Eileen Kwan

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Real Identity: Eileen Kwan
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Secret Santa
Skills: Botany
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Eileen Kwan owns a nursery where Poison Ivy buys her plant food from. Kwan is only one of two human beings that Ivy likes, Harley Quinn being the other sometimes. Ivy considered her a friend and invited Kwan to her and Harley's Christmas party at the Iceberg Lounge. Suprisingly, she came. After Baby Doll ordered a Mai Tai and March Hare had her ribbing, Kwan commented she looked a little too young for the party. Baby Doll retorted her face said she was five but her Driver's License said she was 32 then asked Kwan if she wanted to make something of it. Arnold Wesker stepped in and informed Baby Doll that he didn't think Kwan was one of "them." Kwan commented it was the strangest holiday gathering she had ever been to in all her life. Wesker admitted it was a bit eccentric, like the guests. Wesker and Kwan struck up a conversation at the bar. With the police on the way, Ivy grabbed Kwan. She yelled good bye to Wesker.