Claremon Airfield

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Hardware
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Claremon Airfield is a secluded little landing strip just south of Gotham City. Batman once did a drug bust there. The next month, Batman returned to the airfield in search of the giant robot that stole a vault from WayneTech. He theorized it was the perfect hideout for it. Batman descended on a guard at the front entrance to a hangar and took him out. He entered and hailed Alfred Pennyworth on comms to confirm he made it inside. Batman sighted the robot, now offline, and attached a miniature scanner to a leg. Pennyworth monitored the scanner's progress and inquired about the vault. Batman noted a device was about the crack the combination on the vault. He was suddenly shot in the back by a green energy blast. Lex Luthor, in a Lexcorp warsuit, was not pleased to see Batman and held him off the ground by his head. Luthor assured him Superman wasn't coming to his rescue. Batman countered he was in over his head. Luthor stated he was about to lose his. The vault was opened and revealed an inactive head of Brainiac.

Luthor proclaimed it was the future then revealed he watched Superman and Brainiac's latest fight from a lunar satellite and knew about the head. Batman told him he wouldn't find any secrets of the universe in it and there was no programming left because Brainiac uploaded himself somewhere into space before the battle ended. Luthor smacked him and claimed all he needed to find were fragments of Brainiac's programming then he could build on them. He slowly choked Batman. Estimating ten seconds of consciousness left, Batman threw a Batarang into the Brainiac head and triggered its eye laser function. Luthor was blasted out of the hangar. Batman returned to the airfield in his Super Armor suit. Batman raised a guard by his leg and levitated high above the airfield. He caved and told Batman Luthor left an hour ago in a C-17 cargo plane. He swore that was all he knew. Batman asked him where the plane was headed.