloud Nine. Veronica Vreeland cornered Wayne at the party and asked him why they ever split up and became friends on a whim. Wayne replied friends were good to have. Vreeland retorted they were good for cat sitting. Wayne reminded her he wasn't the marrying type. She teased he was a family man at heart since he just adopted another boy. He clarified Tim Drake was his ward and was with him for awhile. Vreeland mused the boys could use a mother's touch all alone in big, drafty Wayne Manor. Lex Luthor interrupted and warned her against trying to elicit emotion from a lost cause like Wayne, citing he had experience himself. Wayne introduced them. Vreeland was charmed and recalled he was the notorious mastermind of Metropolis. Luthor advised her not to believe everything she read in the Daily Planet. He then requested a few minutes alone with Wayne and perhaps talk some sense into him. Vreeland obliged the request and invited Luthor to stop by and see her at the bar after.

After the murder of Mayor Hill, Batman took an impression of claw marks at his penthouse and compared them to claws in the Court of Owls collection at Vreeland Manor. Veronica Vreeland happened to pass by while she was leaving a voice mail for Bruce Wayne teasing him about neglecting her. General Vreeland entered with his gun drawn. She got him to stand down by reminding him he saved them once. The general was surprised Batman believed in the Court like him and relayed what he knew and remembered the Talon manual stolen during one of her degenerate parties. Batman managed to leave without either noticing. Luckily, Deadman had been tailing Batman and noticed a Talon waiting outside in the brush. To Deadman's surprise, the Talon could see him and resisted possession. The Talon went into the manor and attacked General Vreeland. Wayne returned Vreeland's call and overheard the fight. With no other choice, Deadman possessed her and grabbed a sword. The Talon was unimpressed and knew she wouldn't last long against him.

Batman returned and ordered Vreeland to get to safety, unaware she was possessed. Talon and Batman fought but Deadman tried again to possess him. To cover his escape, Talon knocked an unconscious Vreeland into the swimming pool. Batman pulled Vreeland to the surface. She came to and ran back in the house to find her father. Batman tapped his comm and told Commissioner Gordon to send an ambulance. She remained by his side for hours while he recuperated at a hospital in stable condition. Nightwing took first watch then Robin.

It seems her daughter, Bunny Vreeland inherited her mother's knack for getting kidnapped. About 30 years into the future, Bunny was kidnapped and held for ransom. The ring was broken up by Batman. However, he suffered a heart attack and resorted to using a handgun to scare off the remaining extortionist. Batman retired that night. Over the decades, Wayne remained a close friend of the Vreeland family and later attended an opening in their name.