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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAC Comics): The Darker Knight
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Iceland is an abandoned ice rink in Gotham City. For a time, Mr. Freeze stored his equipment there. After the death of Nora Fries, Mr. Freeze kept her corpse there and tried to resurrect her with the Shawl of Magdalene despite its limitation to only healing the living. The Penguin, who procured the Shawl, caved and told Azrael about Iceland and Freeze after he was beaten. Azrael entered Iceland through the skylight and found the Shawl of Magdalene draped over the corpse of Nora Fries. Mr. Freeze doubted Azrael's sympathy and wouldn't admit the truth that the Shawl didn't work on the dead. Freeze stated it will and it must because he wasn't losing her again. He then froze Azrael with his gun. Luckily, Batman started his search at Iceland because Mr. Freeze used to use the ice rink to store his equipment. Batman was wary of Freeze because of his desperation to revive Fries. Mr. Freeze estimated Azrael had about 60 seconds left.

Batman resorted to jilt Freeze out of his insanity by kicking the table Fries' corpse was resting on. Freeze was shocked and held her wrapped in the Shawl. Batman threw two Batarangs. One landed on Azrael. Batman pleaded with him to let him help. Freeze refused. The second Batarang pierced the back of Freeze's helmet and the sonic pulse it emitted shattered it. Batman grabbed the Freeze Gun and blasted his head. He guessed the ice would keep him breathing long enough for the police to arrive. The other Batarang shattered the ice around Azrael's head. Freeze fell on his back grasping at his collar. Batman could barely find a pulse on Azrael. He grabbed the Shawl and placed it on Azrael. It worked and he was saved.