Iceberg Lounge

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Joker's Millions, The Ultimate Thrill, Girls' Nite Out, and Mystery of the Batwoman
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (JLU): This Little Piggy
Appearances (BTAC Comics): The Darker Knight, Red Son Rising Part 3, and Secret Santa
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the late 1990's, the Penguin once again tried to become a legitimate businessman and opened the Iceberg Lounge next to Gotham's Natural History Museum. It soon became the most exclusive and famous night club in Gotham City. Much to its namesake, the Lounge's decor is that of an arctic fantasyland with an icy bandstand and a pool in the center populated with pet leopard seals trained to attack on command. However, it quickly became a center of criminal activity. In a shady backroom, the Penguin would fence stolen goods from other super villain fringe, such as Killer Croc, Two-Face, and Roxy Rocket, and runs an information network.

When the Joker became an overnight millionaire, he celebrated at the Lounge only to be attacked by his deceased rival's right hand man in contention of the inheritance money. Nightwing and Batgirl were onsight and broke up the gunfight. In another instance, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Livewire went on a rampage through Gotham and one of their stops was the Iceberg Lounge. More than willing for a chance at retribution, Penguin told Batgirl and Supergirl what he knew about the trio's possible hideout. Later, Superman and Robin also requested information from the Penguin concerning the whereabouts of Bane.

Batman and Azrael went to the Iceberg Lounge to question the Penguin about the Shawl of Magdalene. Penguin lauded them for being civilized and not delivering so much as a concussion to his staff. He offered them a little Arsenic. Batman cut to the point and demanded the Shawl. Penguin revealed he was just the middleman in the transaction and passed it on to the new and anonymous owner. Azrael knocked Penguin's drink and hat off and demanded a name. Penguin called out to Mr. Wing. A giant white humanoid bird entered the office and grabbed Batman. Penguin introduced him as his new wingman and the last name either of them would hear. Mr. Wing couldn't believe he got to ice Batman and some other loser on his first week of work. He told Penguin he had a bonus coming. Penguin ordered him to just finish them off. Batman gave the code "Sword of Salvation" and in unison, he and Azrael kicked Mr. Wing in the gut. He dropped them.

Batman teased Azrael he had to skip evening prayers now and then to learn that move. Azrael chased after Penguin to the balcony then beat the name of the client out of him. He told Azrael it was Mr. Freeze and he was hiding out at Iceland. Wing lunged at Batman but he warned the goon Penguin was notoriously cheap and didn't reward failure. Batman tossed Wing on to the bar then mused he might kick in for his medical bills. Batman ran to the balcony and saw Azrael already beat Penguin to a pulp to get the name of his client. He deemed Penguin would be Catwoman's substitute and take on her suffering. Penguin was tossed off. Batman snagged one his legs with a rope and pulled him up. Azrael left in the meantime. From a gargoyle nearby, Jason Todd watched the incident and couldn't believe Batman let someone else pull the vanishing act on him. He wanted Batman to pull his head out of his cape so he could see what's coming.

The Joker met with Penguin in his office at the Iceberg Lounge. Joker wanted to borrow a couple hundred thousand dollars to go out on the circuit with his goon Straightman. Penguin was suspicious and asked where Harley Quinn was. Joker revealed they were seeing other people but mused she could have said so without a mallet to his forehead. He recalled she was with Poison Ivy last he heard. Penguin wasn't buying his act and knew someone was after him. He preferred to see how it played out. Joker summoned Straightman to explain the situation better. Mr. Wing burst into the office and fought Straightman. Straightman clocked Wing under the chin. The fight spilled outside and Wing was knocked out. Joker declared he and Straightman were a classic comedy duo. Red Hood retorted except as always, he was the only one laughing. Joker took offense to being heckled and implored him to step up to the mic. Red Hood darted Joker repeatedly then Straightman. He declared he was breaking up the act.

With a running start, Red Hood delivered a jump kick that propelled Straightman onto the top of the iceberg in the center of the lounge. He then threw a grenade that dislodged the big chandelier. It crashed on top of Straightman. Red Hood collected Joker and told Penguin to tell Batman he came. Some time later, police arrived. Penguin remarked Batman had an uncanny knack for showing up when he either was not wanted or no longer needed. Batman inquired about Straightman while Batgirl looked around with her flashlight. Penguin was irate about his three million dollar chandelier and vowed to hang Red Hood in its place. Batman noted Red Hood didn't say where he was taking the Joker. Penguin was annoyed and answered he wasn't looking to prolong the visit. Batgirl noticed wet streaks and alerted Batman. She recalled the last time it rained in the city was last week. Penguin recalled he got a clammy smell off Red Hood but dismissed it as bad hygiene.

Batman realized Red Hood was using the sewer system to hide the whole time and took over Killer Croc's old lair. They went out the back door. He noticed Batgirl was unconscious and found a dart in her back. From a storm drain, Red Hood claimed by tomorrow morning, she would be back to being as obnoxious as ever. He teased if he expected to see a clown then promised he had one in the sewers, too, then darted Batman with his last shot. The Penguin flew to his tropical retreat Key Nest for the holidays and hired the Carpenter to repair the Iceberg Lounge. Carpenter heard Harley Quinn had cash to rent a private club for her Christmas party so she made a side deal to loan the Lounge out as the party venue. Harley and Ivy mostly invited other super criminals to the party. Mad Hatter played the piano and others joined in to sing Christmas carols. After Arnold Wesker arrived, Carpenter got a call from Penguin to check up on her progress. She hammered a wreath to a column but he thought he heard party music. She lied she was playing the jukebox and Penguin realized the Lounge didn't have one. She wished him Merry Christmas and hung up.

Batman suspected Joker would crash the party and try to reunite Scarface with Wesker. He posed as Gotham's worst henchman, Knute Brody, and then dressed up in a Santa Claus costume in order to infiltrate the party and prevent the reunion. Robin kept watch on a roof nearby. Baby Doll went to the bar and ordered a Mai Tai and a booster seat. March Hare held the drink up high and asked her for identification. Baby Doll joked she should call her babysitter or her parole officer. Hare gave her the drink and toasted. Eileen Kwan, the one guest who wasn't a criminal, commented she looked a little too young for the party. Baby Doll retorted her face said she was five but her Driver's License said she was 32 then asked Kwan if she wanted to make something of it. Arnold Wesker stepped in and informed Baby Doll that he didn't think Kwan was one of "them." Kwan commented it was the strangest holiday gathering she had ever been to in all her life. Wesker admitted it was a bit eccentric, like the guests. Wesker and Kwan struck up a conversation at the bar.

Mad Hatter and Scarecrow exchanged pleasantries. Harley inquired who Kwan was. Ivy informed her Kwan owned the nursery where she bought plant food and was one of only two humans she liked. After messing with Harley a little, Ivy admitted the party was a good idea. Harley didn't want anyone to be alone. Joker and Straightman crashed the party. Harley screamed at Joker to leave. Joker claimed he only came bearing naught but goodwill and a present for their gift exchange. Harley assumed the present was going to blow up. She paused and wished Straightman a Merry Christmas. Straightman wished her a Happy Hanukkah. Knute Brody claimed he was supposed to be at the Gotham Orphanage but went to the wrong address. Joker had him give out his gift. Knute misread the tag in purpose and called out Roxy Rocket. Straightman shoved her aside. Joker tried to give his out himself but Knute agreed to help speed things up and threw out all the presents. Joker was knocked over in the chaos.

On the sly, Batman told Robin to call in the "diversion." Robin called up Commissioner Gordon and tipped him off about the party. Knute mentioned he saw the police pulling up about ten minutes ago. Carpenter happened to be on the phone with the Penguin again. She told him it wasn't a raid, just Batman singing Christmas carols with the police. The party cleared out. Ivy grabbed Kwan. Kwan yelled good bye to Wesker. He reciprocated. Knute escorted Arnold Wesker out Penguin's secret exit.

Wonder Woman and Batman were on a late night stakeout above the Iceberg Lounge and the Natural History Museum after the Justice League Unlimited intercepted a tip that Intergang was planning to steal from the Museum. It turned out to be a bum tip and the duo was attacked by Circe. A few years later, Batman and Batgirl ravaged the Iceberg Lounge in search of a missing Robin, kidnapped by the Joker. Beaten beyond comprehension, the Penguin denied knowing anything and Batman finally relented.