Tri-State Dam

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Tri-State Dam is a dam located in the Old Gotham section of Gotham City and serves as an important water way for the entire eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Deathstroke chose the Tri-State Dam as the place to ambush and kill Batman. Jason Todd went to the Gotham University Campus Library where Barbara Gordon worked and wrote a note "It's a Trap" then slipped it in a Historical Society book about Old Gotham in a chapter about the construction of the dam. Deathstroke and Batman arrived at the Tri-State Dam and found an explosive charge. Deathstroke fed him the cover story that Firefly planned to take down the entire eastern seaboard by blowing up the dam. He readied his sai to disable the bomb while Batman went inside. Batman was already skeptical they were facing the real Firefly because he already noticed his movies were different and erratic, his voice lacked Lynns' moody, psychotic edge and he was wearing three inch lifts in his boots when he should be taller than him.

Firefly appeared and fired at Batman. Batman jumped off the walkway, turned, and threw a freeze capsule at him. Firefly plummeted and knocked out on the floor. Batman removed the mask and confirmed his suspicions. He has no idea who Sunny was but estimated she couldn't be over 20. Deathstroke converged on him with his Hephaestus Sword activated. Batman dodged his stroke and observed energy discharged from it cracked the floor. Batman tried to swing back up onto the walkway but Deathstroke sliced and the energy cut him across his back and severed his cape. Deathstroke then cut a column and collapsed the walkway. Deathstroke revealed he wasn't just trying to kill him, he was conspiring to take over Batman's operation. He noted Robin liked him but Batgirl was hesitant. He spilled the rest of his plan: to burn Batman's body to a crisp, frame Firefly for it, then motivated by his failure to save Batman – he would hunt down Firefly and kill him as he recovered with Kobra, and Batman's proteges would be so grateful then they would be under his wing in no time.

Batgirl and Robin heard everything and threw out rope around Deathstroke's arms then yanked him backwards. Robin remarked he thought Joker was a motor mouth. Deathstroke sliced the ropes and lamented the development but proceeded to kill them, too. Batman reached for the packs on the Firefly costume and threw a jar at Deathstroke. He sliced it and accelerant spilled all over him. He lit on fire. Deathstroke pointed out his suit was kevlar and he was only succeeded in making him look more menacing. Batman pointed out his suit would also heat up and guessed it was already 10 degrees higher. Deathstroke swung into a vat and triggered an explosion. He tried to escape and strip off his suit but Batman threw a fire extinguisher at his head and knocked him out. He then sprayed the extinguisher on him to put out the flames. For the record, Robin stated he never thought Deathstroke was great.