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Real Identity: Keri
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Red Son Rising Part 2
Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Keri is a little girl who lives in Crime Alley. One night, she got a bad cut and went to the Mercy Gotham Clinic to get treatment from Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Thompkins commended her for coming to see her as soon as she did because she was going to need a tetanus shot. Keri claimed she wasn't scared but was startled. Thompkins told her she didn't even start yet. Keri pointed out Batman was behind her. She assured her he wouldn't hurt her. Keri again stated she wasn't scared and stated Batman never hurts kids. Thompkins gave her the shot and told her to go home. Batman advised her to look where she was going so she doesn't have anymore accidents. Keri promised and went home excited that she knew Batman.