Cloud Nine

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Cloud Nine is a night club in Gotham City. The night after a break in at WayneTech, Lex Luthor was a surprise guest at a cocktail party at Cloud Nine. Alfred Pennyworth apprised Bruce Wayne of the news after he presented a merino wool and cashmere suit with a subtle blue strip and was turned down. Wayne understood the implied connection and made an appearance at the party. Veronica Vreeland cornered Wayne at the party and asked him why they ever split up and became friends on a whim. Wayne replied friends were good to have. Vreeland retorted they were good for cat sitting. Wayne reminded her he wasn't the marrying type. She teased he was a family man at heart since he just adopted another boy. He clarified Tim Drake was his ward and was with him for awhile. Vreeland mused the boys could use a mother's touch all alone in big, drafty Wayne Manor. Lex Luthor interrupted and warned her against trying to elicit emotion from a lost cause like Wayne, citing he had experience himself. Wayne introduced them.

Vreeland was charmed and recalled he was the notorious mastermind of Metropolis. Luthor advised her not to believe everything she read in the Daily Planet. He then requested a few minutes alone with Wayne and perhaps talk some sense into him. Vreeland obliged the request and invited Luthor to stop by and see her at the bar after. Wayne admitted to Luthor he was surprised to hear he was in town and he usually told him when he was. Luthor revealed he was in and out this time then admitted he wasn't particularly fond of Gotham, not since the incident with the Joker. Luthor then mused Batman wasn't to effective the night before against the robot that broke into WayneTech. Wayne chimed it could have gone better. Luthor even admitted Superman probably would have flattened it in no time. Wayne teased and asked for Superman's phone number since the two were so close. Luthor replied it wouldn't help since Superman was missing in action since last week after a big battle on the Far Side of the Moon then asked Wayne what "they" got. Wayne was confused. Luthor was sure someone had to have programmed the robot. Wayne "wished" he could tell him more.